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Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Penalty Phase, Waiting For A Sentence, 2

05/22/2013 541 comments

Will this ever end?



Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Penalty Phase, Waiting For A Sentence

05/22/2013 576 comments

Sentence watch.



Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Penalty Phase, Day 4

05/21/2013 527 comments

I re-watched yesterday’s proceedings (I know, crazy me).  I t was bad enough that Nurmi whined, the court didn’t prohibit TV cameras, the court didn’t sequester the jury, the defense witnesses have been intimidated by the State and the public…on and on. 

He was downright rude and offensive to Juan Martinez and the judge.  The ‘court’ is Judge Stephens, you idiot and when you have to appear before her on any other case, you can bet her memory of you will serve her well!

When he didn’t get his way for a mistrial, he changed tactics and said, well, we don’t want to play anymore.  We want to withdraw as counsel.

Having lost their only two dubious mitigation witnesses, we are now left with Arias to begin her pity-party…God help us!

Isn’t it sad, in all these years, the mitigation specialist couldn’t find a single stand-up person to speak on Jodi’s behalf?  Speaks volumes as to the true nature of Jodi!

Waiting to see what tomfoolery the have up their sleeves today!  The ever-popular, faux migraine?  The oops, we found a new witness, but need a day to prep them?  Nurmi passes out at the defense table?  So many options!

9:42, all in chambers, Arias mom taken to a side room by the Mitigation Specialist…good indication Jodi may ask for DP!!!

Podium set up in front of the jury box.

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 2.25.09 PMCourt called in session at 10:52.

Jury in at 10:54

Judge tells jury Womack not available and State cannot cross her statement.

Jodi starts with her, lifelong friend, Patti Womack, couldn’t be present due to threats of harm to herself and her child.

When I arrived in jail, my hair was below my waist.  When I cut it, I donated it to an org that makes wigs for cancer patients and will continue to do so.

My mom said she left court one day and was sitting in traffic and the next car was the Alexander family.  She told me that family had been through hell and I know that’s because of me.

Claims the Alexander family statements undid her.

Also claims until 2 weeks ago, she didn’t know Travis’ grandma had died.  She was the glue of the family.  My actions may have contributed to that.

The reason I haven’t committed suicide is over there, my family.

Before prison I didn’t realize I still could make a difference.  There are work programs.  I have been asked to teach folks Spanish.  I couldn’t before because of my pending case.

With permission, I could start a prison-recycling program that could make a difference on the environment.

I would like to start a literacy program.

You may not believe I’m a victim of domestic violence, but that is your opinion.

She whips out the “Survivor” t-shirts she’s been hawking!  OMG!

When I arrived in prison I’ve realized I can make a difference.Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 2.47.36 PM

Now showing photos of family life.

So, bottom line, the biatch is pleading for LWOP.  So much for her claims she wanted death.  Too bad the jury hasn’t seen those interviews!

Now quotes Dickens!

I may just be physically ill!

I’m not going have children of my own.  Because of the choices I made.

You’ve heard I’m an artist.  I will never paint another painting.

I will never spend the holidays with my family again.

It’s never my intention to drag Travis’ reputation.

I loved Travis and looked up to him.

This is the worst thing I’ve done.  The biggest mistake I’ve ever made.


The day of the verdict, her mother told her, her father cried like she never heard before.

Uh, Jodi all of us know your mother was turned away at the jail that day?

Asking for life in prison, not the death penalty.  Please don’t do that to my family!

OK, don’t put me to death because I’m a vicious murderer, but spare my family!

This is the same loving (abusive) family she threw under the bus!  She must think the jurors are pretty dumb!

No tears from Jodi, just a big lie, pity party!  Also, only fake tears from her family!

Alexander family, like me, looks like they want to spew!

So, sorry and remorse are foreign concepts to Jodi!  She never said sorry, but damn, she’s so special she can teach other prisoners!

