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Casey Anthony – ReFryed Beans


Well, we’ve just barely recovered from Wednesday and here we are back again!  Today we’ll hear more closing arguments on the remaining motions.  I suppose, as with the torture on Wednesday, the defense will be full of beans again.

The good news, all this crap is out-of-the-way and regardless how Judge Perry rules, we won’t have to sit through so much nonsense at trial.  To be sure, it will still be mind-numbing!

Casey has her plaid shirt on again.

We begin with Sims arguing the botany.  Dot is using a power point presentation!  Boy, these guys got high-tech in this past week.  High-tech or not, this still boring.

Sims is trash talking Dr. Hall and actually brings out a metric ruler to show Judge Perry what 2 millimeters looks like!


Sims says Hall is nothing more than a lay witness (not an expert) because he has no theory, empirical data, and didn’t do any experiments.

Sims says there is no way Dr. Hall could determine the age of the roots and there is no logic to what Dr. Hall states.  She likens it to a person who drives only on flat surface roads who comes to the conclusion the earth must be flat!

Sims says Dr. Bock spent hours and couldn’t a single article to support Dr. Hall’s testimony.

Jeff Ashton pretty much says much of what Sims presented had nothing to do with Dr. Hall’s testimony.  The jury will decide whether Dr. Hall or Dr. Bock is right.

Now Sims argues Karen Lowe and hair banding.  She said the single hair decomp theory has never been presented in a Florida court.  She is mixing apples and oranges again – she still doesn’t get it – they’re not here about hair comparison

She says Lowe is no expert.  The State didn’t include all the other hairs from the car that didn’t show decomp.

Sims says Lowe’s conclusion was biased because she was aware of the case and therefore knew what she wanted to find.

She claims people make mistakes, there are no standards.

Holy crap!

She just said this case is expensive and if invalid science is allowed and a second trial has to be held it will be very costly and the testimony shouldn’t be allowed because Casey’s life is on the line!

Jeff Ashton simply feels the whole presentation addressed things not concerned with the testimony.  Sims is arguing stuff that the Judge says is not relevant to today’s proceeding.

Perry says he knows what is relevant and what is not.  There is no jury so if the arguments start going astray, he is not shy, but the sides must not speak over each other.

Baez is at the podium and says to Judge Perry he’s glad he wasn’t part of that and Perry flipped!  He told Baez to keep his editorial statements to himself or pay the clerk $100 or go for contempt…his choice!

Baez addresses the stain in the trunk.  He says the report created ridiculous hysteria. That if you stare in the trunk long enough you see the shape of a child in a fetal position.

The stain was tested for biological evidence and all tests came back negative.

Baez claims it was a wet, moist bag of garbage that made the stain and the Judge should disallow the information.

Does anybody recall any testimony that the outside of the bag was wet?

Jeff Ashton clearly disagrees.    He claims the defense didn’t meet their burden with the motion and Dr. Vass’ testing showed volatile fatty acids.

Perry asks if there is testimony concerning the composition of the stain.  Baez says there were 4 chemicals mentioned, but they were not biological in nature.  Dr. Vass and Mahdavi Martin testified to that.  There was no DNA found.

Ashton agrees no DNA was not found.

The defense wants this thrown, but offers no expert of their own to refute it.

Baez claims Dr. Vass started the chloroform issue and informed LE.  Then the searches were done.  Like Dot did yesterday, Baez just called Dr. Vass a non-chemist and an ‘alleged’ scientist.

Vass’ information was prejudicial and is what created the wild theory that Caylee was overdosed on chloroform!

I’m about to reach through the computer and throttle Baez!

Perry is not allowing any objections today to speed things up.  He tells everyone they can address issues during argument!

Baez is really bad-mouthing Dr. Vass and says his findings were way different from the FBI’s and Dr. Sigmund whom the State used.  There are numerous things that could explain the chloroform.  Nobody could give a quantitative amount of chloroform.  He calls Dr. Vass’ methods crude.  Drs. Furton and Logan totally refuted Vass’ conclusion. 

Jeff Ashton goes to error rate.  He says the defense likes to throw around the term.  They don’t understand error rate applies to a process, not an individual.  It’s not like you, your honor, has an error rate!

Ashton says the defense still doesn’t understand Frye.

