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Casey Anthony – Burnt Fryes Served Up With A Whole Lot Of Cheese


Yesterday, Cheney Mason proclaimed he thought Mr. Baez would finish today.  With the line of tortuous questioning during the last Frye hearing, we will have to wait and see!

Casey enters wearing her brightest pink sweater!

Baez, Sims, and Mason are present.

Chloroform and Air

Awilda McBride is called…traffic detail.  She was sent to retrieve the garbage bag at Johnson wrecking.  She knew which bag to take because George was with her – first I heard that.  The bag was given to forensics.

She said the room stunk before the bag was opened!  So, was it the car that stunk the room up????

Ashton on cross.  He gets her to admit the car was there and the stink was in the bay when she entered!  When the bag of garbage was opened, there was no unusual odor at all!

She had placed the garbage in her trunk and there was no residual odor in her car.

Well, that went nowhere!

Oh, Cindy is called to the stand!  She states there was an odor in the car and they opened the doors and trunk.  She also says she took items out of the trunk to air them.  She sprayed down the car with Febreze and put dryer sheets in the trunk.  They left the car open, but closed the garage door several times.

Later after the police arrived, George moved the car outside.  The police took the car several hours later.

Ashton asks about chloroform in the house.  Cindy says no, she’s never worked with chloroform.

Ashton points out Cindy said in her depo she doesn’t remember putting dryer sheets in the car and said she doesn’t know if she said that!  Now she tells Ashton it was a traumatic time and she was on new meds, pieces of her memories come back and blah, blah, blah.

Well that lie got caught quickly!

Kenneth Furton called.

Baez on direct.  He goes over his CV which is pretty extensive.

He separates, analyzes and identifies chemical compounds works with GC/MS.

Has done work for the FBI in the past.

He has done work with odor signatures with an eye to understanding canine work.

And he’s read tons of articles!

He reviewed police reports, autopsy reports, Oak Ridge work and photos.  He read depos of all the Oak Ridge team, FBI chemist and canine handler.

Baez asks if he knows if Vass is a member of  any professional organizations.

Ashton objects, the Judge sustains.

He claims he is one of the early researchers into odor signatures of remains and there is vast disagreement in the field as to the science.  Talks about a comparison chart he put together of the articles….

Oh, Ashton says they have a discovery violation and they are up to the bench and the Judge calls a 5 minute recess!

Ashton says the witness is trying to testify about exhibits and opinions that don’t conform with the court order, so they were trying to sneak in new information from Furton!  Judge Perry not happy at all!

Baez says Furton testified about compounds and he didn’t know all so he went back and studied for today – he did his homework!  Asks how the witness is supposed to know what questions he will be asked at deposition!

Ashton says this is clearly willful and an ambush!

Ashton asks what additional research he did after deposition.  We go back to the comparison chart which turns out to be part of a student dissertation.

Furton answers a question that is not what Aston asks and Ashton gets testy with the witness.

Furton admits he did additional work after the deposition and no, he did not reveal that in the deposition.

Furton keeps claiming Ashton never asked the question.  Furton says he was aware his student was writing the paper, but it wasn’t complete so that’s why it was not mentioned at depo.

Furton thinks he told the defense about the paper sometime this March.

Judge Perry has heard enough.  Perry says he gave a different answer in the deposition, but it does not change his opinion and may indicate impeachment.

Baez now admits he did not show the chart to the State and they are withdrawing it.

Judge Perry says he doesn’t know what the witnesses opinion is based on – sound foundation or shaky foundation.

Baez nailed for being in violation with the chart!

Well looks like the defense got caught with their pants down again!

Baez back to the disagreements in the community about how many chemicals are identifiable.

Do you have committed to memory which compounds are common?  No, I don’t think anyone has because the number is too high.

Perry says enough…he’ll let Furton testify and if the State needs to redo the deposition, they will!  He will read all reports and depositions, if someone gets caught hiding something until trial, there will be a heavy price.

Furton refers to a paper and Ashton asks for a copy…he doesn’t have another.

