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Casey Anthony – So Much To Do


For those of you following these motions hearings, I’m sure you will agree it’s been a long few days and it feels we haven’t made a whole lot of progress.  That said, these are critical motions and will shape the course of the upcoming trial.

What I find intriguing is the fact Mr. Baez indicates so many were agents of the state!  Throughout the testimony yesterday, I was struck, time-and-time again, with the family’s desperation and their attempts to doing anything to find Caylee – they were dealing with what they thought was a missing child!  Remember this was in the early days, long before the family switched gears and tried to circle the wagons around to protect Casey.

What also stuck out was Baez’s questioning.  He repeatedly asked if LE had been bad mouthing him and the job he was doing representing Casey.  This, to me seemed not to have much to do with being agents of the state, but more with Baez being overly concerned with public perception about him and his trying to identify anyone who may have dissed him!

WFTV will be in court bright and early to argue against Baez claiming Kathi Belich as a witness in this case.  Read the motion here.

The extreme anxiety the hard-hitting Belich causes both Baez and Mason is well documented in print and on video.  Most agree this is a frivolous and childish attempt to punish Belich and WFTV by using sequestration of witnesses to exclude Belich from the courtroom during trial!

Hair pulled up in a bun, Casey sports a green blouse under the grey blazer.

Gregg Thomas in court for WFTV and argues that attorneys must provide reasonable information that proves the reporter has critical information regarding the case that cannot be gained any other way.

Thomas says he has asked Baez for information about the reason for the motion but Baez has not replied!  Thomas indicates Kathi has never spoken to Laura Buchanan and Maya Derkovich was interviewed and that interview tape is widely available.

Cheney Mason claims that Belich did not report, but rather she inserted herself in the case by talking with Maya and spoon fed Maya Derkovich information for her interview.

Mason says that a remedy could be to subpoena Belich for deposition.  Mason claims that Belich intimidated Laura Buchanan to disrupt her continuing her deposition.

Mason claims Robyn Adams and Maya were in a conspiracy and Belich is critical to that.  Mason admits that Adams was only deposed last week by Baez and Derkovich has never been deposed by the defense!

Baez jumps up to the podium now because Mason doesn’t know the particulars!

BTW, we haven’t heard much from Mason as he is suffering from a slight case of laryngitis.

Perry asks what Adams would testify to.  Baez says conversations and letters between her and Casey.

Perry asked if they asked Adams about Kathi Belich.  Baez says no.  Perry wants to know how there was a conspiracy because it takes two for a conspiracy.

We already know the State isn’t using Maya.

Perry wants to know what they would call Belich for.  Baez says in case they call Derkovich.  Perry wants to know, not if they call Derkovich, but are they calling her.  Baez says we might!

Perry doesn’t seem to be going for this at all and he denies the motion on first amendment right from the bench!  He says the defense failed in carrying its burden.  The subpoena is quashed and Belich is free!

Back to the agents of the state issue – Det. Melich is called to accommodate his schedule.

Baez pretty much covers the same territory he covered with George.  He intimates that Melich tried to use scare tactics on George to get him to get information from Casey.  Baez asks Melich if he spoke to George about the Duckett case – missing child and the young mother committed suicide and the possibility that Casey may kill herself.  You also told him about the hierarchy in the jail so he would know Casey might be hurt in jail.  You also brought him in to hear the 911 tapes and to let him know the pictures were going to be released.

Melich says yes, it was a courtesy and it was George who called and asked to see LE away from Cindy!

In fact Detective, George got sick during that meeting and threw up in the bathroom.  Melich says he wasn’t in the bathroom, but he understood that.

Linda Drane Burdick asked how much contact Melich had with the Anthony’s during the July/August timeframe.  Melich said numerous times.

Did the Anthony’s express frustration with not speaking with Casey?  Yes.  And the Anthony’s want anybody who can talk to Casey to get answers from her?  Yes.