Think Jodi just said to MS, well that went well, dontcha think?

Jury sent out.  Bench conference.

Jury back.

Jury given copies of juror instructions and Judge Stephens reads them to the court.

Early lunch and jury to return at 1:15.  We will have closings and then rest of the instructions before jury deliberates!

So, her whole statement was filled with many mis-truths because Juan couldn’t cross!

Court returns at 1:18.

Willmott up…

People are far better than their worse deed.  Jodi Arias if far better than her very worse deed!

The State of AZ doesn’t require you to decide death.

We have to prove the mitigating factor.  Each jury can come back with a different mitigating factor.  It’s your choice to find a reason to find value in Jodi’s life.

It is your own moral choice.

Lying is not a capital crime.

Mitigator factors have nothing to do with excusing that crime.  You already found her guilty of murder.

She made so many people happy in her life.

She has no prior criminal history.

She tried to better herself.

She has the ability to help people while in prison.  She has goals to achieve while behind bars.

Okie dokie, Jenny…the preponderance of evidence of cruel, heinous murder far outweighs any of the mitigators!

Parents thrown way far under the bus again…good job Jenny!

Defense really has to believe the jury is low IQ!!!!

The abusive by Travis is not an excuse.

Duh, where did you prove there was truly abuse?

She will be haunted by what she did to Travis, his family, and her family.

This is gonna blowup.  Jenny blaming Travis, and Jodi’s family…not gonna sit well with jury, methinks!

Boy, they think the jury is dumber than dirt!

You can still show mercy and show she still has value in her life!

OMG!  Two wrongs don’t make a right.  What a cliché!

Woot!  Juan up!

To his family, Travis Alexander will be forever young.

Travis, to his family will always be 30-years old!

But, they can’t forget what happened to their brother.

They can’t forget his death was especially cruel.

Juan moves to place a death photo on the screen and Willmott immediately yells objection…sidebar.

Damn, the family is crying….

Juan won the fight!

Mr. Alexander is dead.

You are not investigators of mitigating factors.  Yes, you could say after what she did to him, he’ll never get cancer.  You are not there to be advocates!

The entire Alexander side of the court is crying.

You were told that life could mean the rest of natural life, but there could also be parole after 25 years.

Her being an artist doesn’t mean she should get preferential treatment.

They said you she was only 27-years old.  Last I looked, age of majority was 18.  People go off and fight wars at 18.

She was 27 and is now 32-years old.  Mr. Alexander was only 30 and will remain forever 30.

She told you about memories, family memories.  Mr. Alexander has no more memories.

Willmott objecting left and right.  Waiting for Juan to go into linebacker stance and take her the f*** out!

Juan goes into Jodi’s history of perjury.  Maybe she wasn’t convicted, but it’s still a criminal activity.

Juan totally blowing up the defense arguments!!!

Jodi, looking down, doing arts and crafts again!

Judge Stephens is overruling objections left and right!  Yeehaw!

Methinks Jenny from the hood is making big mistakes on all these objections!!!

Juan will be serving hash browns with defense scramble at break!

15-minute recess called…back at 2:45…

Juan was beyond brilliant!

Back at 2:49…

Sadly, Willmott up again.

The simple question is do you kill her?  You found her guilty, but do you kill her?

What she did was awful, but doesn’t her life have value?

She’s begging for her life because she can contribute to this world.

She does not need to be put to death for her lies.

Her family is here, but they were not there when she was growing up.

Ummm, uhhh, errr…she freakin ran way from home!

You heard Jodi likes to play the victim.  She does not like to play the victim.

I just spit up a little in mouth.  Hasn’t she played victim through this entire trial????

Your conviction of 1st degree murder should give Travis’ family peace.

We are asking you to find mercy and find value in Jodi’s life.

Back to finishing the instructions…

The jury can set their own schedule with approval of the court…

We are done and we are on penalty watch…

Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Penalty Phase, Day 3 Discussion Continues

Carry on the conversation.



Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Penalty Phase, Day 3

05/20/2013 575 comments

Last week we left off believing the two witnesses for Jodi’s character would be Darryl Brewer and childhood friend. Patti Womack.  Patti has a history of drug and alcohol abuse.

After a long time in chambers with Brewer and Womack, court was abruptly halted for the day.

Now we come to find out Womack will NOT be witness.  Nurmi filed a motion on Sunday claiming Womack is withdrawing after receiving death threats – much like Alyce LaViolette???  Sounds like a whole lotta smoke being blown!!!

The real question is, when Arias speaks to the jury will Judge Stephens have the good sense to limit her ramblings!

10:10 defense team in chambers…surprise!

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 1.31.21 PMCourt begins at 10:28…

Nurmi…oh good lord he’s back on the motions that the jury wasn’t sequestered and Juan misconduct and witness intimidation.  The court has done nothing to protect Ms. Arias’ rights.

Reinforced tin foil hat, doubled barf bags, and heavy-duty hip-waders donned!

Juan asks why Ms. Womack isn’t in court.  I asked her questions bout her drug use and she refused to answered.  I asked about pictures of her and Ms. Arias and she asked to leave the room.

Nurmi and Willmott went with her.  They are not her attorneys and appeared to have advised Ms. Womack.

Juan indicates the Womack sold her wedding pics and video to HLN for money!

Nurmi says the prosecutor said things that are not true and it’s bluster!

Nurmi is slamming the court for the way things have been handled!

OMG, this is pitiful!

Stephens rules the mistrial is not accepted and pretty much says shut-up and sit down!

Nurmi and asks that he and Willmott withdraw from the case.  We cannot meet the standard of being able to represent the client.

Nurmi now says the defense will not be calling any witnesses! Not calling witnesses opens the door on appeal for Jodi to claim ineffective counsel!

Wow, everybody back to chambers!

Jodi’s the leader of this sad little band and she’s screwed herself.

10:54, still in chambers…

Back at 10:58….

Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial

Defense and #JodiArias just came back into courtroom. They don’t look extremely happy. We might resume shortly. Judge is here.

Jodi will speak tomorrow.

Damnit!  Court adjourned till 9:30 tomorrow!

The Alexander’s look like they are ready to jump out of their skin.

This is so wrong to do to the family, the court, and the public!

I am beyond pissed!!!

Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Penalty Phase, Day 2, Continues On

05/20/2013 548 comments

Play here till tomorrow’s blog.



Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Penalty Phase, Day 2, Continues

05/18/2013 636 comments

Discussion continues here.



Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Penalty Phase, Day 2

05/16/2013 568 comments

Well there was a closed hearing and the records are sealed, but seems Nurmi and Willmott asked to withdraw because Jodi will not follow their advice.  Needless to say, Judge Stephens denied the request and opinion is, they had to get it on record.  Pretty much, Jodi has shot her chance for appeal!

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 2.16.16 PMCourt begins (snort) at 1:54 with Nurmi asking to approach.

Judge Stephens reads instructions to the jury about LWOP or death and what mitigation proof is.

Nurmi looks bored out his mind, Willmott scribbling notes.

Nurmi up…

The verdict you reach will decide if the defendant spends the rest of her life in prison.

Objection, improper argument…


The decision before you is life vs. death.  What you decide is binding.

Each and every one of you has to make your own moral assessment of what sentence is correct.

You don’t have to agree on the mitigating factors.

Jodi is doing her hardest to look pathetic.

Juan up….

You are not to act as an advocate.  You are charged to look at the 8 mitigating factors being presented.  They are flawed.

Nurmi objects…Approach…

The factor that Ms. Arias was only 27 doesn’t take away from the fact she stuck a knife into Mr. Alexander’s chest.


Where is the connection, how is that important.

She lacked support her own family…there’s nothing to connect to the murder.

Do you remember she took the stand and lied to you?

