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Zahra Baker – When Will We Know The Truth?


Sadly, as more information is released in this case, we don’t really know what or whom to believe.

Elisa Baker told authorities it was Adam Baker who dismembered Zahra’s body and disposed of it and now, recently released documents indicate Zahra actually died September 24, after falling ill.

Buzzie Winkler, 76, Elisa’s aunt, says she met with Elisa and they talked about what happened to Zahra.  According to Winkler, Zahra was not murdered.  Elisa told her, “She’d been sick two weeks before she died.

“When they found her, I guess they didn’t know what to do. They just went wild.”

The September 24th date is in conflict with the employee at a local furniture store who claims to have seen Zahra with Elisa on September 25.  A cause of death has still not been released.

Also of interest in the released warrants, Elisa claimed it was Adam who scattered Zahra’s remains in several locations, however cell phone records obtained by authorities show only Elisa’s cell phone in those specific areas.  GPS records do not show Adam’s Baker’s cell phone in those locations. 

They provided some additional disturbing and grisly information.  A woman blogged she had a conversation with Adam Baker and/or Elisa Baker regarding their involvement with chainsaw massacre role-playing… The date of September 22nd was given regarding their virtual family ‘doing a murder with chainsaws….’

Another player involved with the online family fantasy is Aaron Young. Elisa Baker was married to Young at the time she got married to Adam Baker, but told Adam Baker that Young was her brother.

Several of the other warrants involve Elisa’s medical and mental health. Police requested records from several facilities including Kings Mountain Hospital and Broughton Mental Hospital.

Investigators are also asking for information from multiple social services offices in  Caldwell, Gaston and Alexander counties.  Accusations that Elisa Baker may have abused her three biological children go as far back as 1999.

Meanwhile, Elisa Baker is seeking to have her bail reduced but a judge postponed that request until March 7.   No immediate reason was given for the delay.

Elisa remains in custody on obstruction charges.

No one has been charged in connection to Zahra’s death.

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  1. ritanita
    01/07/2011 at 9:09 am

    I’m wondering what they found out at autopsy. From what I understand, she had been newly into remission when she came to the US. Could she have died from not having proper medical attention in the US.

    Even if true, what happened after her death is horrifying.

  2. Barb2
    01/07/2011 at 11:15 am

    It seems odd to me that we have not heard of any medical records belonging to Zahra here in the U.S.; even if we are not privy to the contents of such records.

  3. Felicia
    01/07/2011 at 11:17 am

    When a child falls ill, you seek medical care! If social services had been investigating wouldn’t that have been the right thing to do, to show them that the child is being taken care of? I don’t believe anything that Elisa Baker has said, she is a sadist, who abused this child and killed her Normal people do not dismember a child’s body when they are found dead, you call 911!
    I think Adam Baker was targeted by these people. For some unknown reason these ‘dumb’ men fall for this woman, remember a man even sent her $10,000.00. I think Adam Baker did everything she told him to do, including making the calls to 911, I don’t even think he knew his daughter was dead because Elisa Baker told him a story about where his daughter was and he believed her, I think she convinced him that this was some sort of game (I know it sounds crazy, but this whole thing is crazy)! Remember none of this happened until he moved in with this Elisa Baker. Zahra was always seen when she was in Australia.
    I think this poor child was terrorized from the start, sold for sex and tortured by this woman. Adam Baker,even if he did not take part in the murder is equally responsible.
    These online murder games should be banned, if not ‘these practicing future murderers’ should be placed on a registry that would give authorities access to all of their information, when a crime such as this is committed.

  4. 01/07/2011 at 11:15 pm

    I fear we may never know the truth of the atrocities this child endured at the hands of Elisa and Adam. I wouldn’t believe anything either of them claimed….EVERYTHING they both have done indicates a consciousness of guilt. If Felicia is right and Adam was duped by Elisa, it’s possible he was threatened to help with the cover up or be implicated. IMO he still bears responsibility for Zahra’s abuse and even death….1st degree stupidity is no excuse for neglecting your child and their safety.

  5. tina
    01/08/2011 at 4:16 am

    I knew adam when he was a single dad & little zahra was only 4yrs old they lived next door to me & to hear this just hurts me so much. I HONESTLY dont think adam had anything to do with this at ALL cos when he was a single dad he was all for hes daughter she was daddy’s little girl he done everything for her she was a happy little vegemite when they lived next door to me. ZAHRA HAD ALWAYS HAD A SMILE ON HER FACE. When he told me he was moving my little fella didnt wont zahra or adam to go :(….Anyways he’s mother told me zahra wasnt well & had bone cancer 😦 (sad times) Adams mother kept some of us posted on how zahra was going with all the kemo & things like that. But as i said before adam was all for hes little girl, He never cursed, yelled, screamed or smacked her in the time frame that i knew adam & zahra. She was always a bubbly. I honestly think that adam’s girlfriend was jealous of adam’s & zahra’s bond & this rotten women has killed her cos of the jealous bond that a father & daughter once shared R.I.P zahra baker love always xoxox..Hope u rot in hell elisa & u should be where you belong she was a beautiful young women & there was no need or reason why for u to do what u did AT ALL oh yes there was u were jealous u low life scum sucking scum bag of a father & daughters bond they once shared & now u have taken that away from adam. In loving memory zahra baker xoxox

  6. donchais
    01/08/2011 at 8:36 am

    tina, I appreciate your views and memories of young Zahra. She has certainly touched the hearts of many.

    Elisa bears a good amount guilt in Zahra’s death and dismemberment, but by the same token Adam is absolutely no saint! I’ve little doubt that he was a participant and we already know he has several outstanding warrants-some for communicating threats and one for assault with a deadly weapon! So, I can’t give Adam a free pass!

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