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Zarha Baker – What’s Next?


On Thursday, investigators turned over their findings in the disappearance of 10-year-old Zahra.

Chief Tom Adkins of the Hickory Police Department said the case is still ongoing, but the preliminary file was given to the District Attorney’s office so they may begin their review as well as determining what course of action to take concerning what charges he wants to make and who may or may not be charged.

Adkins refused to say whether they had received any lab results back from the SBI or the Chief Medical Examiner’s office, but did indicate they will continue to turn over information to the DA as it is uncovered.

While Elisa remains in custody, Adam Baker is out on bail and is lying low. 

Folks are running out of patience because no one has been charged in Zahra’s death but, I’m hoping the investigators are being cautious and making sure all the ‘i’s’ are dotted and the ‘t’s’ crossed!

We know Zahra is dead.  We know Zahra was dismembered.  We can assume that both Adam and Elisa hid evidence and obstructed justice.  Yup, some serious charges could probably be filed now, however for real justice for Zahra, we need to see a murder charge(s) filed!

Hopefully, a Grand Jury will be meeting and we will see charges before the end of the year!

Hickory Daily Record

  1. Ritanita
    12/18/2010 at 12:12 pm

    This is a case where patience will be a virtue. The Hickory PD has done their best in this case to keep things close to the vest. I’m hoping that the charges will be strong ones (like murder) to keep this couple behind bars forever.

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