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Zahra Baker’s Father Evicted


With his head hung, Adam Baker returned to 21 21st Ave., NW and loaded personal belongings in the back of his truck.  He arrived at the scene with his mother, brother and attorney.

Baker’s attorney, Mark Killian, refused to talk about the case or why he was at the house. He said Baker is struggling with the loss of his daughter and everything that’s happened since.

About 15 people arrived at the property to watch and at least one woman shouted, “Murderer!”

Baker’s landlord, who was at the property, spoke to the people who had gathered. He said Baker was being evicted and he was in the house to gather his belongings.

“I’m putting him out on the street,” he said. “I have no need to have any of his effects in the house and I’m not cleaning it out.”

The Hickory Police Department said the house is no longer considered part of the search and confirmed that Baker had asked  to remove his personal belongings from the house.

Baker’s landlord cautioned people against rushing to judgment.

“It’s still America. It’s still innocent until proven guilty,” he said. “For some reason, the police are letting him walk around while someone else is in jail.”

The recent police search which seemed to focus on the kitchen and bathroom had rendered the property uninhabitable.  Sections of ceiling, floor and plumbing had been removed.

As Baker, his mother, brother and attorney left the house, Hickory investigators continued their search.  They returned to the area where Zahra’s prosthetic leg had been found.

Elisa Baker remains in custody after being indicted for obstruction of justice charges.

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  1. Ritanita
    11/03/2010 at 8:47 am

    Sticking my nose out of the recent doc dump to say that the real “victim” in this particular situation is the landlord/boss. I hope he has good insurance on the house and that it covers repairs from crime scene investigations!

    As per media reports, LE came in and put up dark paper over the windows, not to keep the media from looking in as per Nancy Grace, but to allow them to use luminol effectively. I doubt they would have dismantled so much of the house unless there was good evidence to do so. If true, I hope we find out what happened to Zahra.

  2. Barb2
    11/03/2010 at 9:47 am

    Can the landlord sue Adam Baker for damages to the house?

  3. donchais
    11/03/2010 at 9:56 am

    Ritanita – The dismantling sends chills down my spine!

    Barb2 – Kinda hard to sue a deadbeat! He, as with Elisa, was busted for bad checks among other things!

  4. 11/05/2010 at 11:03 am

    @Barb2: the landlord cannot sue Adam for the damages to the house because he didnt do it. He may have CAUSED it because he is a suspect in the case that caused the search, but he didnot PHYSICALLY cause the damage himself. The police were doing a search, and they can do whatever it takes to complete the search.

    Havent you heard the stories of drug raids where the police completely destroy the place and just walk away? I know a person in this position whose couches and chairs were cut to shreds (not to mention the other things they crashed and broke) looking for drugs (didnt find any!). She tried to bring action against the PD for replacement of her things. They didnt even let the case get on the docket.

    I can surely understand the landlords frustration, but he has no recourse here.

  5. Barb2
    11/05/2010 at 6:16 pm

    I understand, thanks for exlaining!

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