Drs. Logan and Furton agreed with the methodologies used by Dr. Vass.

The defense could have called Dr. Rickenbach, Weiss or Sigmund to testify, but they failed to.

The defense claims the work is irrelevant, but has not proved that.

Ashton kind of slams Baez for his snarkiness about Dr. Vass.

Baez says it is not an accepted method and Dr. Logan said Dr. Vass’ work was a guesstimate!

Baez is going in circles and keeps saying Dr. Vass’ work is crude.

On to canine alerts!

Baez argues the dogs and handlers are unreliable.  The training and the logs also.

Both dogs alerted on the Anthony backyard, but nothing forensic was found.

To sum up his argument only one car was analyzed therefore Deputy Foregy is unreliable and because he never mentions false positives he is not credible!

The logs don’t comply with SWG guidelines.

OMG, this is such a waste…it’s just a rehash of all the direct and cross testimony we heard through all these days of hearings!

Baez is going on-and-on and Perry tells him the current discussion isn’t really helping him.

Baez says there is no legal basis for the court to allow the canine evidence.

Baez claims we can’t believe Gerus because he didn’t alert on Suburban where Caylee’s body was found.

Gerus wasn’t allowed around the crime scene!

Baez says the law is unclear and the evidence shouldn’t be allowed.

Perhaps Baez forgot that Judge Perry indicated his belief in cadaver dogs a while back!

Linda Burdick begins that the SWG guidelines were put into effect September 200, after this case, not March of 2009 as Baez lied claimed.

Dr. Furton testified both handlers and their dogs were sufficiently trained under those guidelines.

There assertion that there are no operational outcomes in the logs is just untrue!

The use of cadaver dogs is widely accepted.  Dogs have a history of being reliable in terms of locating bodies.  Think WTC, earthquake areas, etc.

The question is how were the dogs trained.  They were trained by a highly respected individual in the field.  The court can look at the training and the reliability of these dogs!

Casey is working hard today, flipping through files and binders and scribbling notes!

Based on the dog evidence nobody can say ‘who’ the remains belonged to, when the dog located the scent of human remains, but there were remains in the trunk.  Other evidence found in the trunk indicates there was a dead body there!

Baez says that Ms. Burdick pointed out cases from other states on the reliability of cadaver dogs.  We’re talking about Gerus and he is not reliable, hit in the backyard one day and didn’t hit the second day!  The State wants your honor to go somewhere that you have never gone before.

Judge Perry calls a recess for lunch!

The heart sticker – the Judge will rule on the pleadings!

Nobody has objections to the TV channels the jury will be allowed to access.

The depositions for the psych docs aren’t complete but the State wants the testimony limited to the trial itself, not in opening statements.

The State hasn’t decided if they want Casey examined, but doubts it can be done by the hearing on the 15th.

Both the State and defense will be filing motions.

So, no bombshells…pretty much a rehash of all the stuff we’ve been through.  Now it’s up to the Judge!

Ashton says wherever the Judge sends them for jury selection, they will have the DA swear both he and Linda in as assistant DAs in that locale.

There will be a status conference next Friday at 1:30 and another will be scheduled for the following week.

The jury selection will begin 9am on the 9th and he hopes to have a jury by Thursday or Friday so in order to give the lawyers time to prepare the actual Trial will begin at 9am on Tuesday the 17th.

Failing to seat a jury that week will result in Judge Perry beginning jury selection in Orange county.  A second location will be gone to after that, if it fails!

The jury will be transported as a group.  There will be an in-camera meeting regarding sequestration issues.

We’re done at 2pm…yeah!

  1. 04/08/2011 at 2:28 pm

    Well it wasn’t too terribly bad today. It was great that the Judge stopped Jose really fast on his not so funny joke.I think that grin left his face really quick. But not before the red set in haha.

  2. donchais
    04/08/2011 at 2:35 pm

    LMAO! That was my most favorite part of the hearing! The look of shock on Baez’s face was worth more than the price of admission. For folks who didn’t see it, is was somewhere around 10am, so probably part 2 at WFTV…priceless!

  3. Momo
    04/08/2011 at 2:51 pm

    Thanks for your imediate response. Im ready for my meds and goin down for a nap. Im past this being a nightmare so I know a nap helps.

