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Casey Anthony – You Want Fryes With That?


Casey is decked out in low-cut pink blouse.  She has her serious face on today.  Ann Finnell is in court as is Yuri Melich.

We begin with the post-mortem hair banding.

Sims says the response by Ashton isn’t complete and they don’t have the full transcripts from the NY case that Petraco testified at and wants to wait till they have them.  Remember, Petraco worked for the defense, but is not on the witness list.  He pretty much agreed with the FBI finding and declined to testify!

Right off the bat, its apparent that Sims isn’t fully prepared!

Karen Lowe is testifying via video conference from Quantico.  She goes into numerous studies and cases regarding hair banding.  She says all the studies and cases were peer-reviewed and in the Journal of Forensic Science.

Sims jumps in right away claiming there are two studies the FBI is conducting and they don’t have those studies.  Lowe indicates one study is in review and the second isn’t completed yet, hence no copies are available.

Sims wants to delay this whole issue!

Perry asks how long they should have to wait for those studies as well as any other study being done by other groups!

Sims is all over the place with her cross and keeps trying to go into areas that have nothing to do with Frye.  Judge Perry has to keep reining her back in by telling her she is drifting far from Frye issues.  She is almost attempting to do a deposition here!

Jeff Ashton keeps objecting as to relevance to Frye!

Sims is so far out of her league and doesn’t seem to get the difference of root darkening vs root banding!  She also keeps referring to hair comparison…we aren’t here to discuss hair comparison!

This is so bad, Judge Perry has to halt the hearing and read to Ms. Sims the definition of Frye!

Poor Judge Perry is losing his patience way early today.

Sims keeps going over the same stuff, time and time again and I’m losing my patience also!  I stopped taking notes a while ago!

My opinion is Dorothy Sims is relatively clueless as to what is and isn’t Frye!

This is a pitiful display by the defense ‘science guru’!  She keeps returning to darkened root material rather than banding.

Lowe has repeated a dozen times that banding only occurs in the dead and Sims just doesn’t get it.  Decomposed hair from a living person is totally different.

Mercifully, Sims is done.

Jeff Ashton comes in to do clean-up and handily refutes Sims’ line of questioning.

Judge Perry does a quick 2 minute hearing on the JAC funding for additional investigative hours. The defense wants 300 more hours and Perry grants it!

Next up, Canine Alerts – this is not a Frye issue!

Yuri Melich is called.

Deputy Jason Forgey was called by Melich to examine the car.  Melich asked Foregy if his dog could tell the difference between human and non-human remains and Forgey said he could.

The car was moved out of the garage to the parking lot.

Baez has Melich draw the garage and parking area.

Baez wants to know if Foregy opened the passenger door or the driver door.  Melich doesn’t recall.

Now Baez asks if Foregy conducted search on any other cars there.

The dog alerted by the trunk which Foregy confirmed.

The dog was also used to check Anthony Lazzaro’s car, but didn’t alert.

The dog was also deployed to the Anthony house.

No questions from the State and Melich stands down.

Geraldo Bloise is called.  He was there when Foregy inspected the car.

Now he has Bloise draw the garage and parking lot.

Baez is trying to go for differences between Bloise and Melich’s stories.

Bloise went to the Anthony home.  Forgey examined the backyard, but Bloise was not outside with him and doesn’t know if the dog alerted.

A second dog was brought in and nobody was in the backyard with Deputy Brewer during the search.

Bloise was later told the dogs showed interest in s few areas in the play area.  The ground was examined bu the CSI group the next day.  The area was secured overnight.

No questions from the State.

CSI Supervisor Michael Vincent is called.

He was at the garage when Casey’s car was examined.  Baez now has Vincent draw a picture of the garage and parking lot.

So far Baez hasn’t uncovered any discrepancies!

Vincent confirms both Foregy and Brewer said their dogs alerted to areas in the backyard

No questions from the State.

Baez has made a big point to ask each witness if the dogs were leashed – each testified no.  Not sure what the heck this has to do with whether or not the dogs are accurate on alerts!

The next witness is late and court recesses for 25 minutes.

Scott Fairgrieve is appearing via Skype.

Fairgrieve asserts he has experience with cadaver dogs.  He’s done testing of some cadaver dogs at his university.

He explains the dog and the handler must work together, one not more important than the other.

He says cadaver dogs are used to find human remains, doh!

He claims dogs can react to decomposition that may not come from a dead human body.

A cadaver dog could alert to a dirty diaper in a trunk if not proofed for that item.  Skin cells, teeth, finger nail clippings could trigger alerts.