Perry says, folks because you don’t understand the subtleties of preparation if you are using a paper you must have one to provide to your opponent!

Furton certainly is no Dr. Vass!

We go into a lengthy discussion about household trash and the Barker Ranch exam by Dr. Vass.  Furton says that household trash – soda – can get confused with some decomposition.

Objection!  The stipulation says they wouldn’t go into this area!

Perry slaps both sides and says to stop talking to each other, and be prepared to pull $100 out of your pocket and hand it to the clerk.  If it doesn’t have the word ‘objection’ you will pay each time!  The money will be donated to the United Way!

So far, most of this morning has been Ashton and Baez fighting!

Perry asks Sims her understanding of the stipulation and she asks to use a chart!  Perry says no, just tell me.

Ashton is really angry today!  We had this same argument when Dr. Vass was on the stand!

Perry – it is apparent both sides couldn’t agree whether it is day or night even though it is evident!  Perry doesn’t want appellate issues and says if the parties can’t agree on what the stipulation says how would an appellate court and asks them not to stipulate to anything ever again!

Furton says there are protocols for collecting trash…Baez is going for Dr. Vass violated those protocols.

Furton is reviewing Vass’ paper – the chloroform entry.  The footnote says chloroform is not detected on surface remains.

Remember, Caylee was in garbage bags, in a laundry bag and sealed in the trunk of the car!

Baez wants t know if there are studies comparing the remains of children as opposed to adults.  Furton says not the he knows of.

Furton is being used to try to impeach Vass’s protocols and validations.

Fatty acids are present in human and animal.  The four found in Dr. Vass’ report are present in household items like milk, butter, cheese according to Furton.   He identifies a Velveeta box in the photo of the garbage.

Baez now has Furton reviewing Dr. Vass’ bench notes!  Perry says they are not in evidence and tells Baez to move on.

Baez is straying from Frye and Perry wants to know what Baez is doing!  Baez moves on.


Furton begins to comment on Vass’ report and Ashton objects as this opinion is not in Furton’s report.  Perry says he can’t rule until he hears how the witness is going to reply.

He says you can’t qualify the concentration of chloroform.

They discuss buying a standard and quantifying the concentration of the chemical.  Furton claims Vass didn’t employ that standard and Vass provided a guesstimate!

Baez, is it proper for a scientist to provide guesstimates?  Furton, no.

Baez asks about how the FBI did their analysis…Objection, this was not to be an area to get into…

Do any of you really think Dr. Vass so screwed up the tests and did such slipshod work? That pretty much sums up what Furton is saying.

Perry is pissed-off yet again and calls for lunch and tells the attorney’s to stop by their ATM machines while on lunch.  They are out of control, they are fighting, snarky, they are speaking in raised voices…if it happens again they will pay or they will go through them numbers and face contempt and it will go on their records!  You’re supposed to be seasoned trial lawyers!

I have to say, with all the sniping, animosity, objections, etc, this testimony is excruciatingly painful to follow and I’m grateful Judge Perry shut it down for lunch.  Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail when court resumes!  Oh, and Mr. Baez hasn’t finished direct yet and Ashton is yet to cross, so I’m going out on the limb and say we will be session tomorrow!  I can tell I will not take extensive notes this afternoon, lol!

Furton states the FBI’s Dr. Rickenbach testing was better than Vass’.

Objection…not Frye.

Baez says their motion isn’t just referring to Frye!  Didn’t we have this exact problem with Sims – mixing Frye and non-Frye!

Objection sustained.

Baez want to go to canine…Ashton wants to do his cross.  Baez says this will be short…Perry allows.

He’s chair of the SWIG organization.

Are there state guidelines for cadaver dogs?  No.

SWIG tries to have best consistencies practices available throughout many countries.

Are you aware of residual odor?  Yes.

Gerus nor Bones was trained on residual odors as far as he could determine.

He admits agencies can train to their own standards.

He said the cadaver training happened once a month and he feels 4 hours a week would be better!  Is that possible in real life with a working dog????

