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Casey Anthony – Krinkle Kut Fryes, Hold The Ketchup


Casey has on the brightest pink sweater ever seen!  Get your sunglasses!

Hmmm, appears Mason isn’t there, but Finnell is back.  Guess the defense thinks there is strength in numbers?

The intent this morning is to finish the Canine issue and then move on to Dr. Arpad Vass.  What scares me is having to listen Dorothy Sims argue stuff she is clueless about.  The hair banding issue took 3 hours yesterday and this will be more intense!

Deputy Foregy takes the stand.  He describes the training of the dog, Gerus.  The dog was trained on human remains, decomp, cadaver body fluids….

This follows the line of questioning of Sargent Brewer from yesterday.

Baez is trying to elicit information about standards and training that Florida doesn’t utilize and this is all prior to Foregy being called to the examine the car and the Anthony backyard.

Baez is trying hard to indicate that possibly Foregy’s records are maybe a bit sloppy.

This is all really boring and has done nothing to prove the dog isn’t reliable.

Baez just keeps covering the same ground of training dogs on double and/or single blinds.  Baez intimates that even with the logs, it is really only Foregy’s word that the dog was trained!

Baez asks about the phrase of, ‘lying by omission’ and he basically is calling Foregy a liar!

Forgery now takes us through searching Casey’s car.  Baez has him get up and draw a diagram of the garage and parking lot.


Baez asks the Judge to declare the witness ‘adverse’.  It’s hostile witness ya moron! Judge Perry tells Baez he hasn’t proven anything!

Baez now tries to illicit Foregy’s Grand Jury testimony!  Judge Perry spanks Baez!

Sorry folks, but Baez is just being arrogant, nasty and stupid today!

Judge Perry now interrupts and says Baez’s questioning is going far-a-field from the motion he filed!  Baez responds he thinks it’s relevant!

It has taken 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the search of the Anthony backyard.

Ok, it’s hit me that Baez never had a dog as a child ’cause he knows nothing about dog behavior!

Baez questions why Foregy called a second dog in. He said to verify Gerus’ alert.

Baez says you were not so sure of your dog’s alert.  Forgery says no, to go above and beyond and be thorough.

This is going round and round and Perry finally calls a bench conference, hopefully to smack Baez around and tell him to knock it off!

I’m beginning to feel this may be intentional to mess up Dr. Vass’ testimony.  He has an 11 am flight tomorrow!  So, this could be a stall tactic to cut Dr. Vass short in order to sabotage the State!

Baez wants to know how he can confirm a false positive.  He now leads into is it the garbage in the trunk for 3 weeks a possible alert.  Forgey says he smelled the car and that confirmed to him there was the odor of decomp in the car!

Linda Burdick comes in to do clean-up which shouldn’t take long!

Forgey has worked with 12 cadaver dogs in his career.

Gerus is a cadaver dog as well as a service dog.  Foregy began the first training with Bones before he was turned over to Kristen Brewer.

Linda goes through all the training Bone’s was put through.  Gerus’ training was more intense because he is also a full service dog.

Linda has, with both Brewer and Foregy, worked in the dogs were trained to recognize adipocire which the techs found in the trunk, so this is key!

Linda brings out all the logs, training certificates for Gerus and Baez objects saying heresay.  Judge reviews the hefty file and tells Baez he is overruled!

Linda is done and Baez gets back up and he’s back to claiming Foregy’s records are questionable and he questions Foregy’s reliability.  Baez just does not get the difference between real-life searches and training logs.  The logs do not document real-life searches!

Finally, Foregy is excused at 11:40!

Recess til 1:15

Attorney Anthony hard at work!

Casey enters court.

Dr. Arpad Vass is called!  I’m sure my pea-brain will have a hard time following this!

Judge Perry said he doesn’t plan on court tomorrow!  Guess the rest of the motions will be heard at another time!

Vass is appearing personally and not as an Oak Ridge employee, the State is paying him an expert witness fee.  He has a Biology degree and a Masters in Forensic Science.

Ashton takes him through his CV and career choices.  His interest went to finding clandestine graves.  This was done with cadaver dogs, ground probes, radar and all of that led him to decay odors….

He describes burying cadavers at various levels with piping and capture hoods on the surface.  A very absorbent material was used to gather the gases from the air for analysis.   The gases were collected at various time intervals.  The first paper was written in 2003 which listed the various classes of compounds found.  The study has been ongoing and expanded.

They then studied cadavers on the surface – exposed to air.  The gases were collected far more often because the rate of decay was so much faster when exposed to open air.  That study was published in 2008 and went through peer review.

