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Christian-Newsom Murders – Comments From Davidson Sentencing


Judge Richard Baumgartner – “This is one of the most incredibly outrageous, cruel and inhumane cases this court has ever seen. How people can engage in this type of conduct is just unexplainable.”

Judge Richard Baumgartner – “There really is no sentence great enough to punish you for the conduct you have been convicted of.”

Deena Christian – “You are all cowards. You raped her, and you tortured her, and then you discarded her like trash.”

Judge Richard Baumgartner – “Mr. Davidson in my judgment engaged in one of the most horrendous crimes that has been committed in this county.”

Mary Newsom – “Lemaricus Davidson, you are a hateful, evil person.”

Deena Christin – “You and your friends destroyed our lives.”

Hugh Newsom – “Knowing that you were involved in this Lemaricus, it’s a good thing the police got to you before I found you.”

Gary Christian – “You rot in hell.”

Gary Christian – “I will do everything in my power to make sure they stick that needle in your arm as soon as possible.”

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