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Zahra Baker – Where Is She?


After three long days, Investigators have finished combing through the Foothills Environmental Landfill this past Friday.

They were seen removing several mattresses from the landfill and have confirmed they were looking for a mattress that belonged to Zahra that her parents disposed of in early October.

It is hoped that the mattress could yield DNA evidence as well as helping to establish a firm timeline.

Zahra was reported missing by her father, Adam Baker, on October 9.  Police believe she has been missing longer than that.  On October 12, police reclassified the case as a homicide.

Zahra was last seen by someone, other than family, on Sept. 25 at In Your Home Furnishings in Hickory. Zahra was in the store with her stepmother, Elisa Baker.

Was this a trip to shop for a new mattress?

Elisa Baker, 42, is currently in jail for writing a false ransom note, in which she demanded $1 million. Police charged Baker with obstruction of justice. She was also arrested on several other charges unrelated to Zahra’s disappearance.

Baker’s court appointed attorney Scott Reilly has now been joined by attorney Lisa Dubs and private investigator Steve Elhers.

Dubs confirmed she will be determining if the defendant is indigent and needs appointed counsel, and protect the defendant’s rights pending appointment of trial counsel.  Interestingly, Dubs is one of 10 lawyers qualified to defend clients faced with the death penalty.  Baker has not yet been charged in the disappearance of young Zahra!

Dubs’ being appointed to Baker’s case this early is a huge red flag!

Her website lists her specialties as ‘capital murder cases and serious felonies.’

Police also confirmed evidence being sought includes the prosthetic leg that Zahra used. She lost a leg to cancer while living in Australia.

Adam Baker has not been charged and remains free for the time being, but his 911 call to report Zahra’s disappearance and subsequent behavior have caused many a raised eyebrow!

Anyone with information about Zahra’s whereabouts is asked to call the Hickory Police Department at 828-328-5551 or call 911.

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