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Casey Anthony – Jurors Wanted


I have to admit that I missed the afternoon session yesterday, but was flabbergasted when I reviewed the video.  Well, after yesterdays debacle, we begin anew today.  We also have to wait and see if we get anymore bonehead motions from the defense or perhaps another request that the State do their homework for them!

Casey is not looking her best today – she is pretty unkempt.

A new panel is being read the charges by Judge Perry, while the attorneys are reviewing their questionnaires.

Casey cannot look at the prospective jurors.  She is looking down, eyes closed, biting her lip and shaking her head no.  There she goes!  The waterworks have started as she is crying for herself!  Pretty much, the entire defense team is ignoring her.  I doubt sincerely her performance is garnering any sympathy with this panel!

At break, the defense team surround Casey and one can only guess they instructed her to get her act together and stop the dramatics.  In fact, it appears they had her sent out of court to pull herself together.  When she returned, she was and is being watched by her sitters.

Anybody know who this dark-haired, female member of the defense is? ————————————>>>

She is very chummy with Casey and is one of her sitters.

Judge Perry now begins the individual questioning regarding hardship.  The process is moving quickly.

An astounding circumstance occurred when a prospective said his flight tomorrow would cost $125 to reschedule.  Perry said he would find a way to cover it!  He wants to bring the juror back after lunch for full voir dire to see if either side wants to oppose him.

A second person found he would be credited by Delta for his flight, but has Brewer tickets.  Perry said he would make a call on that!  Quite amazing, but shows just how serious Judge Perry is about keeping the trial on track.

Good on you, Judge Perry for carefully navigating the  ship toward the shore of justice for Caylee!  She has been waiting far too long and needs to know, in her short life, she touched and is loved by thousands.

A perspective juror approached a reporter to find out how to get out of jury duty.  Perry called him in and will proceed with contempt charges if he is found out.  Yikes!

The guy is a moron, claims he didn’t know it was a crime to talk to somebody even after admitting he understood Judge Perry’s rules.  Now he claims he didn’t listen, he just wanted to get out of jury duty.  Perry hits him with contempt of court – will not imprison him, but fines him $450.  It will be paid at a rate of $50 a month.

Holy cow!  If the next 40 brought in aren’t enough Perry will bring in more from ‘next door’.  A more diverse ethnic group from a homeless center!  Baez says he feels badly so many minorities are homeless, but does ask Perry to see how many have drivers licenses!

We are moving along at a quick pace again.  More people are saying they could participate and there seems to be more females in this group.

Well, we made it through the entire batch with only the one mishap.

61 people have made the first cut and another panel of 40 are being brought in and its 3:40 already.  Perry says once he brings them in, he ain’t quitting til they’re done!

OK, we will hear Judge Perry again read the charges to this new group.  Earlier, Casey’s team had a ‘come-to Jesus’ meeting with her so it is with much anticipation by everyone to see if she cries this time or is able to control herself!

Anthony sits with folded hands, avoiding eye contact with the prospective jurors.  Dot is playing attentive sitter and Casey is gulping and shaking.  Oops, there go the waterworks!  No amount of coaching is going to help her.  Baez is pissed.

What truly pisses me off is she can do this about herself, but when it comes to Caylee, not a glimmer of emotion!

Casey swoons and is removed from court by two guards.  She looked messed up, but the defense team is standing around grinning, so I’m feeling it is the latest Casey theatrics ploy. 

Baez has now gone back to see her.  Baez now conferring with Linda Burdick.  Wonder if this is a way to end court for the day?  Now Mason goes back to see her!  Sorry, but I put nothing past Anthony!  Baez now goes back again!  Ah, she made it back, bully for her!

Hardship questioning for the new group begins at 5:07pm.

This group is not so good as opposed to the last group and I’m quickly losing interest!

So we are done for the day and it made for a long day!

7:09 pm, I’m done in! See you tomorrow at 8:30 am, my friends!

  1. kas
    05/12/2011 at 3:17 pm

    The woman is Rosalie Bolin. She was once a prominent member of the Miami community until the day she decided to leave her husband and 4 children for a man sitting on Death Row. Google her, you will not be disappointed. Baez really can pick ’em.

    I don’t think she genuinely had a Panic Attack. If you’ve ever had one, you do not just “recover” the way she did and come strolling back out. And as you noted, Baez’ smirking is the biggest Poker Tell of all. One thing I’ve learned watching him, he is incapable of keeping his glee under wraps. The Jury is not going to like him.

  2. donchais
    05/12/2011 at 3:21 pm

    Thanks kas! I did find out about her this morning and there was a lot of negative stuff out there…scary!

    I do believe Ms. Anthony has a great acting ability!

    ITA about Baez!

  3. SusanD(VA)
    05/13/2011 at 9:45 am

    Casey sickens me. I agree that she only cries for herself. The only thing I believe at this point is that she is getting a well deserved dose of reality and it looks grim to her. Too bad she can’t show this much emotion over Caylee. The poor Casey is a victim mentality is disgusting. I get tp the point where I can’t watch Baez because i really want to smack that smirk right off his face. I wonder with HHJP’s admonitions about the facial expressions, etc. if it will get Casey and/or Baez removed form the courtroom at some point during the trial. That would be worth seeing.

  4. donchais
    05/13/2011 at 12:20 pm

    Susan, I believe the jury will see through all of it!

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