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The Good Ship SS Casey Anthony Is Sinking

The SS Casey Anthony

The information released by the SAO on Friday provides some of the most damning information to date.  There is so much information I will only attempt to review some of it.

I really want to ask Jose Baez, “how long can you tread water”, because surely after this latest doc dump, his head is barely above water!

Letters from Cindy

Cindy once again proves just how delusional and passive-aggressive she is toward Casey.


I am tired of being treated as if Caylee didn’t mean anything to me.  Just because I don’t agree with them on who took her from me, doesn’t mean that I am not a victim in this.  She was my granddaughter and my life. The only perfect part of my life to be exact.  No one wants justice for her more than I do.  I will not rest ever until that happens.


…it felt so good to know that at Christmas some little girl (or nine) will have new shoes.  I took nine pair of Cays shoes (size 6-7) with about 50 pair of her socks.  Also gave them 2 new prs of shoes and 20 new prs of socks for older children.

Any news that you need to get that is private will be passed on to Jose.  You are so lucky to have him on your side.  He is dedicated to you and your innocence and I have the utmost respect for him and his humbleness.

You and I have so many wonderful memories of our life before losing Caylee.…we…can rejoice in the precious time that Caylee was with us.  Caylee is now 5 yrs old…


“I love you Casey and because of that love, no matter how rough the days gets for me I find peace in knowing that you are innocent and the sooner you get out the sooner we can get to the truth about Caylee.

So, Cindy is the victim.

Caylee was the only perfect thing in her life.

Cindy donated a gazillion of Caylee’s shoes and socks to orphans.  NOT!

Jose has now been sainted by Cindy and she is in awe of his humbleness!

Caylee is apparently dead, then she isn’t!

OFGS, come on Cindy.  Even you don’t believe your own piffle!


Casey’s Diary

Remember the infamous diary? The one that has an entry by Casey, dated June 21 that reads in part, “I have no regrets, just a bit worried…”?  The one that Baez and Cindy swore was written by Casey in 2003?

Guess what?  That particular diary wasn’t on the market until 2004!

JWG at The Hinky Meter did an excellent article detailing what the FBI found!  Great, must  read!


Laura Buchanan aka Liar, Liar

This stuff is unbelievable to read even though most of us have surmised what was going on all the while.  It is so damning to the defense and begs the question, just how much of this was directed by or supported by the Baez Law firm! I expect none of this will see the light of day during the trial.

But, lets start with Laura inserting herself into the case in mid September 2008 by emailing Mark Nejame while he represented Cindy and George.

NeJame emails 1

She ingratiates herself to NeJame, all the while professing faith in George and Cindy.  She also reports while at Disney, she believes she spotted Caylee!  She also believes that, “Everybody should pitch in money, so that George and Cindy can buy an 8 ft. tall privacy fence around their house.”

NeJame emails 2

She tells NeJame in a September 11, 2008 email, she is a paralegal! “As a paralegal I understand what kind of position their [sic] in.”

Seems Laura was communicating with Jose beginning in September 2008.

She tells Baez, she is CPA and law in 10/9/08 email.

Now, we already know that Ms. Buchanan told Joe Jordan she was KY LE and made him very uncomfortable by trying to get him to swear he searched with her in the area where Caylee’s remains were found.  She did the same thing to another TES searcher, Anne Pham!

From a call between Anne Pham and Buchanan’s attorney, Ray Brown.

Pgs 7&8

RB  Was it your signature?  (TES Search Form)

AP …there’s actually two forms…the second form he showed me was not my signature.

AP …the one I filled out…had my real last name…P-H-A-M.

RB …the one that had Whitley on it was not your signature?

AP Correct.  (Whitley is Pham’s maiden name)

Pgs 10&11

AP …Laura Buchanan kind of um, kind of…She really didn’t ask me to lie.  …But she was kind of like…oh didn’t you search with me, um at Suburban Drive?

…she gave me a leading question.  Like she wanted me to jump in and be like, let me, let me be a part a part of this.

Pg 19

AP So, like if she’s…if she like let’s say she did make this sheet up.  Because honestly that’s not my signature.

RB Hmm

AP And she the only one that would have known my maiden name.

Pg 25

AP Well, I’ll yell you.  I do have a deep feeling I mean, I haven’t confronted Laura about this.  But I have…

RB Uh huh

AP I have a deep feeling that she…Laura made the sheet up.

RB …tell me why you think she did…

AP …I think Laura made it up because she was friends with Cindy and…she was trying to get..closer to Cindy.

RB …what do you think would be the value for Laura being closer to Cindy?

AP  I think she likes the attention.  Like you know here it is a big media case…

Pg 30

AP She told me that she was like with Kentucky law enforcement…

Now we get to the first Buchanan deposition taken by the State:

This is where the whole TES search begins blows up!  Linda Drane Burdick first discovers Ms. Buchanan had in her possession a document nobody else seemed to have.

Part 1

Page 32

Buchanan returned to Florida with her attorney and met with Andrea Lyon and Mort Smith on May 10, 2010 and visited where Buchanan supposedly searched.

Page 38

She admits to emailing Baez and George and Cindy, as well as NeJame in 2008.

Page 40

She admits to a few phone calls with Baez.

