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Casey Anthony – Searching For Jurors


Interesting, Casey is all chatty and chipper today!

Baez is asking that the daily newspapers be entered to the record and he feels prospective jurors maybe seeing the extensive coverage.  He is also complaining about the mics and the stories that he allegedly told Casey she was acting like a 2-year-old!  He wants all mics cut off except the possible juror and Court mics.

Judge Perry says the mics on the defense and prosecution tables were cut off.  The podium and the Judge’s mic and the witness stand are the only mics that are on.  The court reporter must be able to hear.  This is a public courtroom and the public needs to have the ability to hear.  I have no control over what the media prints, nor do I want to.

Complain to the media management if they are being unethical.  For good measure, Judge Perry throws in, ‘it is what it is’.  If you want to continue talking about this, I will cut into your voir dire time…pick your poison!

We begin with call backs for additional questioning.

Judge Perry asks what he knows about the case.  He has some knowledge of the case via TV, he thinks.  He doesn’t feel he has formed an opinion on guilt or innocence.  He is very intelligent and down-to-earth.

This first questioning is limited to pre-trial publicity and Baez keeps getting into other areas to which Linda Burdick keeps objecting and Judge Perry keeps sustaining.

Now we are going into death or LWOP.  He believes in the death penalty in the right situation.  He also believes he can follow the laws governing this case.

Now what really gives a look into the defense strategy – come mitigation – Finnell wanted to address this partial list of these items with every potential juror regarding Casey’s life experiences:

Casey’s age at the time of the crime

Her lack of maturity

Her lack of impulse control

History of sexual abuse

Suffers from insomnia and nightmares

Lack of parental guidance

Mother and father failed to protect her as a child

Verbally and emotionally abused as a child

Taught poor coping skills

Taught to project false appearance

Used as a decoy or pawn by parents and as a scape goat for parental misconduct

OK, you get the gist.  All I can say to George and Cindy is, bend over and kiss your butts goodbye, but add that jurors may also easily recognize Casey’s pattern of lying and have difficulty believing this is an excuse for the heinous death of Caylee!  Love ’em or hate ’em, George and Cindy did not force Casey to murder Caylee!

Judge Perry won’t allow this level of detail during jury selection!

Next area they cover is life experiences and how they affect the juror’s decisions and the media presence in the court, as well as interaction with the media.  Career, education, family, etc.  Do you know any victim of a crime, have you participated in any lawsuit, etc.

At 12:03 Perry released the potential juror to lunch.  He then has to explain the purpose of jury selection as to laying your case out (read defense here).  Baez went way over the line.  Perry says he will interject when he has to.  He also says they will be here through all 36 more folks who are here today.  Considering this first potential took more than 3 hours, we will grow old through the process!

Thank you Judge Perry for putting your foot down!

The first potential juror is back on the hot seat.

Baez asks if he’s done a good job in finding out who his is…Linda Burdick objects and Judge sustains.

He rewords the question as, ‘have we’ done a good job?

Finnell is back questioning a modified list of mitigating factors.

Jury 1340 is accepted!!!!  Praise the Lord!!!

Next prospective juror, 1232 is called.

They follow the same script of asking about pretrial publicity, first.

Linda Burdick heeded the Judge’s instruction to keep things brief.  Baez tried to keep it brief.

1232 has no preconceived opinion about the death penalty.

Oops, Finnell has been crossing the line with questioning about mitigating circumstances and Ashton is objecting.

Perry has the prospective juror leave and tells Finnell the line of questioning has already been addressed as improper.  Finnell claims not to know what Perry is objecting to because she asked those questions of the first juror and doesn’t feel she asked anything improper.  Judge Perry says well, they are improper and calls for a recess – he is not at all happy!

Finnell can be bitchy and obtuse when she wants!

Finnell wants guidance and Perry tells her to ask her questions and they will be addressed as objections arise.  Finnell now wants the juror struck because the Judge admonished her in front of the juror.  Request to strike, denied!

Now we move onto general voir dire – presumption of innocence.  The prospective juror says he has no issue with that or if the defendant doesn’t take the witness stand.

He has no issue with the media presence in the courtroom.

Holy cow!  Linda just said, ‘you may be asked to smell an odor that is unpleasant’…Mason objects saying the State is trying the case.  Judge Perry sustains.

We finally wrap-up with 1232 and Judge Perry asks the State and defense is he a keeper.  Neither side has a challenge!