He asked about residual scent and Linda Burdick objects because during deposition, Fairgrieve said he wasn’t qualified to address that!

Fairgrieve says a proper vehicle search requires a ‘lineup’ of several vehicles being examined.

He also claims that search should be videotaped as to the search and the alert.

He also says handlers can intentionally or accidentally signal a dog to alert.

Baez asks if there have been cases of handlers doing poor jobs – ‘handler bias”…

Linda Burdick objects saying this again is off what was testified to in the deposition.

Baez says he can’t control what she asks at deposition and if she had done her homework….

Linda shoots back, with arms folded across her chest, “Mr. Baez can insult me all he wants.”

Judge immediately calls them to the bench!

Fairgrieve says the dog, Gerus’s, logs were detailed as to training, but talked mostly about basics.  He reviewed logs from 2003 to 2008.  The dog was trained on bone, decomp, teeth, blood on a shirt, decomp on rags, adipocere…..

Linda Burdick is getting ready to tear it up!  She gets him to admit he is primarily an anthropologist and cadaver dogs are not totally he field.  He’s done some anthropologist digs in the past.

She gets him to admit he has never trained a cadaver dog, but says he’s observed training.

You never trained a dog?  No.

You’re not a handler?  No.

Wowzer, he observed more than 10 but less than 20 searches!  This is a cadaver dog expert?????

He said blood on a cloth can be detected in a few minutes but, he doesn’t know how long before a scent can be detected, lol.

Linda is masterful and going for impeachment of the witness!

Linda gets him to admit most of his expertise comes from reading articles, lol!

Baez has jumped up with numerous objections and has been overruled each time!

He admits that both dogs were trained well.

Baez is now back trying to rehabilitate the witness!

Fairgrieve says when a dog alerts, you have no idea what you will find – the dogs don’t tell you what exactly they found.

I’m not sure what Baez is doing because the dogs haven’t been discredited at all!

I actually felt kinda sorry for Dr. Fairgreive!

Sargent Brewer is called.  She handled ‘Bones’ the dog at the Anthony home.

She was told to examine the backyard, but wasn’t told anything more than another dog had been there.

Bones gave a weak alert.  They returned the next day and Bones did not alert.

Was your dog off leash?  Yes.

She also conducted a search on a blue truck at the garage parking lot.

Bones was originally partially trained by Dep. Foregy and then turned over to Brewer for further training.  She and the dog both trained at several schools for cadaver identification.

The dog had pretty extensive training, so again I don’t get how this helps the defense!

There is a huge file of training logs that Ms. Burdick wants entered and Baez objects because it’s heresay?????

The Judge went through the file and there are some news articles included.  Perry agrees those articles must come out as to being admitted for the record.

Brewer goes through the items Bones has been trained on…blood, bones, cadaver fluid…

Burdick asks if Bones will alert to none-human decomp and Brewer says no, he has been proofed from that.

Ms. Burdick brings out the second day Brewer went to the Anthony backyard, the ground had dug up and moved.  That would release scents and is most likely the reason Bones didn’t alert on the second search!

Well, we’re done for today and in my opinion, the defense scored zip!

Vass will be up tomorrow.

OMG, Baez gave a disk to Jeff Ashton after 4pm on Monday that contained over 5000 pages on Dr. Vass!  OMG, it’s background information on Vass.  What a BS move by Baez!

Judge Perry is not a happy camper and spanks Baez for the late submission.. “I listed certain rules trying to take out the element of surprise!”

My final comment on the hearing…YIKES!

  1. 03/23/2011 at 6:30 pm

    Great summary Donchais! I missed the morning session but did dvr it. After reading this I don’t think I’ll hurry to watch what I missed. Thanks! BTW, when I first tuned in someone in the gallery spoke out and was kicked out of the courtroom by the judge….not to return. Did you catch any of that? Just curious.

  2. donchais
    03/23/2011 at 6:38 pm

    Hi ya katfish! It was a long painful day. lol

    Here’s the outburst from court http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/os-man-removed-casey-anthony-20110324,0,2946932.story


  3. 03/23/2011 at 6:58 pm

    Ha! Thanks for the link. I don’t know why but I envisioned some old whipper snapper speaking out in disgust of the defense….sounds like this guy was just looking for some “air” time.
    I was amused today by Casey in court taking notes out of some book in front of her instead of focusing on the testimony….cliff notes from Grims fairytale by chance? LOL jk

  4. Berndatte_Stram
    03/24/2011 at 11:02 am

    GREAT summary…thank you!

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