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Vanessa Coleman Jury Seated – Trial to Begin and A Refresher of Key Players


~Vanessa Coleman and defense attorney Russell Greene

“You are the jury,” Knox County Criminal Court Judge Richard Baumgartner announced this afternoon.

We are one step closer to seeking justice as 12 jurors – 3 men and 9 women – along with 4 alternates – 2 men and 2 women – have been selected for Vanessa Coleman’s murder trial that begins Monday, May 3.  On the jury there are two black women and one black man.  As alternates, there are one black woman and one black man

Jury selection was a long arduous process.  Of the approximately 110 folks in the jury pool, a majority were women.

15 potentials were dismissed on Tuesday.  Many of those dismissed were cut because they said they couldn’t impose the death penalty, which the state is seeking against Coleman.

Wednesday, another 16 were dismissed, again, most saying they could not sign a death warrant due to religious or moral issues.

Judge Baumgartner’s magic number of 54 was reached by the end of Thursday.  The magic number takes into account the 12 person jury, 4 alternates and, if used,  15 challenges from both sides.

A Refresher

All trials have been streamed at




The Victims

21-year old Channon Christian – Parents, Deena and Gary

23-year old Chris Newsom – Parents, Mary and Hugh

The Judge – Has Presided Over All Murder Trials

The Honorable Richard Baumgartner

The Prosecution – Have Prosecuted All Cases

Leland Price

Takisha Fitzgerald

The Defense

David Lavit

Russell Greene

The Perps

Vanessa ‘Nessie’ Coleman – Only female facing death penalty

George ‘G’ Thomas – LWOP

Lemaricus ‘Slim‘ Davidson – Death by lethal injection

Letalvis ‘Rome’ Cobbins – LWOP

Eric ‘E’ Boyd – 18 years, accessory after the fact

(Note:  Throughout the trial you will often hear witnesses refer to the perps by their nicknames.)

See you Monday morning!


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  1. David From TN
    04/30/2010 at 9:41 pm

    Here (http://www.wate.com/Global/story.asp?S=12403189) is a report from the Knoxville ABC affilliate with a video that has comments by the defense attorney. The reporter says that the defense has an advantage in going last and observing the evidence in the previous trials. My observation is that the two prosecutors have performed better with each succeeding trial.

  2. burris
    05/01/2010 at 4:06 pm

    Thanks for the links! Looking forward to more coverage from CfJ and T&T as the trial begins.

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