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Casey Anthony Defense Pulling Out All The Stops


An emergency hearing was called today to address the sequestration of George and Cindy Anthony.  Surprisingly Cheney Mason filed a motion supporting the sequestration of George, Cindy.

Also slotted is a motion by the defense objecting to the location for jury selection.

Today was also the deadline for parties to respond to the media request that Judge Perry’s remove the confidentiality agreement regarding jury selection.  Mason requested the Appeals Court grant him 30 days to respond.  The answer was a resounding NO!  Read the motion and denial.

Cindy has also made a play date for Saturday at the jail and doesn’t want the video released.  Jail officials won’t know until Saturday morning whether or not Casey will accept Cindy’s visit.

Geez, how many times does she have to be told no?

Also it appears the defense has lost jury consultant, Richard Gabriel.  It is unclear why he left, but it doesn’t bode well for the defense!

Cindy AND George are present today and don’t they look like the happy couple!

As the defense objection to the jury selection location is under seal, the parties met in camera.

At 1:26 the parties returned to open court and Baez withdrew the motion!

Mark Lippman is discussing why Cindy and George should be allowed to attend the entire motion with no sequestration. I am not impressed by Lippman’s argument.  He refers to the defense asking they be sequestered and it’s possible they won’t be able to attend any of the trial.

Mason argues that just because there are depositions doesn’t eliminate the right to challenge, confront and cross-examine them.  He also says they have the right to recall George and Cindy and may do so several time.  If not sequestered, their testimony will be tainted.

Jeff Ashton says he has concerns that jury and public will look to them for reactions.  He also says the State will call the Anthony’s several times.  If they are allowed in court, Ashton suggests they be made to sit in the balcony.

Perry says anyone makes facial expressions will be ejected immediately with no warning and there are signs posted in the courtroom.

Perry says the defense has not met their burden proving George and Cindy create prejudice.  If the Anthony’s violate any other rules they will not be allowed to attend, but as of now they can!

Baez now recants saying they won’t use the background information they turned over to the State regarding Dr. Vass.  In light of the rulings, Baez now wants to use the information.  Ashton says out of the 5,000 some out documents, Baez should present which ones he might want to use.

Baez says because he doesn’t know what Dr. Vass will say so he can’t decide which ones he would use.

Seems Baez issued a bunch of subpoenas for folks to show up Monday at 9am, however they won’t be in the court if they are doing jury selection!  Baez says they just want them on standby!

Judge Perry says he’ll see them all 8:30 Monday morning!

Casey’s Defense Loses Jury Selection Consultant

  1. kas
    05/06/2011 at 3:26 pm

    I was surprised JP allowed them in the Courtroom, but we should start a Countdown clock to see who gets ejected first. My vote is George. The shut-eyed head shaking whenever someone is contradicting their insanity is like his own little Tourettes Syndrome.

    And then there’s the gum.

  2. donchais
    05/06/2011 at 3:54 pm

    OMG kas, that was too funny!

  3. Barb2
    05/07/2011 at 9:26 am

    When the Judge was discussing proper court room behavior, he should have included sticking out one’s tongue and the giving of the one-finger salute. I predict the A’s won’t last long in the court room, rules don’t pertain to them.

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