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Casey Anthony – A Look Into A Crystal Ball


There is no way I would even attempt to capture and summarize today, tomorrow and Friday.  I will say this prolonged stretch of hearings is giving us a tiny glimpse or, shall we say preview, of what to expect in May!

Casey is dressed by…oh, I don’t know…Cindy? George?  Jose?

We just broke for lunch, I’m tired from all the anticipation and build-up and am somewhat surprised and not so surprised!

I will begin by saying what I have witnessed of Judge Perry ruling on objections is concise, swift and cuts through the crap!  Brava, Judge Perry!

Cindy, George are present and I have to say I’m surprised Dorothy Clay Sims is there…I thought she fled to the hills long ago!

First order of business was Motion to Quash Subpoenas and/or Motions for Protective Order.

Tamara Gappen informed the court of the Correction Departments objection to the defense consistently mixing criminal issues with the issues involving Corrections.   Pretty much she says the defense has screwed around with issues for over two years and calling all these Corrections employees in with no specified time and day…IE, to hang around in a court hallway for two full days…is burdensome the Corrections system as well as taxpayers!

With the exception of 3 employees, all are released from subpoenas and the 3 will remain on call for 2 hours notice if…I repeat IF…they are needed!

Next, Baez wants his, being a bad boy…gee Beaver, Mom and Dad are really gonna be pissed…can’t file anything on time, show cause motion heard.   Nah, Perry says ain’t gonna happen, he’s going by the list filed and Ashton says…oh, that was last on the list to be heard so I didn’t bring my file, but if the court really wants it heard now, I can surely address it now.  Judge Perry says, well I’m going by the list that was filed…whoever filed it…I wasn’t here yesterday!

Isn’t this fun?!?

Next, is Mark Lipman, Cindy and George latest legal dupe!  He claims that George and Cindy, as grandparents, shouldn’t be sequestered during the hearings as they are the closest living relatives to the victim.  He claims to have filed with the court yesterday and Judge Perry says he never got anything, checked the computer, nothing has been scanned in.  Hmmm, did Lipman go to the Baez school of filing motions? Lipman also wants whatever the Judge rules to carry over for the trial as well so they don’t have to address this again.

Judge Perry indicates he is aware that Georgie’s and Cindy’s testimony has changed over time and doesn’t want them together at this hearing!  A major DENIED!

Cindy called to the stand.  Early, she gets a bit testy…shades of the Morgan depo…but, settles down and did fairly well, once Perry herded all parties to the OK corral!  Strangely enough, Casey actually sheds a few tears and Cindy looks as if she had been crying earlier.

BTW, at some point, Baez jumps up and says he has a recording involving this testimony and Burdick say she hasn’t received it.  The good Judge says to hold on, we are going by the list!

Cindy goes into detail of seeing LE handcuff Casey the night of the 15th…testimony, I swear to God, I have never heard before!

Remember Cindy’s 911 call where she wanted someone at her house arrested for theft…money and the car.  As far as I can discern, this is why Casey MAY have been cuffed.

Under direct by Mason, we realize that Cindy told Mason the John Allen said he needed to pick Casey up for further questioning and, “she may not be coming back.”  Nobody else seems to have this testimony.

George is called next and he has no recollection of theft of money or the car being brought up.  I have to say, Georgie is every bit as arrogant and snarky as he was during the Morgan depo.  Cindy is obviously trainable; George, not so much!  Also, no emotion from Casey with George on stand and, holy cow, she is forcefully shaking her head NO to a bunch of testiphony!  Hmmm, not towing the family line, Georgie?

George testifies Casey was hand cuffed for at least 30 minutes to and hour. (Ummmmm, Casey told Baez…10 minutes).

He also, in contradiction to Cindy say Casey was with Melich in wrong bedroom and the door was closed.  Later that becomes the door may have been partly opened!

George says the ‘black sargent’ cuffed Casey and when Burdick asked if he testified to the State during his deposition that Casey was cuffed, he replied, “No, nobody (Ashton) didn’t ask me!”

Deputy Ryan Eberlin testifies he cuffed Casey…oh yeah, he’s a hefty WHITE boy!..because Cindy was afraid Casey would leave before the learned anything about Caylee’s whereabouts.  He testifies she was cuffed maybe 3-4 minute before he was instructed by his supervisor to uncuff her because of possible child abuse/neglect charges they may pursue.