Linda asks if the family complained to him about the lawyer Casey had hired and that he was the one blocking their access to Casey.  Melich says yes!

The family repeatedly asked for someone to go talk to her?  Yes!

And you repeatedly had to tell them that with Casey in custody and the fact she had a lawyer, she had certain rights and you could not solicit information from her?  Yes!

Eventually, you began to butt heads with Cindy?  Yes, she felt we weren’t doing all we could.  The same is true for George and Lee?  Yes.

George had better watch himself…shaking his head ‘no’ to Melich’s testimony, making faces…just what the Judge admonished about yesterday!

Baez tries to get into areas outside the scope of the motion and Burdick objects to.  A sidebar is called.

Baez says Melich and LE didn’t give any information to the media til after Casey was under arrest.  Melich say correct.

Burdick asks that be stricken from the record as outside of the scope.

Melich is released.

Next, John Allen is recalled because Linda Drane Burdick never got the opportunity to cross yesterday.

Did you tell George, Cindy or Lee to go to the jail to gather information from Casey and relay it back to you?  No.

You constantly encouraged George to get Casey to speak to law enforcement without Mr. Baez present?  No ma’am.

Did you encourage Cindy or Lee to get information from Casey without Mr. Baez being present?  No ma’am.

Perry admonishes both sides about editorial comments and remarks – Perry’s patience is wearing thin with the animosity between the defense and prosecution.

Perry has an obligation to take care of so court is recessed for about 45 minutes.

Court resumes at 10:55 a.m. and Cindy Anthony is called by the defense.

Mason wants to know if Casey’s cell phone…sidebar called

What did Det. Melich say to you about Casey’s telephone?

He gave the phone to my husband and I asked him if Casey could use the phone and Melich said yes.

Cindy says she spoke with LE numerous times every day.

You wanted to see your daughter after Casey was arrested?  Yes.

You have conversations with LE trying to arrange a meeting?  Yes.

Did they say they couldn’t talk with her because she had a lawyer, but you could?  Yes.

Did LE talk about Mr. Baez?  Yes, Sgt. Allen didn’t like or trust Mr. Baez.

Linda objects and Judge sustained.

Did Mr. Melich or Allen say why they didn’t like Mr. Baez?  Yes, because they said Mr. Baez wasn’t interested in finding Caylee and I should not trust him.

Cindy says LE helped set up a meeting with Casey on the 24th.  She said Melich told her the time and place for the meeting.

Did you have messages from Melich or Allen?  Did any of the voice mails indicate that Mr. Baez was not to be trusted?  Yes.  I had received several anonymous calls regarding Caylee which I gave to LE.  Sgt Allen told me he thought the calls were set up by Mr. Baez.

Feed dropped…Linda Drane Burdick on cross.

On July 25th the media followed you to the first visitation with Case.  There are signs at the center that say the visit may be video taped?  Yes.

Once the tapes were released to the public you asked Mr. Baez to block the release of the tapes so you could speak to Casey alone?  Yes.

And you did that so you could get information from Casey?  That wasn’t the only reason.

But it was a reason?  Yes, one of them.

Regardless of the tapes, you returned to the jail to visit Casey because your motivation was to find Caylee not concern about privacy?  Correct.

Eventually you were unhappy with the police and how the stopped responding or communicating with you.?  Yes.

Regardless of the police, you still had your tip line, and used the media to help find Caylee?  Correct.

Did you yourself assist police in building a case against Casey?  Not knowingly or willingly.

Cindy steps down.

Casey pretty much ignored her mother today.

Defense has no more witnesses.  State has no witnesses.

Mason calls for a sidebar…

Next motion will be Unreliable Evidence – root growth and chloroform.

Ashton argues defense must cite why chloroform should be excluded.  There is no citation to authority that Oak Ridge science is novel.

Root growth by Dr. Hall is done by 50 years experience in botany and it is clearly noted as opinion.

