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Casey Anthony Circus Car Gets Another Flat Tire


Well, depending on your point of view, the latest document dump in the case either ‘didn’t disappoint’ or ‘revolted’ you!  I tend to lean toward the latter.  The amount of sleaze factor and deceit is beyond comprehension!

First we will address the letters from Cindy to Casey.  They are all the passive-aggressive piffle we have come to expect from Cindy and she still believes Casey is innocent and LE will eventually look for the person who took Caylee!

Does Cindy honestly believe that Casey reads this drivel or even cares to hear from her mother?  Did she not see the stony disdain on Casey’s face when she testified about the 911 tapes?

The continuing debate on the internet is, is Cindy a pathetic delusional or is Cindy sly like a fox and trying to promote reasonable doubt for a potential jury?

The biggest news about the letters is Cindy more-than-likely committed mail fraud – federal offense – by sending a card to Casey in an envelope labeled ‘legal mail’ that bore a return address of Jose Baez’s law office!

Jose Baez told Local 6 the card was not sent from his office.

Cindy Anthony’s attorney, Brad Conway, said he was unaware his client had sent a card to her daughter.

Two weeks after corrections officials confiscated the greeting card, Cindy Anthony mailed a letter to her daughter. The family’s home address was printed on the envelope.

“So I understand the jail (thinks) I committed mail fraud,” the letter states. “They must think I’m really STUPID. Why would I send you a card and put another address besides mine on it? What purpose would that serve? None!”

Ok, seriously, how many of you just burst out laughing?

So, it was pretty much entertaining, no?  For additional chuckles, WFTV provides the following:

Casey’s Fall

Mail Fraud


What was unforgivably disturbing in the doc dump was the email section, but it goes a long way in explaining why:

Dominic Casey tried so hard to avoid deposition.

Why so many people were being thrown under the bus.

Just how many people other than Cindy and George saw $$$ instead of the tragic death of a precious baby.

Dominic Casey and his band of psychics, most notably Luke and Ginnette, aka ‘Ginny’, actually concocted stories and discussed future dollars to be made when they locate Caylee and Jose was obviously willing to sell Geraldo a story!

Dominic to Luke: Geraldo is on his way to Puerto Rico, Jose Baez is DEMANDING that I provide all information that I have, obviously to sell to Geraldo . . . so, I want to play a trick on him . . . come up with a wild herring many hundreds of miles away from Isabela . . . can you help? . . .


Luke to Dominic: Okay – something like this – Casey witnessed a major drug transaction( PR Mob with ties to Fusian and Bruce Lam) with Morales etc at Chatt’s townhouse – it went bad – one of the persons involved was killed (girl from club?) – Casey warned that Caylee will be harmed if she talks. They take Caylee – she is flown (private jet from Orlando Exec Airport) to San Juan PR and is held there until other plans are made to take her out of the country to Colombia. She is then taken across the border into Venezuela to Puerto Santa Rosa (near Puerto Cumarebo) knowing there will be no extradition or investigation possible due to the prevailing diplomatic situation. You may have to fill in the timelines.

Ya know – doesn’t seem too far fetched does it?


Dominic to Jose: Ed & Jose)
You wanted the goods) here it is) details on Puerto Rico including locations: Caylee WAS flown (private jet from Orlando Exec Airport) to San Juan PR and held there until plans were made to take her out of the country to Colombia. She was then taken across the border into Venezuela to Puerto Santa Rosa (near Puerto Cumarebo» knowing there will be no extradition or investigation possible due to the prevailing diplomatic situation.  No other details can be released until such time as Caylee positively identified and an extraction is in play.  Security of surveillant(s) is at risk should any of this information be released. THIS INFORMATION CANNOT BE RELEASED


Several things jump out immediately.

Seriously, you want to ‘play a trick’ on a lawyer involved in a case concerning a missing 2-year-old???  That is perverse and unconscionable!

A private investigator and psychics manufacturing false leads/information should be prosecuted to the fullest, in my opinion.

We also know now where Baez and Cindy got all the far-fetched and wild accusations about Jesse, Ricardo, Amy, JP, KioMarie, Zeniada Tony, and Kronk.  You guys can kiss any of that defense good-bye now!  Some of the made-up stories are here.

They were being spoon-fed this crap all along – or were they?

If you look at the old footage of Casey poking around in the woods while supposedly talking to Ginette on his cell phone that was filmed by Hooper and put it together with the emails that were flying back-and-forth, it reveals a horrific fact!

Ginny to Dominic: October 16, 2008 11 :32 AM ” I think calling her dead was the best thing that every happened to poor Cay lee – g my cell is dead –

I’ll be in the car in a half an hour – g

even if we can’t go till Nov.
- I don’t see them finding her for a while – hha hha –”

This kinda proves they all knew Caylee was dead and where she was hidden.  It is bad enough they were willing to let any number of innocent people take the blame for Caylee’s death, but they were all willing to let that baby lie in a swamp and be ravaged by animals.  Just like Casey was willing and Cindy and George also!