Baez wants clarification of the exhibit that they took off the table.  Perry reminds him he withdrew…nothing to be said!

Ashton is up.

I have to say, many of the papers Furton refers to were prepared by his students, not him!

In your deposition you answered you had NOT written a peer-reviewed paper in cadaver dogs>

He agrees, but also says it the paper he referred to was a produced article that included human remains training, but he can’t detail what type of human remains or parts were used.

You have never been involved in a whole body decomp?  Correct.

Can you say impeachment?

Furton doesn’t agree that decomp of a body part as opposed to a whole body is different! Yes.

Are these studies by your students?  Yes, they are my studies.

I asked if these were done by your students?  Yes, with I as their advisor.

What personal research have you done?  I was there with them.

Most of the work was done by them.  But you put it in your CV as your work?  Yes, that’s how it works!

Buh-bye Dr. Furton.

He claims his report contained his opinion, but wasn’t aware if he found additional information to bolster his opinion wouldn’t be allowed. He’s testified numerous times.

After Vass testimony he obviously looked much further.  Baez, no doubt, didn’t give him what the court expected.

OMG!  It appears as recently as this past week and discussion with his students, he came up with this new stuff!

You and others routinely cite Dr. Vass’ work?  Yes.

Peer reviewed work should be able to be replicated by reviewers?  Yes.

Have you ever written a letter to the editor of the journal complaining about Dr. Vass’ work?  No.

Jeff is making mincemeat out of Furton.

We move to chloroform.

Furton is stumbling here also.

Furton put more faith in the FBI report because he felt it was more reliable.  He admits he doesn’t know if the FBI tested the same sample that Vass tested, he doesn’t know the conditions under how it was shipped to the FBI, etc.

Linda will address the cadaver dog issue.  She says she needs about 15 minutes, Judge Perry calls for a recess.

Perry returns but calls the attorneys to the bench.

Most of Furton’s dogs is with live scents?  Correct.

Live humans can change their scent profile by diet or fragrances?  The primary odor remains pretty consistent.

Baez keeps objecting to as beyond the scope…Perry keeps overruling.

Linda claims Dr. Futon’s work is 99% with live scents with canines, not so much with cadaver dogs.

Dogs are capable of detecting minute scents?  Correct.

Dogs can identify minute human remains scents?  Correct.

How soon after death does a human being become what you referred to as a human specimen?  We are still working on determining that.  I believe that decomposition and live scent remains on a cadaver.

You were not hired originally to testify about Gerus or Bones?  Correct.

In deposition, you stated you wanted to review the canine records more before you rendered an opinion.

Since February 19 at deposition, you weren’t will to render an opinion?  Correct.

What additional information did you receive to render your opinion?  Nothing more.

So, you weren’t comfortable on February 19, but you are now?  Yes.

Furton did not write an opinion about Gerus that he reported on for the court.  He did send a letter to Baez – Baez never asked him to write a report…oh my!

You’ve never actually trained a dog?  No, I work with trainers.

How many dogs did you serve as a handler for, 0 correct?  Yes, but I could handle a dog, I’ve been doing this for years!  Yikes!

He never observed Gerus or Bones in action.  He never spoke to Forgey or Brewer.

He agrees Gerus and Bones were trained by a respected trainer in the community.

I have to wonder, if like Dr. Faigrieve, Dr. Furton mightily regrets getting involved with the defense clowns!

He doesn’t know the total number of hours the dogs were trained!

SWAG guidelines were not published till September 2009!

The guidelines are just suggestion, not rules.

Stick a fork in Furton, he’s done!

Baez on re-direct.  He gets Furton to say Vass’ work is novel because there are so few people working that field.

He says at the Forensic Academy meeting last month, there was discussion about what the FBI, Vass and themselves had found in terms of common compounds…to me that was heresay testimony!

Baez pulls out a chart of common compounds and Furton says it was prepared by one of his graduate students.  Ashton says he feels it is in violation of discovery.  It is allowed as an exhibit.

Baez want to know if the FBI is a forensic lab and how are they certified.  Ashton objects as this was not part of cross.  Sustained!