I have to say I enjoy Vass – he is very likable and down-to-earth!

Casey looks like a deer in the headlights – she’s not taking notes or exhibiting her normal precise, paper-folding behavior!

Yuri Melich was the first to contact him regarding Casey’s car.  Vass was sent sealed cans with the truck air.  The first test indicated a large spike of chloroform which surprised he and his lab personnel.  He doesn’t recall ever seeing that before.

They concentrated the sample by removing the carpet sample and placed in in a plastic bag and tried to simulate the heat in the trunk to see what else they would find.  They identified 51 different compounds in addition to the chloroform!

They eliminated the scent of squirrel which they heard from the media and decided to follow up on it.  The squirrel didn’t smell like decomp!

Next they examined the paper towels from the trunk because Dr. Haskell asked him to.  The stains in the paper towels revealed large amounts of -adipocire, gravewax!

Buteric acid was found – muscle fat in early decomp.  This compound has been known since 1992.

Back to chloroform – he has reviewed 400 to 500 corpses and chloroform is part of decomp however, he never saw amounts as high – 10,000 times greater – as those from the car trunk carpet.

Vass has smelled decomp from 50 individuals he personally processed beginning to end and hundreds additional ones.  He also knows the decay odor from numerous animals.  Animal and human decomp is totally different – human decomp is very unique.

Vass says no way the odor was garbage.

Vass states when they actually opened the can he literally jumped back two feet because the decomp odor was so bad!

Casey looks ready to barf!

OMG!  Baez is doing cross! So Sims does what?

Baez is attacking the term research scientist.  What he is missing is you can be a research scientist as well as a biologist, chemist, butcher, baker, candlestick maker!  He claims Vass is vague in not listing his PhD in his CV.

Ashton objects to relevance and Baez claims this goes to Vass’ credibility!

Baez now attacks Vass for refusing to turn over his compound database to the defense.

OFGS, it’s proprietary information that belongs to the sponsor of the research!

Baez claims then, there is no way to verify the validity of his work.  Vass fires back his peer reviewed research publications are proof!

Baez is a snarky idiot!

Ashton has objected several times and is sustained.

Baez now objects that Ashton is coaching the witness.  Perry smacks-down Baez.

Baez brings up ‘Labrador’, the hand held sniffer machine they are creating and tries to say Vass has a financial interest.  Point is, all of the creators of ‘Labrador’ as well as Oak Ridge will receive royalties IF someone buys it- this sure as hell isn’t a retirement fund for all these folks!

This is just nuts and rude!  What the hell does this have to do with Frye?  Oh, maybe Baez wants in for a cut of the booty?

Baez now has Vass get up and make a chart of error rates!

Oh cool, the village idiot is testing the expert!  Well done, Mr. Baez!

Baez is back on that nobody can verify Vass’ work or the error rates.  Judge Perry has had enough and calls for a break.

Sims is now claiming the cameraman is focusing on her laptop.  I sure as hell can’t read it!  Damn, this defense team will pull anything to delay!

Baez – is chloroform present on corpses on the surface?  No, Vass says the difference is in burials.  The same can be said for a corpse wrapped in something or in a situation where air was deprived – anaerobic conditions. 

That begs the question, when exactly was little Caylee’s body bagged like so much garbage and how long did Casey drive around with Caylee in the trunk?

Baez has no idea what he is talking about and is making crap up as well as making wild assumptions!

Baez is now trying to claim the bag of  garbage made up the compounds of the alleged decomp odor!  Vass says he was given the list of all the stuff in the trunk and that’s not correct.

Ashton objects and indicates the area Baez is wandering into was already agreed to in stipulation that it would not be brought up.

Ashton is pissed because the stipulation was reached as a condition of dropping the contempt charge against Baez!!!!!

Baez is now shouting at the Judge and Perry tells him to lower his voice!

Judge Perry indicates Baez knew this stuff before he signed the stipulation and he is looking to ambush!  Perry totally chastises Baez and he is royally pissed.  Perry says this can be covered at trial and has nada to do with the Frye issue!

Finnell sneaks up to the podium and whispers to Baez.  Baez is so flustered he asks for a 5 minute recess!  His arrogance and inexperience is showing big time!

Baez seems to be of the belief he has graduated to the status of Mr. Wizzard.  I’ve stopped taking notes of Baez’s cross because it is so stupid!  This make-believe lawyering is just unbelievably pitiful.  Judge Perry is working intently at his computer and I do believe he might be playing Texas Hold ‘Em poker!