I admit, I tore through a ton, but literally had to stop reading the 1,824 pages of emails because they were so upsetting.  This precious little baby-girl was brutally murdered and nobody gave a damn!  Not Casey!  Not Cindy and George!  Not Jose Baez!  Not Dominic, Luke or Ginette!

Had her short life not ended so abruptly and tragically, Caylee Marie Anthony should have been celebrating turning 5-years-old this coming Monday with cake and ice-cream and balloons and presents.

My fervent hope is that Caylee knows we care, have not forgotten her and that she is loved!

  1. Ritanita
    08/07/2010 at 1:02 pm

    Donchais, I’ve been wading through the e-mails as well. It’s difficult because they are so revolting.

    I’ve also been trying to figure out how all these psychics managed to get control of the “other” investigation. Since Baez first worked with Dominic Casey, I’m thinking he gave him the task of tracking down all of Casey’s “friends” to find someone to throw under the bus. It grew as Cindy added D Casey’s name to her e-mail list and later “hired” him to conduct the “family” investigation.

    It really evolved into a feeding frenzy and every person remotely involved in Casey’s life was caught in the net. From what I have read, these psychics and D. Casey managed to fabricate tales which involved almost everyone at one time or another.

    Well, the GOOD news is that the State has all those e-mails and can use them to discredit the defense if and when they try to use any of those scenarios!

    If I remember correctly, this has already occurred. I have to go back through my hearing notes, but I do recall Linda Drane Burdick asking a witness at a hearing about the Puerto Rico/Colombia/Venezuela story!

  2. FRG
    08/07/2010 at 3:13 pm

    Thank you for the article!!
    As far as Cindy’s letters to KC I am of the opinion that Cindy is using these letters to paint a perfect family and relationship between her and KC, in another words, Cindy is trying to convince us of that, she is no fool, she is not crazy either and as you wrote I tend to believe she is “sly like a fox”. Cindy might think the laws don’t apply to her. Cindy maliciously accuses people (we read her letters) she continues raising suspicions on innocent people (’cause Cindy can’t prove anything) and that’s it. That’s really outrageous!!! I just hope there is a line of people suing the heck out of Cindy after this trial is over.
    I believe KC could not care less about anybody but herself.
    DC is a scum of the earth, I got so mad when I read those emails, it’s beyond comprehensible a human being could come up with something so disturbing. How do these psychics and DC sleep at night I would like to know. I agree with you that DC and his psychics should be prosecuted.
    BTW donchais, DC also should be a suspect, what was he doing in that swamp in November of 2008?
    It is so sad that Caylee would turn 5, can’t believe she had her life cut so short… her eyes were so pretty.
    You know what? I am just glad Judge Perry has denied the DP Motions, one more victory to little Caylee.

  3. Christine
    08/07/2010 at 3:41 pm

    Page 74
    This Lucas lady says that a bomb is going to kill our president.
    OKAY lady………
    75 DC says jesse’s dna is inconclusive….. what a crock.
    112 So the Anthony only use Arm and Hammer detergent…. um was that not found in the car trunk?

    Read this from Dominc to Luke.
    page 233
    Thank you Luke, I will not lose heart regardless of the difficulties which may be
    encountered. I become attached to my case and I need to bring Caylee home respectfully. I follow the evidence Luke and understand that with the guidance and help of experts such as “ourself” closure is obtainable. You know Luke, maybe Caylee would be better off where she is if only if we know where this may be.

    Ricardo’s apartment is a 3 story townhouse with garage at the rear first floor area which may or may not have a floor drain. When you say evidence of the murder in Ricardo’s apartment
    who’s murder do you refer? Maybe Carol the dancer? Or do I have to consider Caylee.
    Casey and Caylee did stay over at Ricardo’s a few nights on and off in May and June. Amy and JP also live there with Ricardo.

    During the last couple of days there has been a more noticeable nervousness in Casey’s voice and when I feel this she always looks directly into my eyes and I feel her pain I comfort her with a hug and reassurance that I will remain with
    her through this ordeal. I believe in Casey but stand ready for what realization may become. even then I will remain with Casey. Caylee and family until such time as I am no longer needed.

  4. donchais
    08/07/2010 at 3:47 pm

    What is truly sad is, it is the very dedicated prosecution and us who keep Caylee’s memory alive – not the family, not the low-life, cesspool of a defense!

    I imagine at 5, Caylee would have been turning into quite the young lady however, I also imagine her life at casa de Anthony would have become an increasingly unbearable, living hell!

