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Casey Anthony – Justice Moving Forward For Caylee


It was a big step toward justice for Caylee Marie Anthony!

Judge Belvin Perry released three very important and much anticipated rulings yesterday.

We already knew, last week, the stain in the trunk an FBI analyst remarked looked like the outline of a child in the fetal position, is being allowed in.

The rulings yesterday were a huge blow to the defense.

~ The heart-shaped residue on the duct tape will be admitted.  While the residue disappeared from the tape as it was being tested for fingerprints,  Perry’s decision allows a FBI analyst to testify to what she observed.

~ Evidence that K-9’s “alerted” to the presence of human remains in the Anthony backyard and on Casey’s car was deemed to be credible as the dogs and handlers were well trained and certified.

The most damaging testimony to be allowed is…

~ The hair banding found on the hair from the trunk of Casey’s car that showed signs of decomposition.

An FBI analyst says the hair came from a dead body and Perry ruled Karen Lowe may testify to such.

Judge Perry’s ruling also took into consideration the case in New York which had already passed Frye.

The rulings we still are awaiting are:

~ Root and plant growth by Dr. Hall.  The defense argued his “opinion” testimony should bear no weight.

The judge has not decided on the air samples from the trunk of Casey’s car.  The two major and probably the most difficult are:

~ The high levels of chloroform found in the trunk of Casey’s car.  This also would tie into the computer searches for chloroform found on the Anthony computer.  Judge Perry has yet to decided on the computer searches.

~ The odor in the trunk.  Tests conducted by scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)  indicates decomposition in the trunk of Casey’s car.

All-in-all, a very good day for Caylee!

The defense, in a last ditch effort, are busy scribbling more motions!  They have asked Judge Perry to reconsider several rulings.

The defense have again tried to get the ‘party’ pictures tossed as well as the stain in the trunk evidence.  Pretty much, the defense tells Judge Belvin Perry he got the facts wrong or was confused.

Nice try, but I have little doubt this will fly!

I expect more hastily drafted motions this week!

Also of note, George and Cindy feel entitled yet again and their attorney has filed a motion requesting exception to the rule of sequestration of witnesses.  Basically, George and Cindy are on the witness list, but want to attend the entire trial, including opening statements.

They tried this ploy during the hearings and seem to forget Judge Perry even commented on the ‘changing testimony’ from both the Anthonys.


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  1. Swift Justice
    04/27/2011 at 3:34 pm

    Thanks Donchais for the report…..you covered all bases.
    Yes Justice is moving forward for our dear precious Caylee.

    The remaining motions to be heard are……Decomp Air Evidence
    and Chloroform Test Evidence…..which should be coming very soon.

    As for the Anthonys’ Motion to remain in the courtroom….they are
    Both Cindy and George suffer from memory loss once their butts
    are in the Hot Seat…..and I can tell you it isn’t because of
    Alzheimers either.

    Pressed for her answers, bring on her most favorite excuse, I’m
    a grieving grandmother act….while George turns on the faucets
    and the tears flow like the might Mississippi….

    Their Academy Award Performances are getting mighty OLD. I’m
    sure we’ll see it once they get infront of the jury.

  2. donchais
    04/27/2011 at 3:47 pm

    Thanks Swift Justice. In addition to the chloroform and decomp air, we also need to hear what will happen with the root growth information. I feel fairly certain the root growth and chloroform will be in – the decomp air might be a problem. Even so, the State has ample evidence to present!

    As for the Anthonys’, I go with arrogant!

    Her family didn’t care, but Caylee has to know how many of us do!

  3. kas
    04/27/2011 at 5:34 pm

    The Anthonys won’t even show JP’s Courtroom enough respect to stop the bovine-like gum chewing and the constant head-shaking when they don’t like what’s being said. But he should make an exception for them?

    I’m sure that makes perfect sense in their heads.

  4. donchais
    04/27/2011 at 5:36 pm

    kas, you’re spot on with that comment!

  5. jadetm12@att.net
    04/30/2011 at 8:41 pm

    The Grand parents had nothing to do with the death of Caley They know Casey knows what happened.Lies will put you behind bars. She willl stay there.

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