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Casey Anthony – Kinda A Drag


One week to jury selection and Judge Perry has a full plate for today’s hearing.

Judith Mercier is up on behalf of all the media organizations.  Pretty much, she claims the confidentiality agreement is unfair to the media and says if the confidentiality agreement is lifted the defendant could still receive fair treatment.  She also claims the case has already received national attention.

Perry asks her how many capital cases she has tried!  She says none.  He then asks how many capital cases juries has she seated.  She replies none.

Judith Mercier

It is really apparent that Judge Perry is not at all happy with this motion!

Perry says if an organization found out independently where the jury selection is to be, the agreement doesn’t prohibit the organizations from publishing the information.  It’s only prohibited if they find the information out directly from the Judge himself.

She keeps insisting that Perry is withholding information from the media and public by not disclosing the location.

Perry asks how many cases has she seen like the State vs Casey Anthony and tells her to name one!  She can’t off the top of her head.

Perry asks what the station’s legal analyst does.  She can’t answer the question.

The Judge asks if Fox has a special web section just for Casey Anthony and does it contain all the documents that have been released in this case.

She keeps trying to bring up cases that had plenty of publicity and is getting nowhere fast with Judge Perry.

She says Perry can control the situation by extensive questioning of the prospective jurors.  She is telling him how to do his job!

Boy, she sure has brass ones!

Perry asks what if they can’t seat a jury due to pretrial publicity and then Baez and Mason request a 6 month continuance to let publicity die down.  She says that is something the Judge has in his power.

Perry says in Florida if a witness dies, you can’t use their testimony at trial.  So what happens here as this case has been in the works since 2008.

Perry asks, if like fine wine improves with time, does that hold true for memories?

Perry mentions WFTV, WDBO and InSession all indicated they are signing the agreement!

Perry asks if she was aware of the media committee he set up.  She says yes, but she was not part of it.

Have to wonder how long Judge Perry is going to put up with her arguments!

Perry asks Baez if he agrees with Mercier.  Baez says no.

Cindy listening to Judge Perry

Perry asks if he filed a motion to move the trial.  Baez says yes and cites reasons why they did…basically it was all because of the extensive media publicity.

Judge Perry rules tough noogies, Ms. Mercier!  This court has a responsibility to provide a fair trial for Ms. Anthony!  Perry also says he expects the media wants to appeal and that he expects the defense to request a trial delay.  If that happens he intends to gag everybody!

I can’t fathom this trial being delayed for another year!

Perry tells the media to think about why the motion is necessary?  For ratings?

He reminds the court of the budget cuts as well as the enormous expense of this trial.

Casey just burst into tears listening to Judge Perry and Mason has his hand on her back, patting it.   Have to wonder what Casey is crying for?  Did reality finally set in?

Motion denied!  Perry also calls the motion nothing but a distraction while he has more important issues to deal with such as the air samples ruling!

Wow, nothing on motions!  Wonder what’s up with that!

Perry calls for some housekeeping issues to move to the jury room!

Well, that’s it.  I’m disappointed!

  1. Hilde
    05/02/2011 at 12:30 pm

    Yes I agree, today’s Hearing was kinda a Drag.
    Judge Perry did do the right thing by denying News Organizations Motion argued by Ms.Mercier. It was the only right thing to do by Judge Perry to preserve Casey Anthony’s Right to a fair Trial as he pointed out so very carefully.
    Judge Perry showed a lot of Patience with Ms.Mercier by listening to her for a long period of time and gave her ample opportunities to show grounds why he should grant that Motion. Ms. Mercier failed to do so.
    Casey’s Demeanor in Court showed she finally is realizing this is not a Game it is serious. I guess Reality is catching up with her and Mason patting her on her Shoulders didn’t really help because now she really felt like the Victim in all of this and basically the Stress got to her.
    I got News for her, this is barely the Beginning! There will be lots more to come once the Trial begins and Casey will have plenty more stressful times to deal with and I would say there will be Reasons for her to burst into Tears.
    One thing I ask myself, where were the Tears when Caylee according to Casey was missing?
    Casey back then didn’t have time for Tears according to her own Words. She was calm as a cucumber at that time! That makes me believe the Tears she is shedding now are for herself, she is realizing the Life she once knew is gone forever and so is her Daughter Caylee Marie! Casey brought all of that on herself! JMO

  2. donchais
    05/02/2011 at 12:38 pm

    Yup Hilde, I too got the impression Casey finally realizes the jig is up. No sympathy here, she made her bed….

