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Thomas Mortimer IV – “I disgust myself”


Sadly, we have now learned what was contained in the prosecution’s statement of its case against Thomas Mortimer IV.

Defense Attorney Denise Regan got the four lines sealed temporarily however a judge ruled that they should be released to the public after Regan failed to file an appeal to block their release.  The lines come from the two confession notes left at the murder scene written by Mortimer.

“I expecially [sic] sorry to Finn that he had to witness these horrid acts.  It was not supposed to be this way. I disgust myself.’’

Finn and Charlotte

Young Finn was just 4-years-old.  His last memories would have been to see his family brutally murdered before his father attacked and killed him!

Mortimer also wrote: “What have I done? I hate myself more than ever,” and “I wonder what life would be like if I did not chicken out.”

Professor James Fox, Northeastern University, says sometimes mass murders feel they are sparing their family.

“This is not necessarily someone who is psychotic–who doesn’t understand what he is doing.”

“He is quite clear headed about what he wants to happen, he wants to spare his kids from being orphaned.”

“We call it suicide by proxy–where the children are seen as an extension of himself and the plan may be to take his own life, but he wants to spare the children of living the misery of this world.”

Investigators say Mortimer appeared to attempt suicide, but failed and then went on the run.

Seems to me, the insanity defense will be difficult at best.  Mortimer was methodical, appears to have understood what he had done and attempted to evade capture.

He was correct when he wrote he ‘chickened out’ and should have just divorced his wife and left – unfortunately, this young, vibrant family no longer has options!


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