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Military Veteran Knowingly Exposed Others To HIV


I realize this article is so far from the norm for me, but this story makes my blood boil on so many levels!


The story broke last year when The Air Force Office of Special Investigations began a criminal probe into the behavior of Sgt. David Gutierrez.  Gutierrez, 43, was arrested August 9 2010 for violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  He was stationed at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas.

Gutierrez became infected with HIV in 2007, while stationed in Italy according to his wife Gina.  She claims Gutierrez was addicted to adult networking websites and  “began having unprotected sex with numerous partners” at “swinger” parties in Kansas.

She also says he did notify his sexual partners in Italy of his health status, but did not tell partners about his HIV status after being assigned to McConnell Air Force Base.

Gutierrez was sentenced yesterday to eight years in military prison and will be dishonorably discharged after serving his time.

Tech. Sgt. David Gutierrez was charged as guilty on seven of eight counts of aggravated assault and violating his commander’s order to notify partners about his HIV status and use condoms (my emphasis and we will return to this in a minute). The judge also convicted Gutierrez of indecent acts for having sex in front of others and eight counts of adultery.

Several witnesses who participated in swinger and partner-swapping events with Gutierrez and his wife testified they never would have had sex with him had he told them he was HIV-positive.  The witnesses also said Gutierrez repeatedly denied that he was infected and he was encouraged by his wife to carry on with swinger events (my emphasis and we will return to this in a minute).

Testimony from Dr. Donna Sweet indicates that HIV medication and medical care usually runs $28,000 and $30,000 annually and that with proper care and mediation, a 20-year-old person who contracts HIV can easily expect to live to age 70.  Without that care and medications, the infected person would usually die within 10 years of infection.


How many of us have watched HIV infected friends and/or family members suffer and ultimately die?  At the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, the promising care and drugs didn’t even exist – the deaths were swift and particularly savage.

This is why I am so angry about this story!

Remember these two statements from earlier?

…violating his commander’s order to notify partners about his HIV status and use condoms…

…he was encouraged by his wife to carry on with swinger events

Both statements scream to me Gutierrez was aided and abetted not only by his wife, but his US Air Force commanding officer!  They knew!  They both allowed the Russian roulette type behavior to continue!  They are as guilty, if not more so, than Gutierrez and should also be placed on trial and punished.

Now, this is where I totally go off the deep end –

“Gutierrez apologized to the court, the Air Force, his family and his sexual partners. He said he thanks God every day none of his partners contracted the disease and asked the judge to have mercy on him so he can live to see his two children graduate from college and get married.”

Did he ever give a damn that he could well have stolen those very same memories if he killed one of his victim/partners?

Gutierrez begged between sobs not to be discharged so he could keep the military medical benefits.  He told the judge he was willing to spend more time in jail rather than lose his medical benefits he needs. “The possibility of a future without assistance does scare me — scares me to the core. The cost of medicine is very expensive and I don’t know if I can afford it.”

Did he give a damn about the expense his potential victims might face?  Does he really think he’s entitled to free medical care on the taxpayer’s dime?  I’m all for supporting the members of the armed forces – they deserve that much from us – but I’m hard pressed to emotionally or monetarily contribute to this selfish bastard or his equally selfish spouse.

I wonder how his wife and his commanding officer feel now?  I wonder how they sleep at night?

As for Gutierrez, he is a disgrace to his uniform!  He is a disgrace to the human race and at the moment, I can think of a whole lot more punishment he deserves.

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