Hallelujah, Furton is released!

Dr. Logan by video conference.

Sims is doing cross.

Logan is a forensic toxicologist director with NMS Labs.

There is such a reverb in the phone, this is tough to hear and it has messed up the sound from the courtroom also.

His getting into solvents, pesticides that may affect human environment.

Most of his work is drug and alcohol with some clinical testing and DNA.

His background in decomp is the compounds that appear in decomp because the interfere with drug screens.  He has not performed decomp signature studies.

He has attended 100 autopsies.

Ashton asks if his principal reason to attend autopsy is due to drugs?  Yes.

You have no expertise in biochemistry in decomp?  No.

If I recall, at some point his lab got nailed for questionable test results.

This is another expert who says he has read a ton of literature!  Sims says Logan has a degree in chemistry and Vass does not.

Perry asks what he has qualified in court to testify as to decomp.  Logan says he has qualified in pig decomp, not qualified for human decomp.

Perry let’s him testify, but states if there was a jury present he would not let him testify.  He says the State can cross and then Perry will make a determination if he will be allowed at trial.

This is a snoozer!

For his issuing his February report he referred to LE and autopsy reports in this case, Oak Ridge reports and Dr. Furton’s reports and many scientific articles.

Ok, so Logan is a chemist.  How the heck the defense is proffering him as an expert to refute Dr. Vass is beyond me!

He claims uncertainty and error rates are expected in research and those must be examined.

Perry has a bench conference and is not happy that this is going beyond today and they are short of money.  Tomorrow means paying staff time and a half.  Now he is offering Wednesday, the 6th, Thursday or Friday to complete.  “I took Mr. Mason at his word and he may not have understood.”

Perry suggests at the rate they are going, they better start on Wednesday, do depositions Thursday and finish Friday…

Perry recesses and tells them to be there at 9am on Wednesday.

Oy!  My biggest disappointment is that nobody paid the $100 fine!

  1. 04/01/2011 at 6:35 pm

    Excellent report! I watched part of the trial, and reading your report was much more enjoyable.

  2. donchais
    04/01/2011 at 6:47 pm

    Thanks Frances! The hearing gave me a pounding headache, lol!

  3. 04/01/2011 at 7:40 pm

    The funniest part of Cindy’s testimony today was when she said Casey left one of her Work purses” in the car. She had no job, so how the hell did she have a “work purse”.

  4. donchais
    04/01/2011 at 7:45 pm

    errr, uhmmm, uhhh…her ‘working’ the scam purse?

  5. katydid
    04/01/2011 at 8:23 pm

    Well $indy can’t keep her story straight…On one interview…no odor…no odor…none. Now she is saying it was the worst odor ever.

    The so called experts were no expert in decomp. I would believe Dr. Voss over these guys any day of the week.

    The Duhfense is in trouble.

  6. FRG
    04/01/2011 at 8:38 pm


    Thank you for your report! This hearing was a doozie as ritanita would say! LOL

    I am beyond myself to the lack of JB’s ethics! So his experts after being deposed decided to do a research on Dr. Vass’ findings… Hmmm, very fishy to me!

    I was so darn sure JB was going to this! He told his experts to not to give away what they were going to testify to, I mean everything… And bingo! It is frustrating!

    So, how many experts will be testifying to the dog hits? So far we had Dr. Fairgrieve and Dr. Logan, will the bald one testify to that too? LOL! BTW, Mrs. Burdick did such a great job on cross, she discredited both experts! That was exhilarating to watch! Way to go, Mrs. Burdick!

    I need some rest, my head is killing me, donchais! LOL

  7. donchais
    04/01/2011 at 8:50 pm

    Hey katydid (my niece’s nic)!

    I walk away from the Frye hearings with the defense so-called experts, understanding they have done not much more than reading a bunch of scientific reports! Heck, even I could do that!

  8. Diana
    04/01/2011 at 8:51 pm

    Cindy saying “work purse” speaks volumes. She will go along with a proven LIE from her daughter even in a court of law under oath. They need to instruct her YES OR NO only. The way she inserts little jabs is really nauseating.

