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Search For Stacy Peterson Called Off

06/05/2010 4 comments

It should not be a huge surprise to most folks that around 6pm, the forensic anthropologist working with State Police gave up his search.

Nothing was found during the day-long search.

A police source was asked if he was optimistic about the lead — which reportedly came from a prison inmate — the source said: “I’m not convinced yet, put it that way.”

Police were digging in an area close to the Kickapoo River outside of Peoria that was extremely muddy due to recent heavy rains.

Police had told the family that the tip was a good lead.

TMZ reported the tip came from another inmate, however that has been refuted by the Wills County Sheriff’s Department.

Chicago Sun Times


Drew Peterson Tells Location of Stacy Peterson’s Body?

06/05/2010 10 comments

The digging for Stacy’s body begins this morning.

Drew Peterson, awaiting trial for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, has supposedly told another inmate how he killed Stacy Peterson and where he disposed of her body.

The inmate shared the information with authorities who then tracked down the alleged accomplice who helped Peterson hide the body.  The accomplice told authorities Stacy was stuffed in a metal drum and buried on private property just outside Peoria, Illinois.

Police brought dogs to the area and the dogs immediately hit on the site police had been directed to. Police then used probes in the soil and found indications of a mass below ground!