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OJ Simpson – Short and Sweet!


He was not in attendance, but OJ’s lawyers argued an appeal before the Nevada Supreme Court.

Yale Galanter and Malcolm P. LaVergne were attempting to convince the court that OJ’s past was not adequately shielded (no mention of his past was allowed during the trial) and therefore played  a part in the guilty verdict.

They will also try to lay the blame for a number of issues on Judge Jackie Glass from bias to incorrect jury instructions.

Each side gets 15 minutes to argue.

Galanter does all the talking and tells the 3-judge panel that all OJ was doing was retrieving HIS OWN property.  One of the judges interrupts and says it was not just OJ property that was taken.  Robbery is robbery!  What about the Pete Rose and Joe Montana items?  Galanter says OJ said those items would be left at the front desk!

ritanita and I both recall the items were not left at the front desk and as ritanita pointed out…’the property didn’t belong to OJ, it belonged to the Goldman family!!!’

Also, regardless of who owns the property, retrieving property at gunpoint is against the law!

Galanter goes on to whine about how Judge Jackie Glass was mean to him in front of the jury!

Uh, if he hadn’t been so obnoxious during the trial she wouldn’t have had to reprimand him!

Galanter also complains the two African Americans were improperly excused from the jury and they weren’t given extended time to probe their beliefs.

DA Dave Roger tells the panel Judge Glass reprimand both sides daily and did a phenomenal job controlling the courtroom in such a high profile case.

Roger addresses the two jurors that were rejected.  Pretty much they were both nutty and flip-flopped as to whether or not they could serve as a competent juror.

Well, now its a wait-and-see game.  I am unsure of how long it will be until the Nevada Supreme Court rules.

The panel then heard a request for a new trial for Stewart and Roger pretty much pounded the defense.  Stewart was guilty of a whole lot more than I remembered!

You should be aware that we know for a fact, the 3 Justices watched the trial tapes!

I’m of the opinion defense 0, prosecution 2, but we shall see!

  1. FRG
    06/12/2010 at 11:11 am

    Great article!!!
    So OJ thinks he is above the law and it’s really normal to retrieve his objects (which I am not sure were his) at gun point just because he is OJ. No, really???? is that what they were saying? That’s almost laughable.

  2. donchais
    06/12/2010 at 11:36 am

    OJ in the news is always entertaining, lol!

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