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Zahra Baker – Elisa Could Still Be On The Hot Seat


The death penalty and first-degree murder charges are NOT off the table as possible punishments if young Zahra is found to have been murdered.

District Attorney James Gaither Jr. said, “We’re under no obligation not to pursue capital murder charges or first-degree murder charges against any individual if there is sufficient and credible evidence to prove that Zahra Baker was murdered by that individual.”

While several  sources have reported that Gaither reached an agreement with Baker that could allow her to avoid the death penalty and first-degree murder charges if she cooperated in the investigation into Zahra’s disappearance and death, this may not be the case.  The agreement is contingent on several things, such as Baker being truthful in her assistance of law enforcement in the investigation.

From reports, Elisa has provided very valuable information to investigators, but we have learned from numerous sources that Elisa has some credibility issues when it comes to telling the truth.  I truly believe Elisa would gladly implicate others in order to save her own hide.

Elisa has indicated that Adam Baker did something pretty horrifying after Zahra’s death.  We know that Zarha was dismembered and her body parts were scattered in two counties.  To have told this to investigators shows me that she was not only present during the dismemberment, but we also know she was complicit in disposing of evidence.

In North Carolina, a first-degree murder conviction can be mean life in prison or the death penalty. A second-degree murder conviction can lead to sentences ranging from seven years to more than 32 years in prison depending on the defendant’s criminal record and the circumstances surrounding the killing. (my emphasis)

Charlotte Observer

  1. Ritanita
    12/05/2010 at 8:23 am

    Certainly, they will find a way if they can. This lady is evil and, while she may know a great deal, she manages to leave some very important evidence out. There aren’t any “good” parts to a murder case, but the “good” part here is when any and all are behind bars and charged with what they did.

  2. Barb2
    12/05/2010 at 9:52 am

    They are looking for “credible evidence” that Zahra was murdered? I highly doubt Zahra died of natural causes; wouldn’t one call 911 under those circumstances? Both Adam and Elisa are guilty of child abuse and the murder of this poor child and I hope they both get the Death Penalty.

  3. LCoastMom
    12/05/2010 at 12:43 pm

    Me thinks DA James Gaither Jr is feeling the heat – locals are not sharing in a love feast for him – questioning whether he screwed up by allowing the discovery to be revealed too soon and other DP cases he supposedly has screwed up.

    IMHO – very little was revealed in those warrants that was not already heavily suspected – shy the names of the two reported suspects in the rape – when it appeared (at this time) there was no real evidence that actually points to their involvement – trying to be patient.

    What is your take on the valuable “piece of evidence” taken from a crime scene by Dubs or her PI and handed over to the DA to prove Elisa’s commitment to assisting them? Did Dubs cross a line? Tampering with evidence is something a law student should know not to do!

    Thanks for the continued excellent coverage of these cases!

  4. donchais
    12/05/2010 at 1:33 pm

    Hi LCoastMom!

    My understanding is the DA was fighting the release of the warrants – however, he may have been late with his motion so the Judge let it go. I am so very grateful the rape allegations were deemed not credible.

    As for Dubbs or her PI, can’t really say. I’m not saying what they might have done is right or wrong because I don’t know NC law. Hopefully, someone can enlighten all of us.

    As long as folks like you continue to sift through all the info, we will see justice for young Zahra!

    Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

  5. 12/06/2010 at 1:23 pm

    I hope if this DA is not up to prosecuting this case alone he will seek the assistance of the Attorney General…..I too remember hearing the state tried to block the release of the warrants. It’s unfortunate they couldn’t release a statement sooner that the rape was unfounded. I do want to give them the benefit of the doubt that the investigation was still ongoing, but if I do that then it begs the question, why did the judge release these warrants if the investigation wasn’t complete? ~sigh~ There are so many questions unanswered in this case….I just hope LE has a lot more than we know.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date. Makes ya wonder if EB didn’t get any benefit for assisting….why did she help? The goodness of her heart? Nahhh…..to deflect attention from herself and blame Adam? Likely! Hopefully Zahra will see some form of justice for Christmas this year…..a couple arrests would be a good start.

  6. donchais
    12/06/2010 at 2:01 pm

    “There are so many questions unanswered in this case…”

    katfish, that’s an understatement!

    I heard rumors the GJ was meeting today…on what, I have no idea, nor can I confirm…sigh!

    I hope and pray precious Zahra is guiding the investigators!

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