It should not be the State’s burden, the defense must show why these items should be excluded.

Dorothy Sims claims the defense against chloroform is that trace chloroform cannot be used and is not supported.

Botany – defense does not agree that Dr. Hall is giving opinion.  No scientific study that supports Dr. Hall’s experiment.

Of course Sims claims the State has the burden to prove these techniques are acceptable.  There is no science to support this.

Ashton says Sims used the word ‘experiment’ several time and nowhere in the depo does it refer to ‘experiment’.

Sims talks a mile a minute without taking a breath!  She also argues medical decisions not scientific.

Perry reserves decision until he reviews all the depositions.  Ashton says he won’t find several depositions because the defense hasn’t filed them yet.  Baez says he can file.  We should have a ruling next week.

Next motion, Burdick prefaces her case by saying most of the items are addressed by court decorum.  She addresses testimony or opinion of council as to the guilt or no guilt…Mason jumps up and says defense agrees.


Next character references by witnesses regarding guilt…Mason agrees that is irrelevant.


With no evidentiary information, the term liar cannot be given as a personal opinion.


As to the leaks or improper acts by the SAO or LE cannot be brought up in opening statements because the defense cannot identify a single individual caused any of these issue

Mason says this is too broad.

Perry asks whats the relevancy on either side that someone may have leaked something to the media?

Perry grants the motion saying at trial it can be brought up at sidebar.

Next State motion to Strike Supplemental Witness List.

Linda say Baez filed a response.  A former boyfriend would be brought in regarding the diary and when it was written.  The State won’t try to block him as a witness because they understand why he was added so late.

Marvin Schecter, attorney from NY has now been removed from the list.

Kathi Belich is already off!

That’s all done.

Perry calls a sidebar…

Next motion Show cause – Ashton and the defense have been working behind the scenes to resolve the issue of the reports being late – Sims hand wrote an agreement which is entered into record.

Next Baez addresses the court

He said he would never disregard an order issued by the court.  Baez calls himself and advocate, a defense attorney, and a court officer.

He claims his advocacy sometimes gets the better of him.

He apologizes to Mr. Ashton for any attacks publically and privately he made.  Baez claims to have great respect for the defense attorneys and their passion.

Ashton accepts the apology and the Motion is ended.

Perry address both side and says it is his job to settle them down when emotions get the best of them.  He also says he knows their motivations are pure.  The system doesn to work unless both sides do their duty.  Perry thanks them for doing what he asked them to do, they did it with decency.

Court in recess.

It appears the status hearing will happen at 1:30 or not, I’m confused, lol!

  1. ritanita
    03/04/2011 at 1:46 pm

    Thanks for the summary! I have to admit that I can’t wait to see what the agreement Dorothy Clay Sims wrote out. It was submitted in open court! Although I don’t believe for a moment that Baez was totally sincere, I do think he’s realized he’s pushed the limits for the last time. He’d better play nicely with others.

  2. Barb2
    03/04/2011 at 3:09 pm

    I can’t help but wonder, will Baez’s apology to the court put an end to his stall and delay tactics? I can’t help but wonder what direction the DT will be going in next.

  3. scream
    03/04/2011 at 6:17 pm

    Motion to surpress Biaz talking about nothing all day.

  4. offthecuff
    03/04/2011 at 7:12 pm

    After these hearings, does anyone think the Anthonys knew Caylee was gone that 911 night, and they played denial and a (live)search for bluff?

  5. Lindy
    03/04/2011 at 8:38 pm

    What happened with Robyn Adams? She was brought to the jail on Monday. Was this settled behind closed doors?

  6. FRG
    03/04/2011 at 9:18 pm


    Thank you so much for the report! No jokes today? *wink wink*

    I am still in state of shock! JB’s apology was the worst apology I ever heard in my life! I wanted to barf after that, sorry! Can you define narcissism to me? I do… “JB” and “KC”! LOL

    So, JB is making this case about who? The one he loves the most “himself”! I am appalled! Well, let’s change the subject.