Adriana Acevedo up.  She transported Casey to the Sawgrass Apartment.  Mason indicates Casey was ‘CAGED‘ in the back of the vehicle.  Acevedo says Casey was in the back of the police vehicle, BUT she was not cuffed!

Yuri Melich is called.  He agrees with Baez he didn’t know she was arrested or cuffed before arriving on scene.  Baez is making a big mistake trying to trip-up Melich!

Baez tries to get Melich to say everything about Casey was suspicious.  Melich says no, it was interesting because he had yet to talk with her directly.  Ultimately, remember that we have Casey’s statement, hand-written by her that night!

Oh, the pig Baez asks Melich if he interviewed her in a bedroom…alone with her!

Melich is a consummate officer and Baez just made a complete fool of himself.  He wants Melich to explain why he never mirandized Casey.  Geez, even I get it Casey wasn’t under arrest! Good God, Baez is a total moron tool!  Ya know what?  I’m going back to Baez really believes, ‘if he says it repeatedly, it must make it true!’  Baez is so outclassed by Melich!

Baez’s line of questioning is so out of line.  He literally says to Yuri, “so you forced her to lie?”  “So, you let her keep going, keep lying?”  Melich says, “no, I couldn’t imagine she was going through this much effort to lie about her missing daughter.”

Oh, ok, I finally get it…the light bulb just went on…Caylee’s murder is the fault of Yuri Melich and John Allen and Appy Wells…it was all a freakin trick by LE! So, 600 pounds of LE beefcake means there is no way Casey could have run!

Baez goes on and on about the cops playing good cop, bad cop.  Water boarding?

Holy freakin crap!  Baez says water boarding…Melich says, “no, we don’t waterboard!’ This is a total disgrace…LE was doing nothing but looking for a young baby!  Yuri goes on to say how at this point of running around town and Universal, Casey was laughing and joking…he was totally baffled because this was not the picture of a concerned mom of a missing child!

Burdick is questioning Melich and hopefully she won’t drag it out because this has become painful!  Remember, at that time Melich was an officer with missing child and child abuse division.

Melich says when questioning Casey at her home, her folks and a bunch of officers were present and Casey never said I don’t want to talk to you!  Get out of my house!

Casey asked you to help her find her child?  Yes!

This first day of hearings is running far longer than any of us anticipated! Although, have to say this is the most engaged I have ever seen Casey!

Burdick is totally trashing Baez’s direct of Melich!  Casey agreed to all of the things LE discussed and requested of her.  Casey was more than happy to comply as the “star” in this psycho drama!

I admit, I started doping off!

Baez is now claiming that Casey was issued a visitor badge at the jail that led her to believe she was not suspect in her daughter’s disappearance.

Baez now gets into George said there was a death odor in the car and Yuri didn’t connect it to Caylee.  So why didn’t you check that before you talked to Casey?

OMG!  The feed got lost!  I’m so tired, hungry and pissed that I’ll sign off for now.  Hope this helps those who didn’t have access or ability to watch!

Let us not forget the precious little baby who got lost in all this!

  1. kas
    03/02/2011 at 5:44 pm

    Oh man, after the extent they went to to make it seem like just short of Police brutality that Casey was cuffed, it turns out it’s cause Cindy was afraid she’d bolt and told the Cops as much. That’s awesome.

    “….if he interviewed her in a bedroom…..alone with her.”— Baez is really gonna have to stop that crap before he gets in front of a Jury. He’s not nearly as clever as he finds himself. The Jury not hating HIM too would be a plus.

  2. donchais
    03/02/2011 at 5:50 pm

    Yeah, the defense was just pitiful today! Ya just have to be askeered of all those storm troopers running around the house!

    As much as it gave me a headache, it does help pare down a bunch of stuff the real jury won’t have to put up with!

  3. Swift Justice
    03/02/2011 at 10:44 pm

    And to think……we get to do this again tomorrow.

    Wonderin if Masonjar is having the fun he wanted.

    Anyone notice Cindy is now CHUNKY CINDY?


  4. ritanita
    03/03/2011 at 7:55 am

    Yawn! I’ve got to learn to summarize as well as you do! The testimony yesterday showed a number of “differences” of opinions concerning the nature of the audio tapes. I imagine the judge will have to listen to decide if the police trio at Universal were “storm troopers” or just detectives questioning Casey.

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