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Casey Anthony – The Dance Continues


Yesterday was long and not a whole heck of a lot got accomplished.  Hopefully we will see a quicker pace today.  I do wonder how disgusting Baez will be today with his innuendo when John Allen is on the stand.

I get the feeling that we may still be addressing several of these issues on Friday possibly or Judge Perry may have to schedule something for next week.

For some reason the hearing starts 15 minutes late.  It begins with the Judge admonishing the audience about commenting, making facial expressions or gesturing.

Casey is wearing the same red sweater from yesterday, but with a grey jacket over it.

Next, Baez claims he has confidential information to share with the Judge so a side bar is called.

Sgt. Reginald Hosey is called.  He supervised the officers who showed up at the Anthony home on July 15th .  He said he didn’t remember Casey being handcuffed.  He also didn’t remember ordering Casey to be uncuffed, but heard that information over time.

Baez gets snotty and basically accuses Hosey of altering he deposition testimony and questioning his memory!  Remember, as supervisor, Hosey was responsible for several scenes at the time and there is no way he would remember every single thing from that night!

Linda Drane Burdick cross examines and Hosey goes on to say that during the time he was at the home Casey was agreeable and cooperating with LE.  He also said that Casey told him there was no problem with Caylee and her parents were trying to take custody of Caylee.  Bottom line, Hosey pretty much thought this was more a domestic disturbance.

John Allen is called and Baez asked if he ever told the Anthony’s Casey may not come home after he picked her up!

Well  yesterday, Cindy claimed he did and George claimed Melich to him that on the phone!  So, one, possibly two people lied yesterday!

I’m guessing Casey was handcuffed, but was never actually under arrest!

Now we move on to suppressing  statements or these folks were agents of the State!

George is on the stand and I’m bored to tears because Baez is having him read passages from his police statement and his statement to FBI Agent Bolin.

Most of this is drivel and Baez is trying his damnedest to get George to admit the cops and FBI wanted him to get info from Casey for them and to also spy on Baez.

I can say truthfully that Baez is incompetent in this examination of George and Linda Drane Burdick is going to make mincemeat out of him on cross!

Baez plays the tape made when George was in the car with Melich and Allen on his way to see Casey at the jail.  In it they are heard to tell George that Casey was in charge and if she wanted to see her father without Baez being present, that was her call.

I honestly don’t think Baez is going to win this one!

Linda Drane Burdick takes George through the July 16th through August 22nd time frame of the motion.  She goes into the Anthony’s setting up a command post and tip line, working with Kid Finders and other organizations without the help of LE.

She gets into them meeting Dom Casey who was employed by Baez at the time.

What Linda is going for is the Anthony’s were doing their own thing and not being pressured by LE.

She goes into the jail visits and the fact that Baez filed a motion with Judge Strickland asking for private visits with Casey and he attend and testified at that hearing.

She gets George to admit that without LE, he would do anything to find Caylee.

George cannot contain his anger and gets snippy with Linda to the point the Judge has to caution him.  His snippy responses are such that to me, he just blew Baez’s motion!

Baez asks a few questions and George cries on the stand!

Gabriel Adam is called.  He was a lawyer who used to work for Baez.  He was at the jail the night George tried to see Casey.  He said he felt jail staff was looking funny at him and postponing his seeing Casey.  Eventually John Allen told him Casey wanted to see her father.  Adam went in to talk to her and came back to tell Adam that the meeting would not happen.  He said he felt set up.

Judge Perry gets him to admit he never saw George or Melich, only Allen!

Lee Anthony is called.  He is dressed fairly sloppy and unshaven.  Casey starts to cry.

Lee says he spoke with LE daily – there were family meetings, phone calls and emails, but there was only one recorded interview with Lee.  Lee says LE informed him that Baez was not returning their phone calls and because Casey had a lawyer, they couldn’t talk with her, but he could.

Lee says LE encouraged him to question Casey about Caylee and share her answers with them.

Baez plays the jail visit with Lee.  Lee tells Casey that if she sends mail through the court, it wouldn’t be monitored.  So, if she had something she needed to tell the family something she should do that.  Lee tells Baez LE told him about the mail system.

In the video Lee is reading from notes.  Baez asks if those ideas were given to him by LE.  Lee says some were.

What this all boils down to is this was when Lee was in his “Columbo” mode.  His working with LE to assist in finding Caylee does not a State Agent make!

Linda makes short work of getting Lee to admit once Casey told him Caylee was missing he knew this was a problem and he decided he would do what he could to locate Caylee.  This was being done without the involvement of LE.  He was doing all this on his own!

Linda says ‘your goal coincided with LE and Casey’s goal in finding Caylee?’  Less says correct.

I must admit Lee is not as goofy as usual.  He seems like he matured a bit in the past year!

Linda then takes Lee through that he got annoyed with LE after a few weeks and felt they weren’t doing all they could so he went and did he own investigation.

Lee says he wasn’t on any side, this was all about Caylee!

Lee whispers I love you to Casey as he comes off the stand!

Sgt. Moonsammy from Orange County corrections.  He picked up a letter that Casey wroteit was the letter to she wrote to the Sheriff. He was instructed by Maj. Johnson to get the letter.

Marlene Baker called.  She also works for Orange County corrections.  Moonsammy told her she was going to be given a letter from Casey.  She got the letter and Moonsammy came back and picked up the letter.

State has no question for either.

John Allen called back.  Baez asks if he attended a meeting in his office that Linda Drane Burdick attended.  The meeting was arranging for Casey to see her father.

Allen says he told George, Lee and Cindy that because Casey had a lawyer he couldn’t talk to her.

Baez asks if Allen told George to tell Casey to write the letter to the Sheriff.  Allen says no.

Baez want to know if he asked George how did Casey hire Baez.  Allen confirms.

Did you discuss Mr. Kelly as George’s lawyer intervening?


Baez says LE dissed him to Casey’s parents which made them turn agents for the State.

Allen says to the contrary, they complained to LE about Baez.

Baez says they will continue tomorrow.  Judge asks how long tomorrow?  Baez confers with Mason and comes up with 2 hours.  I don’t know if that is for everything or just to continue with Allen!

There is a bench conference to set the schedule for tomorrow.  The strike Kathi Belich motion will be heard at 8:45 am!

Tomorrow will be a very long day again and don’t be surprised if we go into next week at this rate!

See ya tomorrow!

  1. ritanita
    03/03/2011 at 7:54 pm

    And let’s not forget that Baez actually tried to make Gabriel Adam violate attorney-client privilege! That one didn’t even need an objection from the State! The Judge put a halt to that and attempted to teach Baez another lesson.

  2. donchais
    03/04/2011 at 6:10 am

    And that’s what happens when you go to the door to sign for a FedEx package!


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