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Casey Anthony and The Ever Changing Dream Team or Where Are They Now?

04/26/2010 20 comments

There are so many wonderful blogs about all the rigmarole and shenanigans surrounding the Casey Anthony case.  A few of my favorites writers are ritanita, katfish, and valhall.  They all have fantastic research abilities and each brings something different to the coverage of all-things-Casey.

While I’m certainly not competing with the above-mentioned bloggers, I did recently begin to think back to the early days, specifically late 2008, just after little Caylee’s remains were found and got to wondering, where have they all gone?

With the addition of Orlando defense attorney, Cheney Mason, who is death penalty qualified – and the, what could be deemed disastrous motion to recuse Judge Strickland – the ‘dream team’ continues to morph.

With the continuing recruitment by Baez for the ‘dream team’, why does the Beatle’s Magical Mystery Tour keeping playing in my head?

Jose Baez, Florida – still present

Just as many question Baez’s ability and experience, there will always be lingering questions as to why and how quickly Jose Baez arrived to represent Casey’s ‘best’ interests, but I have to admit I really don’t care!

Linda Kenney Baden, New York – still present

In all fairness, Baden has been doing some pretty high profile forensic work since the 1980s.  Most of us will forever remember her and her husband, Dr. Michael Baden, from the first Phil Spector murder trial.  ‘Nuff said!

Terence Lenamon, Florida – quit

Lenamon was brought in as the needed death penalty attorney.  The Miami based attorney has defended many high-profile cases, but several of Lenamon’s clients were sentenced to death, i.e. ‘The Miami Strangler’.

Jose Garcia, Florida– still present

Young Garcia worked as a public defender for a short time in Orlando.  He is working with Baez and is also the focus of a Casey Anthony ‘crush’ according to the jailhouse letters recently released.

Dr. Henry Lee, Connecticut – status unknown

Lee has been around high profile cases for what seems to be an eternity.  His forensic investigations include the death of Laci Peterson, JonBenet Ramsey, OJ Simpson, and a career-damaging performance in the Phil Spector case.

His Casey Anthony status is listed as unknown because we haven’t been able to confirm if he has received his crate of oranges as of yet.

Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky, New York – status unknown

Kobilinsky’s expertise is in DNA, but he also consults with attorneys in areas including forensic biology and serology.

In the early days of the case he got as much TH face-time on camera as he could.

Dr. Kathy Reichs – status unknown

Reichs divides her time between Charlotte, NC and Montreal, Québec.  She is a nationally recognized expert in the field of forensic anthropology as well as a bestselling author.  She has traveled the world assisting in the identification of war dead and genocide victims.

The popular, fictional television show ‘Bones’ is based on her work.  She also produces the show.

Dr. Timothy Huntington, Nebraska – status unknown

An expert in forensic entomology, he has participated and consulted in more than 50 death investigations.  Have we heard anything from him?

Dr. Werner Spitz, Michigan – status unknown

A noted forensic pathologist, Spitz has worked on such high profile cases as OJ Simpson, JonBenet Ramsey and Mary Jo Kopechne.  Many agree his performance at the Phil Spector trial was less than stellar.

Todd Macaluso, California – forced to quit

Macaluso specialized in accident reconstruction and had 20+ years of trial lawyer experience.  He also pronounced Casey to be innocent and the defence had proof.  The proof was never forthcoming.

Poor Todd got himself into hot water with the California Bar Association and therefore cannot currently practice law.

Andrea Lyon, Chicago – status in limbo?

Lyon was brought in as a death penalty qualified attorney.  Baez doesn’t have enough experience to be first chair in a death penalty case.

Is Lyon being cut from the herd with the arrival of Mason?  Or, will the defense continue to use her law students for research and motion writing?  And how has that been working for them?

So, back in 2008 Baez was tossing around some pretty high-profile names.  And, I must say, I do wonder how many of these folks actually signed-on to the ‘dream team’.

Have they been biding their time waiting for Casey to be declared indigent and for the Florida coffers to be opened?

Do some of these highly recognized experts really want to throw their lot in with Mr. Baez?

Is the ‘dream team’ done morphing or will a new, sleeker model be introduced?

Through it all, we should never lose sight of the fact that a beautiful toddler named Caylee is the reason we are all here to see justice is done.