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Guilty or Innocent, What Gives You Away


For those who know me from Calls For Justice and formally from Trials & Tribulations, you know that I abhor murder and abuse – particularly of children. In spite of the heinous depravity connected to most of these cases, I guess justice is what drives me to follow them.

Looking at the players in some of these cases, sorting through evidence and making sense of what is or isn’t being said can be daunting however, we are fortunate to have all kinds of experts – profilers, detectives, bounty hunters, professional micro expression experts and folks trained in statement analysis – to help the rest of us gain a better understanding.

One such person, who posts under the name Seamus O Riley, has been doing brilliant statement analysis on many crimes in the news today at his blog, aptly named Statement Analysis.

With his permission I have added him to the blogroll.  If you aren’t familiar with his blog I highly recommend you check it out, it’s fascinating!  You will come away with a far better understanding of what to listen for!

  1. 07/12/2010 at 5:26 pm

    Great add Donchais! I find Seamus O Riley’s statement analysis to be very interesting.
    I’m a little embarrassed….I added him to my blogroll without asking permission….eek. I didn’t mean to be presumptious. I hope it’s ok.

  2. donchais
    07/12/2010 at 6:46 pm

    LMAO katfish! The person who blogs under the persona Seamus, captured my attention a while back and I find the analysis to mostly be spot on. I have so many characters I would like him to review!

    As to the permission thing…that’s just a gender, religious, ethnic thing…she does, I think! We all know donchias, she’s just out-and-out crazy! 😉

  3. 07/13/2010 at 12:28 am

    Oh ok, so I’m not a jerk, Donchais is just crazy.LOLOLOL You know what they say about “birds of a feather”.

    I have been following the Statement Analysis blog for a while too. I suggested “Seamus” take a look at Nicholas Sheley’s “Merry Christmas letter” to the judge in his case. I think he downloaded the letter over at my “pond”, hopefully he will find time to do an analysis. I know his plate is full.

    Sheley also did a jailhouse interview with an AP reporter and a telephone interview with a television reporter, but I haven’t found a transcript that wasn’t “filtered” by the reporters.

    I would like to have Sheley’s handwriting analyzed as well. I did come across a handwriting analysis of the letter Casey Anthony wrote to the OCS that was very interesting.

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