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Zahra Baker’s Step Mom In More Hot Water


While I can’t say it upsets me, things just got a bit worse for Elisa Baker! 

Already having been indicted on obstruction charges, Baker was indicted yesterday for bigamy.  Seems when she and Adam Baker married in July 2008, Elisa was still married to Aaron Young and they didn’t divorce until August 2009.  Baker and Young remain friendly and Adam was told Young was Elisa’s brother!

Rarely resulting in jail time, conviction on bigamy could play a pivotal role in this case.  In North Carolina, spousal privilege protects conversations between spouses from being testified to, unless both spouses agree.  However, a spouse may be compelled to testify about actions they may have witnessed, committed by their spouse.  The true question will become if Elisa’s bigamy conviction renders her marriage to Baker as null and void, effectively removing spousal privilege!

We also learned that a briefcase was found of Christie Road that may contain blood evidence relating to Zahra’s disappearance.  The briefcase was found in the woods near where Zahra’s prosthetic leg and a bone were found and appeared to have been there for some time. The briefcase appears to contain a blanket possibly stained by blood.  The SBI will analyze the items to determine if they are indeed linked to the case.

Adam and Elisa deny any ‘wrongdoing’.  A little girl is dead and was dismembered and her body parts tossed out like so much garbage!  NO WRONGDOING???

Elisa told LE that two weeks before she was reported missing, Zahra had fallen ill and died on September 24.  NO WRONGDOING???

Family members try to explain Adam and Elisa’s atrocious behavior by saying even though Zahra was sick, they didn’t take her to the hospital because Adam Baker was in the country illegally and because DSS had already investigated Elisa Baker.  Seems they were afraid of what authorities might do to them!  NO WRONGDOING???

Even in death, Zahra is still suffering!



Charlotte Observer

  1. Barb2
    01/19/2011 at 10:40 am

    Both Adam and Elisa seem like shady characters to me, I hope both are charged accordingly, found guilty and receive max. sentences for each charge. It was the poor child, Zahra, that paid with her life.

    • donchais
      01/19/2011 at 10:58 am

      I couldn’t agree more!

  2. ritanita
    01/19/2011 at 7:55 pm

    Donchais, words fail me on all of this. NO WRONGDOING? What would they consider wrong?

    Going by what was said, it was
    RIGHT to let a little girl suffer and die without medical attention?
    RIGHT to dismember her suffering little body?
    RIGHT to scatter those remains, her leg, in various and sundry places?
    RIGHT to fake a kidnapping?
    RIGHT to start a fire?
    RIGHT to fake a ransom note?

    Need I go on?

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