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Earl Bradley Civil Suits Mounting

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~Earl Bradley

5 attorneys have filed approximately forty civil suits against Earl Bradley and more are expected. Bradley has been charged with more than 400 counts of rape and abuse involving 103 children.

Also named in most suits are Beebe Medical Center, the Delaware Medical Society, and doctors Lowell Scott, James Marvel, and Carol Tavani.

Most of the suits allege that the doctors, medical society, and Beebe failed to report Bradley although they had knowledge or information regarding Bradley’s sexual abuse of the young patients.  One of the suits also charges that had Beebe Medical Center not referred a child to Bradley, that child would never have become a victim of abuse.

What is truly disturbing and the reason the physicians are named in the suits is that Bradley’s own sister reported his behavior five years ago to Dr. Tavani.  Doctors Scott and Marvel also spoke with Bradley’s sister.  Legally, all three doctors had an obligation to report.

“She was very concerned about Dr. Bradley’s own instability. It’s a brother she loved and was concerned about. She could see the deterioration in his emotional and mental state. Tragically, nothing was done. The board was never contacted by the state medical society. As a result, if they had been contacted, all these children who were molested and abused after that could have been spared.”

Attorney General Biden had Bradley’s assets frozen in January.  It is expected that any damages or settlements will be paid from that as well as medical malpractice insurance.

With the number of suits involved, unless a settlement is reached, litigation will be a very lengthy process as each has requested a jury trial.

Unfortunately for the victims its too late, the damage is done.  The biggest abuse here is failure – failure by the medical society and the doctors for ‘protecting their own’ and not reporting to the state medical board and failure by Bradley’s sister to pursue the matter more aggressively if she was that concerned by her bother’s behavior.

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