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Elisa Baker, Adam Baker and Michael Jacques Updates


Elisa and Adam Baker

Elisa Baker appeared in court yesterday and her attorney, Scott Reilly, entered not guilty pleas for two counts each of felony identity theft and felony obtaining property by false pretenses.

When Baker arrived at court she was wearing a bulletproof vest and SWAT officers in tactical gear and assault rifles were waiting near the entrance to escort Baker inside.

Prosecutor Eric Bellas asked to set a trial date for Aug. 2.  Judge Beverly Beal asked if the district attorney’s office had offered a plea and was told no.

Judge Beal did not set a trial date on the felony charges.

The next court date will be July 11.

Zahra Baker

Adam Baker had 4 worthless check charges dropped after making restitution.

Baker’s movements are restricted by the Immigration Customs Enforcement.  He is required to wear an ankle bracelet monitoring device, must go to Charlotte weekly to check in at the regional ICE office.  If he wants to leave North Carolina, he’s required to notify ICE.

The DA wanted to severely limit Baker’s travel, but Superior Court Judge Eric Levinson imposed the following conditions:
1. Baker must follow all federal monitoring requirements, which include notifying ICE agents of any plans to travel outside of North Carolina.
2. Baker must notify the Catawba County District Attorney’s Office within 7 business days if he plans to travel outside of North Carolina. This allows the DA’s office to set up a hearing if they do not agree to the travel plans.
3. Baker must notify the Catawba County Clerk of Court office of any address or employment changes.

Prosecutors believe Adam Baker is a flight risk.  Adam Baker has not been charged in connection to the murder of Zahara Baker.

Michael Jacques

Michael Jacques has learned that U.S. District Court Judge William Sessions III is allowing prosecutors to seek the death penalty.  Several other rulings, favoring the prosecution were also made.

~ The trial will not be moved out of state, but the Judge will revisit the issue if jury selection becomes a problem.

~ Damaging information Jacques provided to a former co-worker detailing how to get him exonerated and blame the killing on an international sex ring of pedophiles will be allowed as evidence.  See the information here Brooke Bennett’s Uncle, Michael Jacques – A Depraved Monster.

Brooke Bennett

~ Denial of a motion by Jacques’ lawyers seeking to have the count of kidnapping with death resulting dismissed.

Michael Jacques has been charged the 2008 kidnapping, rape and killing of his 12-year-old niece, Brooke Bennett.


Elisa Baker pleads not guilty to ID theft charges

Elisa Baker under heavy guard at Caldwell County arraignment
Worthless check charges dropped against Adam Baker
Judge eases Adam Baker’s travel restrictions
Judge: Jacques trial to proceed as death-penalty case

  1. ritanita
    05/05/2011 at 9:35 am

    Looking at that wedding picture reminds me how gaunt and thin she looks now. Jail is not her friend. I guess she thinks it’s okay to use her daughter’s ID to get her electric turned on, hey, it’s family!

    As for Michael Jacques, it’s about time there were some decisions made. His crime is so horrible! It’s also taken him an awfully long time to get him to trial. This was the last case I followed just prior to Casey Anthony.

    Considering what he did, how on earth did the defense think they could get the kidnapping with murder charges dropped. That’s the worst part of his crimes against poor Brooke.

  2. donchais
    05/05/2011 at 9:43 am

    I still want to see more charges against Adam Baker! How the heck he remains free is amazing!

    As for Michael Jacques, he needs to go on trial now. The delays have been ridiculous!

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