Grrrrr, Nurmi is objecting after every statement Juan makes!

She lacked support of her family.  Her mother is here!

She suffered abuse.  You never saw any evidence that was true, only what came out of her mouth.

All of the factors are from the defendant.

Juan done after shredding the mitigating factors.

Jury sent to the jury room for 5 minutes…

Nurmi asks to approach, yet again!


1.  Defendant was 27 years old at the time of the offense.

2.  Defendant has no prior criminal history.

3.  Defendant was a good friend.

4.  Defendant lacked support from her family.

5.  Defendant suffered abuse and neglect as a child and as an adult.

6.  Defendant tried to make the best of her life.

7.  Defendant consistently tried to improve herself.

8.  She is a talented artist.

Per ritanita:

1.  Defendant was 27 years old at the time of the offense.  And still hadn’t gotten her GED.

2.  Defendant has no prior criminal history.  Unless you count that marijuana incident when she was 14.

3.  Defendant was a good friend.  All those gals with whom she attended high school prior to dropping out and the guys she dated.  Remember, she always stayed friends with them.

4.  Defendant lacked support from her family.  That she ran away from at 17 going on 18.  Which she refused to allow to visit her home where she lived with Darryl because she didn’t want them to snoop through her things.

5.  Defendant suffered abuse and neglect as a child and as an adult.  Yep, the wooden spoon and dad’s belt.  Oh, and let’s not forget Travis!

6.  Defendant tried to make the best of her life.  Gave up on PPL after earning about $5000 over two months.  Well, she did get her GED in jail.

7.  Defendant consistently tried to improve herself.  She kept looking for a more prosperous person to take care of her.  She read The Secret and all about Wicca.

8.  She is a talented artist.  As long as she traces magazine ads and colors them in.

Jury back…

Victim statements being read!

Steven Alexander is called.  He is struggling so hard not to breakdown. Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 2.53.15 PM

I am weeping though this.

I thought my big brother was bulletproof.  He was unbreakable.

Why would somebody do this to him?

How much did he suffer?

What was the last thing he saw?

What was the last thought in his head?

The last time I saw him was Christmas 2007.

He got to meet my daughter and hold her for the first time.

I have dreams of my brother stuffed in that shower and left to rot.

I was hospitalized several times.  I couldn’t be a husband to my wife.  We separated for two years.

Travis was meant to do so much more.  He never got to live his dreams.

Travis had a destiny and it’s up to us to maintain it.

Travis was so brutally ripped out of this world.

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 3.06.48 PMSamantha is up now.

My family has been tortured by the loss of our brother.

We lost our father and shortly after our mother.  Travis was our strength.

Losing Travis has affected the health of our family.  Travis was our strength.

Travis motivated us.

Every day will never be the same.

I am totally destroyed by this.

Our family and the world will never get to see his goodness.

When I found out about Travis’ death, I remember my ears ringing and my stomach burning.

To this day, my mind paints a picture of what happened.

We have paid the ultimate price in losing Travis.

Travis was the glue in our family.

We were robbed of so many good memories.

We would give anything to have him back, anything.

Well that did me in…the family’s pain is palpable!

Noon recess called…

The freakin murderer is playing at the fake tears!

Hey, with that huge cross hanging off her neck, is the mitigation specialist warding off vampires or Jodi????

Something ain’t right that they are all in chambers this long! Don’t have a good feeling ’bout this! Gut, we are done for today! 

The fracture between Arias and her attorneys is beyond apparent!   She’s dead meat! And the judge still can’t gain control!!!

6pm EDT, They are clearing the courtroom for everyone except family.

Too bad for Stephens, this is her first murder case she was assigned…think it’s a career killer!

Court resumes at (snort, snort…c’mon already…sheesh) 6:30 EDT…eyeroll!

Court called till 10 am PT. Monday… freakin knew it!

Twice, Jodi has passed papers backwards today!


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