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Thomas J. Mortimer – “Charlotte and Finn are in a much better place…”


An argument over a bounced check seems to have been the catalyst that began the horrific and brutal murders of his wife of seven years, his 4-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter, and his 64-year-old mother-in-law.

Finn and Charlotte

The bounced, $2,499 check to the IRS led to an argument between Mortimer and Laura was witnessed by Mortimer’s parents who were at the house babysitting the children.  They told investigators Mortimer remained calm and told his wife it was not the time or place to discuss the matter and it could wait till after dinner.  Dinner was uneventful and Sandra and Thomas Mortimer III drove home to Connecticut.

It is believed that somewhere between 9:05 p.m. on June 14 and 7:10 a.m. on June 15, Mortimer killed his family.  He then sat down and typed out a confession.

“What I have done is extremely selfish and cowardly. I took the easy way out. . . .I am ashamed, frightened, relieved, surprised that I murdered my family, disgusted with myself.’’

Thomas Mortimer

Mortimer wrote that he should have handled the situation more maturely by divorcing his wife and that 4-year-old son, Thomas Mortimer V – “Finn”, and 2-year-old daughter, Charlotte, “are in a much better place than they could ever be living with Laura and living with me.’’

“Looking forward to peace but already missing terribly Finn and Charlotte…that will be my ‘hell.’ ’’

Investigators say Mortimer cut his children’s throats and stabbed his wife, Laura Stone-Mortimer, and her mother, Ragna Ellen Stone.

Ellen Stone was found in the living room under a rolled-up Oriental rug. She may have been attacked at the front doorway as she tried to get out of the house and was dragged back into the living room.

Laura and Finn were lying in pools of blood in the family room and Charlotte was found lying in her crib in a pool of blood.

It appeared Mortimer tried to kill himself after the murders.  A car in the garage had two garden hoses connected to the tailpipe.  Investigators also found a knife, a hammer, and a bottle of vodka in the car.

The prosecution’s graphic nine-page summary was unsealed yesterday.  Four lines of the report remained sealed and it is not known if Mortimer’s court-appointed lawyer, Denise Regan, will oppose those lines being released to the public.  She claimed earlier, the release of that information would hurt her client’s chance of getting a fair trial.

Prosecutors originally agreed to the withholding of those 4 lines, as family members did not know the information, and it could be extremely upsetting to them.  Middlesex District Attorney Gerard T. Leone Jr. said the letter is much more specific.

After his arrest, Mortimer spoke with his parents and said he just snapped.  He apologized for making a mess of his life and for wrecking everyone else’s lives.

The confession letter is sure to play a key role in the case.  It could be used to support or discredit a potential insanity defense.

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  1. Ritanita
    09/22/2010 at 12:08 pm

    Mortimer is another “eraser” killer, like John List. The difference is that it is also a crime of intense rage. Slitting a child’s throat is close up and personal, a terrible way to die.

    Why is it he managed to kill his family and not himself? Easy… he is a total coward who put the blame on his wife when he couldn’t handle his family obligations.

    I simply cannot comprehend how someone can wipe out their whole family, no matter how much I read.

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