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Judge Reserves Decision on Cesar Laurean Trial Date


~Cesar Lauren

Dick McNeil and Dewey Hudson both argued before Judge Charles Henry yesterday regarding the trial date for alleged murder suspect Cesar Laurean.

McNeil claims a knee injury he sustained in January has hampered his preparation of the case.  He wants the trial to be postponed at least three months, moving the trial from June to September at the earliest.

DA Dewey Hudson is vehemently opposed to a delay and said that not only does Laurean deserve a speedy trail as he is sitting in jail, but Maria Lauterbach and her family deserve a speedy trial also.

McNeil unbecomingly replied to reporters like a petulant child.  He told reporters to get their facts straight and claimed the only reason Hudson and co-counsel Assistant DA Ernie Lee are pushing for a speedy trial is about politics.  Hudson is running for a Senate seat while Lee is running to take Hudson’s seat as DA.

McNeil sites his knee surgery and the fact that he needs more time to review evidence as reasons to postpone the trial.

With a straight face, he complained that the state has had 26 months to prepare their case and he has only had 12 months and the knee surgery only complicated a already, “unfair situation”.

He continued to grouse that he has been working on the case despite comments by readers to the contrary and,  It’s not nice to have your medical history printed in the newspaper, but it was necessary to include in the motion to show the need for a continuance.”

McNeil also said a year to prepare a case was not long enough because many murder cases in Hudson’s district take two years to make it to trial! Do remember the DA has been making evidence and investigative files available to McNeil beginning May 2008!

Judge Henry decided it was too early to rule on the issue and will wait to hear what McNeil’s doctor says next week.  Henry is not expected to rule on a continuance until April 12.



  1. ritanita
    04/02/2010 at 11:12 am

    I’m glad that the judge is waiting on the medical report. Unfortunately, the judge will probably give him the time because Laurean does have HIS rights, you know!

    Forget about the rights of the woman he murdered and her unborn child…

    While I’ve known and respected a number of great defense attorneys, they do have a tendency to whine!

  2. donchais
    04/04/2010 at 9:23 am

    McNeil just came off as foolish in my opinion.

    I’m more than positive Maria and her baby would have loved a “continuance” on their lives!

    I also question if this is all about politics, does that mean 3 years ago Hudson and Lee went out, found Laurean, convinced him to murder and flee the country all so they could run for public office?

    Uhh yeah, that was sarcasm!

  3. Lisanne
    04/12/2010 at 1:55 pm

    I wonder if the judge will rule today? Anxiously waiting to find out!

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