  3. ritanita
    05/02/2011 at 1:01 pm

    I’m off to capture my second cat for a trip to the vet. But I did catch the second part of the hearing. Perry was very exercised about Mercier trying to say he was litereally banning the media from the proceedings… as well as the public.

    Methinks she didn’t get it at all. I think Perry edjumicated her quite a bit today! I hope there is no appeal and I would hate to see the trial delayed based on this motion.

    I can’t wait to watch the whole thing, even if it is only the one motion. It appears I have some things to look forward to!

  4. donchais
    05/02/2011 at 1:33 pm

    I think you’ll be surprised at Mercier’s demeanor and Judge Perry’s controlled ‘rage’!

  5. kas
    05/02/2011 at 3:56 pm

    Mercier came off as terribly unprepared. I don’t know how she MEANT to sound, but when she was challenging JP on the Jury(extensive questioning) issue, it came off as: “Well, that’s your department, not mine.”

    It would be one thing if the Media would at least acknowledge how what they are wanting from the Court is problematic, but this whole Baez-esque: “Whadda-mean?”, is just a bit much.

  6. Hilde
    05/02/2011 at 3:59 pm

    donchais, You said it! We have seen Judge Perry’s controlled Rage at todays Hearing and I must say I don’t blame him. He is doing everything in his Power to go on with that Trial and be fair to every one, especially to the Defendant. He wants to make sure Casey Anthony will have a fair Trial. I believe Judge Perry knows what he is talking about and therefore todays Ruling was just and in the Best Interest of Casey Anthony.
    Should the Accused Casey A. be convicted, I am sure there will be a Appeal but todays Ruling won’t be a Issue, should there be an Appeal.
    Judge Perry is very careful in his Rulings, so there will be no Appeal Issue later on. JMO

  7. donchais
    05/02/2011 at 4:21 pm

    kas, Mercier was an arrogant, ignorant, unprofessional lawyer. Much in league with Baez and Mason!

    Hilde, I knew the moment Judge Perry entered the courtroom he was more than angry and I’m sure he was seething all weekend over this frivolous and capricious motion.

    He bluntly stated that ‘if the media’ found out the location for jury selection – not from himself – they were free to publish it – he had no control over that. When he spoke to the Frye hearings, particularly the air samples, and the amount of research he and staff had to tackle, and then slammed the files on the bench, it was apparent Ms. Mercier had crossed the line in a big way!

    He lambasted her, but got it on record if the media appeals, they will lose. If they do appeal and postpone this trial, there will be hell to pay in more ways than one!

    If Mercier and cronies don’t understand that, God help them!

  8. 05/02/2011 at 6:58 pm

    Yep, the fact the judge will disclose the jury selection location if a confidentiality clause is signed is IMO, a professional courtesy in itself. If this case was anywhere but FL, there would likely have been a gag order long ago.

    Hopefully the media outlets represented by Mercier will just accept the judge’s ruling and gas up their trucks and be ready to go on the 9th, that is, if they still decide against signing the confidentiality agreement. They might miss a bit of jury selection without signing the agreement but then that’s their decision.

    I too felt as though Casey may have had a flash of a reality check today when she cried. I’ve little doubt that she is also realizing maybe it’s not so great to be such a media “star”.

    I did like when Mercier mentioned much of the media attention may be due to family appearances in the media. I’ve just caught snippets of this mornings hearing so I don’t know if she included the defense team in that but she should have.

  9. donchais
    05/02/2011 at 10:50 pm

    Hey katfish!

    Mercier just blew me away because she just didn’t get it. Why she continued to argue with the Judge is beyond me!

  10. 05/03/2011 at 1:40 am

    I imagine Mercier made a few $$ today in exchange for that azz whoopin Judge Perry gave her. She was representing more than a handful of media organizations. That is the only (good?) reason I can think of for pushing the envelope the way she did. Those writing her check can’t say she didn’t try. LOL

  11. donchais
    05/03/2011 at 5:31 am

    Whatever she got paid, it was too much! She surely didn’t know too much about what was going on, lol!

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