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Zahra Baker – Abused Again!


I am angry, speechless, dumb founded and pretty much pissed off!

This beautiful, courageous angel that graced us for far too short a time, suffered two bouts with childhood cancer – costing her part of a leg and part of her hearing – only to die and be callously dismembered and tossed away as so much garbage in two North Carolina counties.

The less than bright, bio-sperm donor, Adam Baker, and his psycho-goth bitch, Elisa Baker ran ‘grifter’ over two continents and psychologically – and probably goes without saying – physically abused this little 10-year-old innocent.

Even though the prosecution filed motions to suppress warrants issued in the murder investigation, so the on-going investigation would not be compromised, the media prevailed in the ‘right-to-know’ premise and on Tuesday, November 30, Superior Court Judge Nathaniel Poovey ordered the release of 121 pages, or eleven warrants.  See Zahra Baker – More Sad News.

Today, we learned a request to make two additional warrants from the Zahra Baker death investigation public, was canceled Monday.

Here is where the blame game and finger pointing gets confusing!

Media outlets requested the warrants be released to the public. According to Superior Court Judge Timothy Kincaid’s administrative order, sealed warrants expire in 30 days unless a motion was filed to extend the date. The district attorney’s office fought any of the warrants being released.

On Nov. 29, the district attorney’s office filed a motion, asking that any warrants on file that had not passed the 30-day mark remain under seal. This applied to Oct. 27 and 29 warrants.

When Judge Nathaniel Poovey ordered the release of the warrants, these two warrants should not have been released, according to his order. It stated that the court will hear the state’s motion to extend the sealing orders for entered on October 27 and October 29 on December 13 or at such other time…that the matter could be heard.”

The two warrants that were under orders to be sealed are back under seal, as of Dec. 10. On the outside of the two search warrants is a copy of Poovey’s order, along with a note, stating they are resealed per an order signed by Poovey.

“We never ordered that they be given out,” said Jay Gaither, Catawba County district attorney. “They are still sealed. “We haven’t taken any action. They remain under seal, they were just mistakenly given out.”

Holy, good God!  What the hell does that mean?

Al Jean Bogle, clerk of court for Catawba County, disagrees with that statement. She said her office followed the judges’ instructions. However, she said her office has to deal with several different orders.

“We’ve had several different judges — Judge Poovey, Judge Kincaid, Judge Bell and Judge Cherry — sign on these (search warrants and orders), attorneys assigned and removed on this case, and no charges have been filed,” Bogle said.

“This case has been very difficult. I am committed to doing my job according to the law and the best of my ability,” she added. “I’m dealing with paperwork from judges, attorneys and the district attorney. We file paperwork and unseal them according to judges and the law.”

Bogle said if her office did make a mistake, though, they will correct it.

How Ms. Bogle?  How will it be corrected?  You can’t retract what should have remained sealed yet was released to the media unless a nationwide lobotomy is your solution!

So, what have we done in our ‘need-to-know’?  We have certainly jeopardized a serious, on-going investigation.

Already incendiary emotions were inflamed when one of the released warrants alluded to the possibility that Zahra had been raped by two unsavory characters, which ultimately proved to be a bogus bit of gossip.  (How many of you reading this right now, are just learning the rape story was unfounded?…just sayin!)

We, the public, in our insatiable need-to-know, are guilty of abusing young Zahra again!  I’m pretty damn sure we all want justice for Zahra, but let’s do it the right way for her!

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  1. Ritanita
    12/15/2010 at 7:40 am

    Yes Donchais, we want to know, but we don’t want to know if it’s going to hurt the ongoing investigation.

  2. Anne
    12/15/2010 at 8:00 am

    Something is really fishy going on with the Zahra Baker case. Ritanita is correct, we do not want further information from unsealed documents if it hurts the case against poppy and stepma. BUT why the delay? Why is poppy Baker still walking the streets? Why has not the Stepma been charged with at least conspiracy to murder?
    I have a theory. Stepma dealt drugs. All kinds of people use drugs, even LE higher-ups. Could it be that there may be some sort of coverup of someone in LE involved in drug-dealing or using along side Stepma Baker? Stepma Elise could spill the beans on this particular higherup official. This drug dealing situation would not be that unusual in small counties anywhere in this country.

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