  9. donchais
    04/01/2011 at 8:58 pm

    FRG, long time! The closer we get to trial, the more apparent it becomes, the defense is willing to pull anything and everything. Perry mentioned, I believe more than once today, if there had been a jury present, he would have not allowed certain testiphoney.

    I’ve seen many folks turn on Perry recently and just wish they would understand this highly respected Judge is doing nothing more than preserving the record against appellate issues.

    Ya never know what a jury will do and I have been stunned more than once, but with what the defense and prosecution have presented, I am pretty confident Caylee Marie will get to see justice after such despicable doings by her family and the defense clowns.

    Getting off my soapbox now!

  10. Diana
    04/01/2011 at 8:58 pm

    If asked about the NO JOB so why a “work purse”….Cindy would say. Casey did have a job 3 years prior to that and that was the purse she carried then at Colorvision/Kodac/Universal. Even her real job was a farce. She made it totally confusing to everyone!

  11. donchais
    04/01/2011 at 9:05 pm

    LOL Diana! By now, anyone following the case knows Cindy far too well to be confused. Plus, I bet it was a new ‘work’ purse purchased with Amy’s money!

  12. LCoastMom
    04/01/2011 at 10:35 pm

    It is more than obvious this DT is grasping at straws – what is interesting is how many witnesses they are going to try to put out here who know a lot about straws but very little about anything else!

    Poor Ashton is going to need a lonnggg vacation when this is over.

    Great read donchais – saved me from getting a headache – had I listened to Baez myself!

  13. 04/01/2011 at 10:55 pm

    hello to all l cant believe what happened today between bozo marie and ashton.bozos apoligy meant nothing its all down the tubes right?l was going to bet someone that had said they think that bozo was going to behave but you knw what all the opposite.he gets what he desevers.the more bozo opens his mouth he will be found in comptempt and l hope they do just that.bozo marie thinks he knows more about the trial than the state what a mess.how can bozo make remarks on another doctor then he goes on to say just like the state is bringing in this new science but thats how it goes.he should not be practicing law bozo marie is maybe good to deliver newspapers thats all l give him and at $2.00 an hour period.what a day l have a headache.why is bozo doing all the questioning when mason is there?why did he hire him if mason was not part of the questions being asked?also ms sims why is she there?all bull thats all it is.

  14. ritanita
    04/02/2011 at 6:24 am

    Morning Donchais!

    Thanks for the recap. I ended up with a ton of notes and now I have to make heads and tails out of them! A cold compress and about a solid eleven hours of sleep have helped clear my mind (as well as your recap, lol!) Now I have to start writing about this mind-numbing experience. My heart goes out to Judge Perry because the way the defense team managed to scramble their three motions into one long, almost undecipherable pile of doo-doo to figure it all out as to what testimony goes to which motion.

    There is one thing I am sure of. The cadaver dog testimony will get in mainly due to Dr. Furton’s “expert” testimony that the dogs were trained for their purpose and yes, they can identify remains after they have been removed!

    Remember when Forgey testified? He said he started at the driver’s side front of the car a proceded towards the back. The dog sensed odor and he asked that the door be opened. The dog stepped up to the interior and showed interest in the back of the car. Forgey said he had the trunk opened and Gerus went to the trunk, jumped up, sniffed, alerted, and jumped down to sit as a confirmatory alert.

    Read that to mean that the dog recognized the odor in the car but didn’t give an alert until he located the SOURCE of the odor in the trunk. Good boy, Gerus.

  15. donchais
    04/02/2011 at 7:03 am

    Hi LCoastMom! I’m fairly certain the defense knows many of the supposed witnesses they put forth add nothing to the case. I think it’s done intentionally to jerk the State’s chain and make them scramble. A spoiled bully tactic at best!

    Hey annie! The defense is surely a mess! Mason has to be there because he is DP certified, but Baez’s ego won’t allow him to be lead attorney. Sims replaced LKB (not on the same level by any means. I do think Baez, after attending the February Forensic meeting, fancies himself a forensic investigator. He is so over his head!