Baez asks what food was in trunk.  It was a pizza box!…Ashton jumps up and say a pizza box is NOT food, lol!

So, between yesterday and today, we have learned a dirty diaper and an old pizza box do not explain the trunk odor!  Can we have an Amen and a Hallelujah!

Perry sends all the attorneys out for a cool down…he is not at all happy and I assume will address the sniping between Baez and Ashton!

Perry says he is ending this at 5:30 and everything else will be heard next Friday, April 1, at 8:30 a.m. and expect to work late and  be prepared to come back in early that Saturday, April 2, at 8:30 a.m. also!!!

OMG!  Baez is questioning him about the Charles Manson ranch search!  Even Vass is laughing at Baez’s line of questioning…he knows he’s dealing with an incompetent!

Baez finally gives up and Ashton has no further questions so the good Dr. Vass is finally released!

Finnell has added two doctors to the witness list – not mental health or diminished capacity…State has no reports so they are in the dark!  Ashton seems to know something and indicates a HIPPA issue may be present!

Court in recess at 5:31 p.m.

I’m sure I didn’t in any way, shape, or form do justice to his testimony, but I have to say Dr. Vass is a true gentleman and professional and I actually enjoyed and understood most of his testimony!

My final question of the day…can we sample the air in Baez’s head?

  1. Hilde
    03/24/2011 at 6:53 pm

    “can we sample the air in Baez’s head?” 😆
    just too funny, but worth a try. Wonder what would be found!
    Watching Baez being so desperate is painful to watch, he is making such a Fool of himself it is embarrassing.
    It clearly shows he doesn’t have a Clue what he is doing.
    I sure hope he will do better once the Trial begins, however I doubt it.
    As for Casey, unbelievable that’s all I can say, here her little Baby Girl is discussed and decomposition and no Emotion whatsoever from Casey! I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. 😦 JMO
    Baez needs to learn how to talk to People he is questioning, he is rude, disrespectful and arrogant.

  2. Jo
    03/24/2011 at 6:55 pm

    You did it again Donchais. You took another terrible day of hearings and at least made me laugh out loud at your final sentence. Thank you. I must say I was stunned at the audacity of Baez daring to argue with the judge the way he did. I thought JB’s head was going to explode. I have watched a lot of trials and by far, I have never seen anything like the way JB has acted. I have seen attorneys go at it but never an attorney with a judge. So, at this rate, how long do you suppose the trial will run?

  3. donchais
    03/24/2011 at 7:16 pm

    Hey Jo! I have to say, I was in fear of today, but Dr. Vass was awesome! Baez, on the other hand thought he was sophisticated enough to challenge Dr. Vass and lost big time.

    His temper tantrums make it so apparent how much he is still nothing more than a whiny, schoolyard bully! The good Judge Perry – in making sure there are no appellate issues – has exercised enormous restraint.

    Forgetting the dramatics and immaturity level of the defense, I don’t think the trial will last as long as originally predicted. The defense will not be given the leeway afforded to them in these hearings (the hearings are to clear up so many of these issues but, I know the defense will try to pull the same crap!). They are so outclassed and have lost most of their supposed defense!

    All that said…what do I know? I’m just one of those lowly bloggers! 🙂

  4. donchais
    03/24/2011 at 7:21 pm

    Hilde, if you hold him, I’ll draw the air sample!!!!

  5. Hilde
    03/24/2011 at 7:24 pm

    donchais lol, no Problem, i will try my best!

  6. ritanita
    03/25/2011 at 9:02 am

    Brava donchais! I’m waiting to see if their is another bar complaint for Mr. Baez after he admitted in open court that he only signed the stipulation to avoid a possible contempt citation (for missing a deadline, mind you). He sacrificed the best interest of his client for his own best interest. I do believe that’s a big no-no.

    I love Dr. Vass and even I understood what he was saying. He will make an excellent witness even if his conclusions don’t come in at trial about the decomposition odor. He still has the cholorform, if Judge Perry allows, and a mightly good nose himself for sniffing dead bodies.

    The April Fool’s Day hearing should be a lulu. I’m hoping to beat you at headline making!

  7. donchais
    03/25/2011 at 9:09 am

    Thanks ritanita! I’m still shaking my head about yesterday!

  8. ritanita
    03/25/2011 at 10:27 am

    Donchais, I have a terrible crick in my neck caused by all my head shaking, “nooooo”! Caution, Jose Baez can be hazardous to one’s health!

  9. donchais
    03/25/2011 at 10:35 am

    Baez sure can be hazardous to one’s health, lol!

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