  4. donchais
    04/08/2011 at 2:55 pm

    Naps should be mandatory! Oh yeah, it’s raining also so, perfect set-up! Enjoy!

  5. ritanita
    04/08/2011 at 4:02 pm

    Just woke up from my nap! It’s raining here too!

    The Judge Perry on the bench today was the closest I’ve seen to the Judge Perry I saw actually conducting a trial.

    Baez & Co. had better drop the snark before the jury arrives! Juries don’t appreciate attorneys who don’t act professional at all times. Just the facts, no editorials!

    Thank goodness the science hearings are over! It’s the worst part of the hearings so far.

    I can see the trial coming round the bend!

  6. donchais
    04/08/2011 at 4:55 pm

    ritanita, I’m right there with ya!

    It’s always been about the approaching trial and the good Judge has ruled carefully and skillfully in trying to school the incompetent, spoiled brats on the defense…

    I do believe with Sims, it hasn’t been so much a spanking, but a true attempt at,’if ya wanna play then know then know the rules of the game’,type of schooling! Judge Perry has been patient and cognizant of the ‘big picture’…Caylee was brutally murdered!

    Messed up by the beginnings of allergy season and will most likely sleep late tomorrow but,safely feeling the justice train is finally pulling into the station!

    The trial will be THE trial, overseen by a Judge who is one of the most esteemed Judges in Florida!

    You and I have watched many trials together and know you can’t predict what a jury will do.

    Judge Perry and the State have so locked-down the obvious and Caylee should have a huge smile on her pretty little face!

  7. 04/08/2011 at 7:22 pm

    Did you know the reason why Jose has to reFrye the beans…..because he can never get it right the first time. duh duh dum!

    Raining in the Midwest too today.

    I shouldn’t have taken a jury’s verdict for granted since OJ was aquitted….but noooo….I was sure Spector would be convicted in his first trial….nuf said!

  8. donchais
    04/08/2011 at 10:23 pm

    Hi ya katfish! Hope things are well with you and yours!

    Yea, a jury is way too unpredictable for even a betting person to bet on!

    Say a little prayer that we get a jury seated on the first go-round! This has gone on long enuff!

  9. Linda
    04/08/2011 at 11:02 pm

    Gotta Love Judge Perry. I was watching when Baez lost his grin and gained a headache. The sack was said not to have any moisture on the outside, so how did it leave a stain? and to top it off, at the start of all this mess, they said garbage packages “not garbage food” not only this but does anyone remember them talking about “if there was food in the heated car that long, it dries so hard there’s no moisture left.

  10. donchais
    04/08/2011 at 11:32 pm

    Exactly Linda!!! Just more defense lies! Guess they still haven’t figured out it all gets captured on video!

  11. David In TN
    04/09/2011 at 1:27 am

    Judge Perry is making sure there won’t be an appeal.

  12. donchais
    04/09/2011 at 5:23 am

    Yes David, Judge Perry wants no appellate issues arising from his court. Readers should be aware though, Florida provides for automatic appeal in death penalty cases.

  13. susieblue
    04/10/2011 at 10:19 am

    “Ashton agrees no DNA was not found.”

    just to be clear, Ashton said this because: the act of decomposition destroys DNA and that’s why tests for DNA on decomp fluid comes out negative.


  14. gettingtired
    04/11/2011 at 1:58 pm

    Question does anyone know if the book caylee was reading in the video with her great grandfather was found in the woods? i never remember seeing clarification on that it sure looked like it in one of photos from the crime scene

  15. gettingtired
    04/11/2011 at 1:59 pm

    thank you Susieblue , about the dna and decomp i did not realize that

  16. gettingtired
    04/11/2011 at 2:03 pm

    Did anyone read the article about Judge Perry losing 2 very close friends and how he says he cries a few times everyday, if he cries over beloved friends , it only further cements casey’s lack of emotion or care for her daughters murder

  17. donchais
    04/12/2011 at 8:27 am

    gettingtired, I’ve seen the photo and have to ask, if that area and Caylee’s remains were submerged all those weeks, how could the ‘book’ be in such good condition? Seems to me, it isn’t the book!

  18. gettingtired
    04/12/2011 at 8:43 am

    hmmm good point and im sure more would have been made of it

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