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Zahra Baker – Court Revelation


Young Zahra would have turned 11-years-old today if she were alive to celebrate her birthday.  Sadly, the courageous little girl who fought cancer twice and won, is dead.

Its been a difficult story to follow this past month because she touched so many hearts around the world and was loved by so many – except her family!

Lisa Dubbs, Elisa Baker’s attorney presented papers in court yesterday, requesting a reduction in bail and revealed some horrific information.

The document details how the step mother of Zahra Baker told police the 10-year old had been dismembered and where to find her body parts.

The papers say Baker began cooperating October 24th when her defense team turned over a piece of evidence to investigators to prove her information was reliable.

The papers go on to say, “that Zahra Baker was deceased, that her body had been dismembered, and that it would be recovered at different sites.”

Baker eventually led investigators to Christie Road in Caldwell County where investigators later found a bone, identified as coming from Zahra as well as Zarha’s prosthetic leg.

Baker also identified the Dudley Shoals Road area in a remote area of Caldwell County. That location is where investigators found human remains last week that they say are believed to be those of a child.

The remains have not yet been positively identified as being those of young Zahra.

She also told investigators the location of the dumpster where Zahra’s mattress had been disposed of.  The mattress was later found in a landfill.

We still don’t know how young Zahra died, but Baker’s information about the dismemberment pretty much points to Adam and she appears to have willingly participated.

The information provided by Elisa Baker comes as no surprise, really.  It makes it no easier to know what was done.


  1. Ritanita
    11/16/2010 at 5:43 am

    And she wants the justice system to pat her on the back and say “good girl”? She needs to stay where she is.

  2. FRG
    11/16/2010 at 9:16 am

    Thank you donchais!

    I just can’t believe they did that to Zahra! Not even in the animal kingdom they kill their own babies. These people don’t deserve a trial, they deserve e to be hung, it is a waste of money.

    Elisa Baker’s attorney wants reduction in bail so she can be out of jail, huh? Is she crazy or what? Where is Zahra’s father? He should be in jail too!!! I am in disbelief!!!

    Happy Birthday Zahra! Rest in peace, sweet angel!!

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