    By now you may know that there is a hearing scheduled to Monday at 2 PM.

    I have such a headache from all the Anthony’s and JB’s spin on things, it isn’t pretty! I am not sure how I am going to go through 2 months of trial… Well, with JB’s pace it will take 2 months just for his questioning! LOL

    As we see KC can’t be coached to look more human and shed two or three tears for her family and maybe try not to be so flirty when there is man around her! Do you think KC has soul? Maybe she is a clone or a “V”? Geesh!
    I need a drink after 3 days of JB! It’s too much to take! Insert rolling eyes here.

  7. 03/04/2011 at 11:11 pm

    yes hello to all bozo marie was not honest when he apoligized to the state.he is kidding me right?he will do it again go behind the state back and throw them under the bus in no time.bozo only looks over himself and noone else.casey found her match.look what they are doing now blaming le.its strange how the anthony family dont remember things when it comes to this child and where she went but they do remember when they are out to hurt others such as le.now they are saying that casey was cuffed and not read her rights.how is it that they know they did not forget that and now all of a sudden remember others mistake.the dumb team dont have a defense and laywers make money on mistakes that others do such as the state and le and the jail.so they are picking on that to see what sticks so they can have things thrown out how sad for caylee cant believe this screwed up family.dont feel sorry for none of them.

  8. donchais
    03/04/2011 at 11:17 pm

    Thanks for stopping by everyone, its been a long week!

    As for Baez’s apology…I think it was as sincere as Casey’s apology in court over the check fraud case! Nah, his bad behavior will leak out again! I do believe Jeff Ashton’s acceptance of the apology was the correct and gentlemanly thing to do.

    offthecuff, I do believe in the very early days, the Anthonys’ truly did think Caylee was alive, but it wasn’t all that long before the game began!

    Lindy, not sure about Robyn Adams…the hearings began on Wednesday! I can’t say she was brought in just for the hearing.

    FRG lol! Yep, I’m usually pretty irreverent about most things Baez and Mason. While these hearings were critical to how this trial will play out, I was appalled as to how much time and money the defense wasted over the past few days. To me, it was more an issue of ego rather than defense!

    annie, you’re correct…this is about Caylee!

  9. ritanita
    03/05/2011 at 12:44 am

    If you want to know Jeff Ashton’s feelings about Baez’ apology, check out this picture of their handshake here: http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/entertainment_tv_tvblog/2011/03/casey-anthony-an-apology-from-and-a-pat-for-jose-baez.html

  10. Mike
    03/05/2011 at 1:30 am

    I give Baez till Monday AM to screw up again.

  11. Barb2
    03/05/2011 at 1:33 pm

    Mike – are you sure it will take that long?

  12. donchais
    03/05/2011 at 3:48 pm

    Barb2 :

    Mike – are you sure it will take that long?


  13. cecelia
    03/06/2011 at 3:25 pm

    Jose Baez is burning so many bridges in this case. it seems he does not mind that this is the legal community which he presents himself and will be working amongst for years to come. IMO he wasn’t thinking past the big bucks he’s made and intends to make after a guilty verdict, if the creditors aren’t hot on his heels bwahahaha.

    Only 44 working (open courthouse) days til jury selection…

  14. donchais
    03/06/2011 at 7:09 pm

    After this trial, not so sure Baez has a legal career!

  15. Barb2
    03/07/2011 at 9:55 am

    Does anyone know if the Judge will rule on any motions today? And, while I am here, I was not impressed with Baez”s “apology”; I don’t expect to see any big changes on his part.

  16. donchais
    03/07/2011 at 10:08 am

    I expect some rulings this week, but with the hearing this afternoon at 2pm and all the reports, tapes and transcripts the Judge needed to review, I kind of doubt he will rule today. That’s just my opinion.

    I don’t think Baez’s mockpology was anything more than him covering his butt and his wallet!

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