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Knee Injury to Delay Cesar Laurean Murder Trial?

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~Laurean under arrest in Mexico

~Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach

Defense attorney Dick McNeil has filed a motion asking a judge to delay the June 28 trial by a minimum of 90 days.  McNeil claims he has not been able to properly prepare a defense in the complex murder case against Cesar Laurean due to a knee injury he suffered in January.

The case was moved from Onslow County to Wayne County due to publicity surrounding the murder of Marine Maria Lauterbach and her unborn child.

The judge has not set a hearing date yet, but McNeil has already said if the motion is denied, Cesar Laurean’s rights to a fair trial will be violated.

Let’s review some important dates:

– Authorities believe Maria was murdered at Laurean’s home on December 14, 2007

– Laurean flees January 11, 2008

– Maria Lauterbach’s charred remains and those of her fetus were found January 12, 2008 buried in a backyard fire pit of fellow-Marine Cesar Laurean

– April 10, 2008, Laurean is in custody in Mexico and awaiting extradition to the US

– April 11, 2008, Dick McNeil appointed by the court as Laurean’s attorney

Investigation documents were unsealed May 28, 2008

– Laurean back in Onslow County April 17, 2009

Call me cynical, but how does a knee injury prevent preparation of a case?  Can McNeil not read, write, or use a phone since injuring his knee?

And, what has he been doing since being appointed Laurean’s attorney?  Granted, McNeil did not have access to Laurean until he was returned to the U.S., but that was just about a year ago and this is not a death penalty case.

This kind of gives new meaning to, “the wheels of justice turn slowly”.

We should be hearing from DA Dewey Hudson some time today.


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