    Hey ritanita! I agree about the cadaver dog testimony! Good luck writing your article, I can’t wait. I haven’t fully recovered from yesterday and predict a nap in my future!

  16. bingoteaz
    04/02/2011 at 11:39 am

    About Furton – you wrote, “After Vass testimony he obviously looked much further. Baez, no doubt, didn’t give him what the court expected.”
    There was a sequestration of witnesses order, & Furton shouldn’t have used Vass’ testimony, or even seen/heard Vass’ testimony…is he admitting on the stand that he did? Clear violation…it seems the case, too, if that first exhibit bozo tried to get admitted into evidence then withdrew is any indication. hmmmmmmmmmm. jmo

  17. donchais
    04/02/2011 at 11:59 am

    I have no first hand knowledge of how things got to where they ended up yesterday, but he did have the Vass report. I will say with what was testified to in Furton’s depo, the timing of the depo, the new information the defense tried to sneak in…well, I put nothing past the defense or their ‘experts’!

  18. 04/02/2011 at 8:43 pm

    Excellent report of a trying day in court. The DT never ceases to amaze; they are willing to break every rule on the record without a blink! HHJP is doing an incredible job of preserving the record for appellate review. Doing so requires foresight & knowledge. He is the Chief Justice for a reason. Imagine how much could’ve been accomplished if the DT just met minimum standards! Alas, it is not meant to be. Is there an argument for ineffective counsel (that could mean having to do this all over again)? Amazing how expensive it can be to have such low-quality counsel meet the defendant’s constitutional right to have a defense.
    You have a new dedicated follower & I truly appreciate how much work went into this post! Imagine giving up the entire weekend with more DT nonsense. They are doing all they can to delay the inevitable.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery & looking forward to your next post after Wednesday’s hearing. I’m off to your archives to catch up.

  19. 1520 Sedgwick
    04/02/2011 at 10:37 pm

    I could not believe how eager this doctor was to avoid and confuse.He came across real shady and purchased. Blozo is allowing anyone to come in and lie for the chance at international exposure. Remember your next book deal or the increase in new clients. After it is all said and done, judge going to rewrite history with blocked testimuny. non appealable and just the right thing to do.

  20. donchais
    04/03/2011 at 5:06 am

    Thanks Mayaeli, it’s appreciated!

    Sedgwick, I totally agree!

  21. 04/03/2011 at 12:41 pm

    hello to all l quess the apoligy that bozo marie gave is bs.he never comes real does he?l hate him to pieces.l bet he went to the lab where the doctors come from in order to rebut dr vass testimony.but you see how fast ashton cates up bozo loves to lie and cheat.what happened to all the money he was given?he did not even pay experts because he did other things instead of paying bills.a murder trial is serious but for him its peanuts because he will not let chenny marie talk.its all about this piece of shit that killed her daughter and about fame for bozo marie l still cant get over how phony he is .he gives all lawyers a bad name but he dont care.he wont quit because he wants all that money plus more.l wonder if he will pay mason at the end?he is well known for not paying bills why not him.this is why he was not in court the other day he went on a trip to get some lies fabricated to bring into courtroom so that he could be looked at good lawyer thsts bs.they all belong with the clowns that are sitting in that area where bozo is .cant stomach him.

  22. Vbmg152
    04/04/2011 at 11:33 am

    Does anyone else think there is an affair going on between Casey & Baez? Their relationship seems weird to me!

  23. donchais
    04/04/2011 at 11:39 am

    Vbmg, how would that work? She’s under 24/7 guard!

  24. 04/04/2011 at 7:48 pm

    Hello all. And special hello to donchais! I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time… this is my first time to post! 🙂 And it’s a special occasion:

    Please pass along the word to vote for Yuri Melich for an America’s Most Wanted Superstar award!

    Here’s the link: http://www.amw.com/allstar/2011/nominee-detail.cfm?id=9324

    Must vote in the next few days!!! Yaaay!

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