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Casey Anthony In Search Of A Jury


We’ve been waiting a long time for this and now it’s begun in Clearwater, Florida.  12 jurors and 8 alternates are needed and Judge Perry will be keeping everybody in-check.  What will be most interesting to watch is the behavior of Casey and the defense team.  It should give us a clue as to what to expect during the trial.

Ann Finnell and Dot Sims are here with the defense.

Casey is dressed rather demurely.

Well, there is no sound!  Baez has been at the podium addressing Judge Perry.

Jeff Ashton is now speaking, but still no sound…this is very frustrating…ahhh sound!

Baez was apparently arguing to keep some evidence out.  Judge Perry is annoyed that Baez waited til today to address evidence from Oak Ridge and denies the motion.

Judge Perry is reading a motion from Finnell to toss the death penalty…denied!

Mason address the cameras being present.  He wants to make sure perspective jurors will not be photographed which Judge Perry agrees to.

At the end of today, the court will revisit the motion to compel Dr. Vass’ database, so air samples are in!  That’s what Baez must have been objecting to.

Both teams change seats to face the gallery, not the bench. At 10:04 prospective jurors – 85 – begin filing in and what was pretty funny, the entire defense team jumped to their feet, lol.  They aren’t jurors yet so it was a funny, transparent attempt by the defense to show their respect! One of the guards told them they could sit.

10:21 the prospective jurors are sworn.

Judge Perry welcomes the prospective jurors and identifies himself. He identifies the teams and reads the charges; 1st degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child, 4 counts of providing false information to LE.

Oh, Casey turns on the waterworks on cue!  Sorry, I don’t buy it!

Linda Burdick asks to approach the bench.  Judge Perry tells the prospective jurors to not pay attention to Casey showing emotion!

Judge Perry covers reasonable doubt and burden of proof.

Each person will be brought in individually and the first area to be covered will be hardship.

Judge Perry calls for a break and both teams rearrange the seats back to the normal direction of facing the bench.

Interesting to note, now that the public has been let in, Brad Conway is there!

Baez wants the panel struck because there aren’t enough blacks or hispanics!  Judge Perry says tough noogies!

1st juror – no hardship! This guy also sound bright.

OFGS, Mason wants to know if he has medical conditions, dietary concerns, allergies.  Are you married?  Do you have children?  I sure hope he doesn’t do this crap with everybody!  Mason is trying to talk him out of jury duty for a two month period of time.

Perry says they are trying to ferret out the obvious hardships and while they are welcome to ask questions, but they have 110 folks to questions and perhaps one the hardships are released, maybe then they can ask questions!

2nd juror – 89-year-old father just moved down and she is his caregiver!  Excused and the defense is objecting because she may have had a solution to serve.  Mason needs to shuddup!

From the action at the defense table, Ann Finnell is acting as jury consultant!

3rd juror – No hardship! Freakin Mason at it again and goes through the same litany.  Will your job pay you if you are gone for 2 months?  Yes!  Another intelligent guy!

4th juror – He claims his wife is afraid to be alone at night and his job would prevent his serving.  Nobody to fill his place at work at this multimillion dollar corporation.  Released for cause.

5th juror – Hardship.  His work as an insurance compliance analyst would prevent him.  Nothing else is hardship.  He would get paid only for 15 days, but he could use vacation time.  Now he says financially  he could last 6 weeks.  1-2 others could handle his duties if he was gone.  He’s single.

Judge Perry doesn’t excuse him at this time.

Judge also says they will start at 8:30am tomorrow.

6th juror – She does counseling on a voluntary basis twice a week.  Her clients are stable and some other consultants could take up the slack.  She has a month-long vacation planned at the end of June.  She’s retired.  She can’t, in good conscience, say she has a hardship!

7th juror – Single and won’t get paid for that length of time.  He didn’t even discuss it with his employers.  Oh, he writes the policies for the company!  He feels he would go into bankruptcy on the $30 dollars a day the State pays, lol!  Mason objects because he didn’t prove financial hardship.  He will be called back!

8th juror – Hardship because he is going to Texas on May 25th.  He thinks he has non-refundable tickets for a 4 day trip!  He says he’s single father.  He’s gone!

Lunch called, recess til 1:15!

So, pretty much you get the flavor.  This will continue for the rest of the day…nothing earth-shattering til we get to the real questions tomorrow!

See ya then!

  1. Barb2
    05/09/2011 at 6:21 pm

    Great write-up, keep the info coming and thank you very much.

  2. donchais
    05/09/2011 at 6:31 pm

    You are more than welcome! 🙂

  3. ritanita
    05/10/2011 at 6:49 am

    Morning! I hope you are ready for another day! I wonder if Casey is listening to the hardship cases and learning what normal people sacrifice for others. So many are taking care of their children (funny how so many have little girls)and elderly relatives. This is a world she does not understand.

    For those who end up on the jury and have managed a way to have their care-giver duties taken over by others for the time of the trial,I can’t imagine they will have sympathy for a leech like Casey.

    I wonder if the defense team can afford a box of Kleenex. Those hand towels were gross, especially when Casey was “digging for gold” after her crying jag. And YES! I do believe that she had a melt-down over the reading of the indictment… for herself of course. I heard on a report that the prospective jurors were craning their necks to see her. Too bad they were facing the entire jury pool!

    Plus, I looked at the new seating chart and YES! Casey and her team will be facing the jury. Let’s hope that they get a clear view of her without visual obstructions, like charts and the podium.

  4. donchais
    05/10/2011 at 7:13 am

    As you said, Casey only cries for herself. There have never been any waterworks when the discussion is about Caylee!

    Casey has an amazing ability to turn the tears off and on when she believes it suits her!

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