Perry says at the rate they are going, we’ve used too much time and many people have been here all day.  He will take a few more today, but by law he will limit their time tomorrow in questioning.  Mason gives the judge several cases for him to look at before ruling.

Perry says some of they questions have been unnecessary as they have nothing to do with actual voir dire.  He will release all but 3 of the prospective jurors to finish out the day.

Well folks, its 3:10pm and that does it for me for today.  We’ll see if tomorrow they pick up the pace.

Have a great evening!

  1. Hilde
    05/12/2011 at 7:51 pm

    There is one Question I have, if Casey Anthony had such a terrible Upbringing with alleged sexual abuse and mental abuse just to name a few according to the Defense’s
    possible Theory, than why in the Heck didn’t Casey leave first Chance she had! I tell You why, because she had it made, her Parents fed her, housed her and let her get away with just about any thing.
    Also there are so many People growing up in a dysfunctional family that is no Reason to kill and is no Excuse whatsoever for Casey’s Behavior while Caylee was missing and not reported for 31 Days! BTW Casey wasn’t missing, most likely she was already dead by June 16th 2008.
    It will be very interesting but not surprising what the Defense will come up with when Trial starts.
    I am pretty sure the Prosecution will be ready for whatever they come up with.
    Caylee’s Voice will be heard loud and clear, the Prosecution will make sure of that. JMO
    Justice for Caylee!

  2. donchais
    05/12/2011 at 8:30 pm

    Hilde, you nailed it exactly! The defense has nothing but confusion to present.

    My hope is we can get a jury who sees past this obvious theatrical presentation of fairy tale theater.

    You never know who may be a rogue juror, but my deepest hope is Caylee gets freed from the shackles of this oppressive farce and justice is served for a beautiful, precious innocent!

    Thanks Hilde for helping guide Caylee to justice!

  3. FRG
    05/12/2011 at 9:14 pm


    Thank you or the article!

    OMG! I never thought I would say what I am about to say… I feel sorry for the Anthony’s at least I hope they will come to terms their daughter has personality disorder! I knew this was coming but I didn’t think JB and KC would go that low, well he is a scum bag so I should not be surprised. I didn’t approve what the Anthonys did to Mr. Kronk, still don’t but the Anthonys raised this ungrateful inhuman being they named KC. That’s what Cindy got by condoning KC! Oh well!

    Do you think George and Cindy will keep letting KC to run the show in the trial? I would not be surprised but if they do that they will deserve what it is coming and it is “not pretty” donchais!

    I also believe the jurors won’t believe KC’s claims! She is such a liar, she may cry like the Menendez brothers did on the hot seat but she is not such a good actress anyway! She will be shred to pieces by the prosecutors!

    Caylee will get her justice finally!

  4. Hilde
    05/12/2011 at 11:11 pm

    should read Caylee wasn’t missing not Casey 😳

  5. donchais
    05/13/2011 at 5:34 am

    FRG, The really scary thing is that I’ve little doubt that George and Cindy will willingly sacrifice themselves to save Casey!

  6. 05/13/2011 at 8:37 am

    It appears to me. The Anthony’s want to blame the defense for what may be about to happen to them. And not Casey. They probably think the defense is up to this on their own. So I am not so sure they will turn against Casey.

  7. FRG
    05/13/2011 at 8:49 am


    You may be right about the Anthony’s! And I agree, it is scary! But will they take all of that AF read on the list? The Anthony’s are enablers but they gave a roof to that ungrateful daughter of theirs and roof and food to Caylee. Yes, Cindy is manipulative, I don’t like her, I don’t like George but ti doesn’t mean I approve all the lies KC is making up. The list is huge! There are no perfect parents, and to put the blame on the parents is an easy thing to do. It is hard to believe Cindy will take all of that just because she feels guilty! If she does then she deserves it!

    donchais, do you think they will save KC by going along?

  8. donchais
    05/13/2011 at 9:06 am

    shyloh, I’m not sure anyone in the Anthony deals in reality. They believe they do no wrong and everything that happens is because of someone else.

    FRG, who knows? Many people grow up in dysfunctional homes and they don’t brutally kill a child because of it.

    Will George and Cindy save Casey? I think they will be pissed at what comes out in trial, but I think they will do anything to get Casey off. Having said that, I do believe the jury will catch on pretty quickly that Casey is a huge liar and they will also realize the ever-changing stories from George and Cindy so maybe none of that will even play into the jury decision.

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