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Kyron Horman – Still A Mystery


It has been over seven weeks since anyone has seen the shy little seven-year-old.  Millions now recognize his bright big smile and his story has touched so many hearts.  Kyron needs to be brought home.

There are just too many strange twists surrounding the disappearance of Kyron and we know now a Grand Jury has been convened which indicates an arrest(s) may be imminent.

Terri Horman, the last known person to see Kyron, remains closed-mouth and hired Stepehn Houze, a prominent criminal defense attorney, to the alleged tune of $350,000 and no one seems to know where the money came from.

We have learned she allegedly tried to hire someone to do away with Kaine Horman.

She also allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with Michael Cook, an old classmate of Kaine Horman.

Now we have Terri’s friend DeDe Spicher.  Spicher appeared before an investigative grand jury yesterday and according to her attorney, Chad Stavley, claims she has been totally cooperative with authorities, which is contrary to all previous reports.

Kaine Horman and Desiree Young, Kyron’s parents, continue to hold out hope that Terri Horman and any other parties who have information regarding the whereabouts of Kyron, will do the right thing so this little boy can be located.

Authorities are scheduled to hold a news conference today to provide further information.   They say over 3,300 tips have come in and if warranted, are pursued.

If you have any information about Kyron’s disappearance, please contact the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 503-261-2847.

As bizarre as some of the circumstances surrounding Kyron’s disappearance may be, Kaine and Desiree remind the public this is about Kyron!

Please help bring Kyron home.



  1. Ritanita
    07/27/2010 at 10:30 pm

    This case needs to be resolved soon. I keep hoping that Kyron is being held somewhere for some reason, and if so, those involved need to step up and do what is right. I keep holding out hope for this ever-smiling little boy.

    I also hope that DeDe is really going to cooperate. It seems she may be wanting immunity to spill to the grand jury. That tells me that there is a chance she knows something that will resolve the case.

    It’s been too long now.

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