Page 41

Buchanan says Baez met with her, Lyon and Smith on May 10, 2010.

Page 56

She admits speaking to Joe Jordan and discussing the sites the searched together, including Suburban Drive.

Part 2

Around Page 55 and on we start to see the confusion regarding the search forms and who authored what.  September 2nd appears to be the day Buchanan searched Blanchard Park.

Page 65&66

Buchanan discuss the search on September 3rd and the field activity report.  Drane Burdick asks for the number at the bottom of the form and Buchanan responds there is none.

Drane Burdick asks how she got that form and Buchanan says from Armando of Larry (from TES).

Drane Burdick asks how she got the form.  Did she call them up for it?  She is trying to figure out how Buchanan has a form with no number on it!

Page 67 on

This supposedly gets into the search of Suburban.

Buchanan says part is in her handwriting and part isn’t.

This is where it all seems to go downhill.  Buchanan says things were disorganized and folks were making their own decisions where to search.  You can also sense Buchanan dumbing-down.  She doesn’t finish sentences or thoughts!

She doesn’t remember signing in and out with TES.

She doesn’t remember who she gave the TES issued metal probe back to.

She had the probe on the 2nd day, but not at Suburban.

So, she doesn’t remember if she remembers?

During her search, she was standing on an alligator’s tail and it hissed at her and went the other way.

She was so busy searching for Caylee that she missed an entire alligator?  What a great searcher!

Page 105

Drane Burdick asks if Buchanan recalls signing a statement on 10/24/2009.  Buchanan answers in the affirmative and acknowledges it was sent to her by Mort Smith.

The depo ends because documents need to be exchanged and the depo will continue at a later date!

Oh, and if you go look at  the 10/27/10 OCSO Property form you will see their investigation classifies type of case as: Tampering


I leave it to you to decide how much influence Smith and/or Baez had on Buchanan!

So according to Laura Buchanan, she has had a busy career life!  In a short span, we found out she was:

– Law Enforcement in Kentucky

– Dept of Fish and Wildlife – Volunteer Animal Rehab

– Paralegal

– CPA & Law

– Stay at home mom

– Graduate of Police and Fire Academy

– Emergency Medical Technician

There is a ton more stuff out there, but I do believe I am bleeding from my eyes and ears at this point!

  1. mistyblu0483@aol.com
    01/29/2011 at 1:43 pm

    Shh=eets can be made easily by copying an pasting, also downloading. I was also told she was with Kentucky LE By Laura herself. People on hte sheet were never on Surbaban Drive with her, therefore, is is a huge liar!

  2. ritanita
    01/29/2011 at 3:57 pm

    Kudos, Donchais, for making some sense of the hot mess that is Laura Buchanan. Now, I HAVE to see her second deposition to find out if she changed her tune (deal maybe?)

  3. katydid
    01/29/2011 at 3:59 pm

    This trial is going to be interesting with all the lying going on. It would be a joke if it wasn’t about a little girl who was murdered.

  4. donchais
    01/29/2011 at 4:13 pm

    Thanks ritanita! I think we are both holding our breath waiting for depo deux – it should be a humdinger when Drane Burdick gets done with her!

  5. donchais
    01/29/2011 at 4:15 pm


    you are so right and none of us should forget that this is more about Caylee than anything else!

  6. Venice
    01/29/2011 at 5:37 pm

    Hello Donchias,

    I just wanted to inform you that michellefrommadison has stolen my identity, and is posting under his name with my face. So, if any derogatory remarks come through tied with my face….I apologize!

  7. Mysty
    01/29/2011 at 6:17 pm

    I’m not a police officer but Impersonating a Law enforcement Officer is a crime. I really believe Laura will be be charged with that in the near future. Then she sould also be charged with obstruction of justice. IMO

  8. Molly
    01/29/2011 at 9:19 pm

    I was ready to scream reading buchanan’s transcripts!!! agh. reminds me of trying to listen to cindy & her running jumble talk. Val at the hinkymeter also has a very entertaining yet long review of this. good for a chuckle!

  9. donchais
    01/30/2011 at 8:11 am

    Venice :

    Hello Donchias,

    I just wanted to inform you that michellefrommadison has stolen my identity, and is posting under his name with my face. So, if any derogatory remarks come through tied with my face….I apologize!

    No need for you to apologize for something the pesky troll did! None of the troll’s comments are allowed through on here!

    BTW, the troll has changed the face yet again!

  10. maxineme
    01/30/2011 at 5:13 pm


    This was released in the document dump , but the media has not posted the link.. It was retrieved by someone at webslueths…

    Its very much a must read,, IT is LE interview with Brad Conway about the untrue motion boaz filed with the court, causing Brad to resign as Anthonys atty.

  11. donchais
    01/30/2011 at 7:42 pm


    Many thanks…I’m floored!

  12. 01/30/2011 at 10:20 pm

    Yo, donchais.

    After ritanita told me I “had to read this stuff” I read your story, Valhall’s story and it felt like I was being twisted into a contortionist’s human puzzle box with swords and everything.

    I commend you for being able to wade through the neck high pile of crap and beyond that documented Buchanan’s “memory” of what she did/say when/to whom….and making some kind of sense of it all. Whatever sense that is….

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