  5. Lona1
    08/07/2010 at 3:50 pm

    They should all be charged with concealing a homicial death. I have been ranting and raving about this issue last year. I always believed they knew. Now it seems as though it can be proven that they did. If you hide a murder it could get you years in jail (FL).

  6. Lona1
    08/07/2010 at 3:51 pm


  7. Venice
    08/07/2010 at 3:51 pm

    Yes, donchais, that is the truth. The State is her voice, and I hope they make an impact statement at sentencing for our Caylee!

  8. Lona1
    08/07/2010 at 4:06 pm

    sorry, I can’t type today. Meant to say it could get you 7 years in jail in FL.

  9. donchais
    08/07/2010 at 4:23 pm

    No apologies needed Lona1, fluent in typonese! 🙂

  10. Sherry
    08/07/2010 at 5:06 pm

    donchais says:

    “Seriously, you want to ‘play a trick’ on a lawyer involved in a case concerning a missing 2-year-old??? That is perverse and unconscionable!

    A private investigator and psychics manufacturing false leads/information should be prosecuted to the fullest, in my opinion.”

    I agree wholeheartedly! This doc dump has me nearly speechless its so despicable how these people, all of them, have acted. They’ve victimized Caylee again, imo. Thank God for the prosecutors and all of us in her corner.

  11. Hilde
    08/07/2010 at 5:46 pm

    It’s going to be three Years before this Case will come to Trial.
    I guess the Defense and maybe even the Anthony’s believe People will forget how this sad Case started and why Casey Anthony was arrested and charged with murdering her only Child Caylee Marie who wasn’t even 3 Yrs old when she went missing and then only her skeleton Remains were found 6 month later December 11, 2008.
    2 1/2 Yrs. later this Case has taking so many Twists and Turns and Caylee eventually got lost in All of it. It became more about establishing reasonable Doubt for the Defense than seeking Justice for the Murder of Caylee Marie.
    The Prosecution seems to be the only one who will seek Justice and make sure that the Murderer of Caylee will have to pay!
    We the People, who have been following this Case from the Beginning and have read the so far released Documents are convinced more than ever who is responsible for Caylee’s Death and who is trying to cover up for Casey and pretend Casey couldn’t have done that.
    There are many Players in this Case and most of them really don’t have Caylee as their No. 1 Priority which is sad.
    I am comforted in that Thought that the Prosecution will do everything in their Power to keep Caylee, the Homicide Victim in this Case their No. 1 Priority like she has been from Day One.
    We the People, at least most of us haven’t forgotten about Caylee and how she was taken from this World! 😦
    It doesn’t matter how much time will pass and how many Distractions Casey’s Defense Team or the Anthony’s will come up with.
    We will follow this Case very careful till the End. We the People know BS when we see it or hear it! I must say reading some of the Letters especially by Cindy is some of the BS I just mentioned.JMO

  12. 08/08/2010 at 1:43 am

    Hi Donchais, love your title. Great post. Yes the defense scheme/scream/team does seem to constantly have that annoying flat tire problem don’t they? hmmmmmmmm, what to do, what to do and who to do it to next. The scheme team just can’t seem to catch a break., hahahahahahahahaha~~~~~~~

  13. 08/08/2010 at 1:46 am

    Donchais, also wanted to say thanks for showing us that pic of beautiful Caylee in her dollhouse. Her fifth birthday is coming up monday. She should be here for it. sigh~~~~~~ hugs to Caylee.

  14. jon
    08/09/2010 at 1:59 pm

    Cindy believes the rest of the us are stupid and will fall for whatever she says. she’s been trying since the beginning of this to paint herself and her family as perfect in an attempt to cover up the fact that her and George’s own shortcomings as parents resulted in the sociopathic monster that is Casey. I think everything she wrote in the letters to Casey was written with the idea that other people would eventually read it. Insofar as using Baez’ return address, this is completely in line with her stuffing a “Caylee” bracelet into the piece of clothing Casey was going to wear at court appearance. It’s all manipulation by someone who thinks she’s smarter than everyone around her and that she’s entitled to live and run things by her own rules (and don’t forget Cindy likes to run things)……

  15. donchais
    08/09/2010 at 2:28 pm

    jon, all I can say is…yup!

  16. Swift Justice
    08/10/2010 at 11:39 pm

    DCasey = wanna be Magnum PI

    Jose Baez = wanna be Matlock

    How pathetic is it when DCasey and Baez have to come up with false evidence in order to deflect the spotlight off Casey!!!!

    No wonder DCasey is in hiding…..his PI license should be revoked and Baez should
    be disbarred.


  17. tezi
    08/13/2010 at 8:06 pm

    I am just flabbergasted at the lengths Baez and D. Casey went through to mislead the media, Geraldo in particular.

    D. Casey needs to lose his PI license, and Bozo needs to be disbarred, IMO.

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