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Vanessa Coleman’s Journal


1/8 & 1/9

Wake up!  And look around!  Whats really going on!  I don’t really have a clue or at least I use to be able to say I don’t know, but as much as I’ve seen and observed and learned.  I know exactly whats goin on.  Although alot of this is new to me.  Life is a trip, but its amazing how things play its own role.  Life is interesting & full of surprises even very unexpected things happen that you don’t expect.



last night was one of a kind we stayed w/ a crackhead that was cool as hell.  It snowed a little bit but its already melted.  Lets talk about Adventures!  I’ve had one HELL OF AN ADVENTURE

since I’ve been in the big T.N.  its a crazy world these days!  But I love the fun adventures & lessons that I’ve learned.  Its going to be a long interesting year!

HA!  HA!

Day two

The ride home!  Ha, Ha,

We had a crackhead bringin us back.  The whole way back she was complaining b/c she didn’t have any drugs.

She was drivin kinda crazy but it was str8 tho.

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