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Casey Anthony Jury Selection – How Much Longer?


Well, the good Judge Belvin Perry has tightened the reins and both sides will be limited to 30 minutes.  Hopefully, we should no longer be moving at a snail’s pace!

Casey is brought in.  She is wearing a ruffled, blue blouse and has her hair pulled back in a ponytail.  She chats with Ann Finnell . 

Juror 1312 is called in at 8:30.

Judge Perry ask her if she has any knowledge of the case.  She read about it when the story first broke.  She knew Casey had been arrested.  She saw an interview with Cindy where she said Casey was innocent.    She remembers folks talking about it and people were voicing opinions as to guilt or innocence.  She says she has not formed an opinion because she feels there is more to the story than has been released.

Linda Burdick quickly goes through her questioning about what media she watches or reads, if she blogs.

Jose Baez begins questioning at 8:42 regarding pre-trial publicity.  She is not a fan of Facebook or Twitter.  She never watched any of the hearings.  She was surprised by the media mob when she arrived on Monday for jury duty.  Baez wraps up at 8:50!

Guess folks took the Judge’s time limit to heart!

We move to questions about death penalty or LWOP.  She believes in the death penalty in certain circumstances.  She believes she is capable of following the law as given by the judge.

Jeff Ashton is quite brief and now Finnell is going through mitigating circumstances.  The juror says she can weigh mitigating circumstances.

Juror ends by saying she feels she can be fair and impartial.

We move on to general voir dire.

She understands the accused is presumed innocent.

She is a nurse and in the process of divorce.

She has no problem with the media presence.

She would answer media questions but would run to volunteer to.

She has two grandchildren.  She is active in their lives, but she isn’t raising them.

She doesn’t believe the media can influence a case.  She believes they are giving their opinion.

Baez just crossed the line by trying the case during voir dire!  Baez does this in order to taint the juror and Linda Burdick is objecting.  Judge sustains as improper questions.

Baez is dancing around PTS!  Remember, Casey has not been diagnosed with anything!

Linda keeps objecting to improper questioning, Judge keeps sustaining and a pouting Baez asks for a sidebar.

In her career, she has worked with people who were abused.  Baez wants to know if any of those folks delayed in reporting abuse…boy, why don’t we just hold the entire trial now?

The 1st juror took about 1 hour and 20 minutes.  No challenges so she made the cut!

Perry announces if neither side exercises any back strikes, he intends to bring the jurors back tomorrow and he will swear them in.  He also says he expects to strike a full jury by tomorrow and then if there are challenges he will start the fill in process.

1011 is brought in.  He remembers hearing Casey had been arrested, but hasn’t followed the case.  He doesn’t know of anybody who formed an opinion as to innocence or guilt.

We go through the same process again. It is so repetitious to the point of tedium which is why I’m not really taking notes.

One juror is sick and being sent home.  They will check on her condition tonight.

This current juror said he has never been arrested on the questionnaire. He has been arrested for DUI!

This juror has also written a movie review on a crime movie!  Baez asks how long ago, he says long time ago.  Baez tells him it was 3 weeks ago.

Guess they got into his internet history!

Baez challenges for untruthful answers and the juror being disingenuous.

The State disagrees because of the questions.  He explained his answers when questioned and some of Mr. Baez’s questions didn’t address the reasons Mr. Baez is striking him for cause.  If Mr. Baez thinks he’s a liar then he can use a peremptory.

The Judge calls the juror back in and questions him about the DUI and is satisfied.

Baez says the Court has to make a ruling for cause.  The little sneak is trying to get the Judge to take the rap so he doesn’t have to use a peremptory challenge!

The defense uses a challenge and tosses him, so the defense is down to 9 challenges!

Mason now tries to sneak in a new jury questionnaire.

The Judge calls for lunch break at 11:48 and gives them 40 minutes.

As they start, Judge Perry denied the questionnaire motion.

This new prospective juror has heard about the case and his impression is that Casey did it!  He also says he can set aside his preconceived notions.

This guy either doesn’t understand some of the questions, but he keeps waffling on the imposition of the death penalty.  He says no then says yes.  Not sure he’ll make the cut.

No challenges from either side!

1055 is brought in.  She never heard of the case til last Saturday when her mom called her!   She is a nursing student.  She doesn’t watch or read the news.  She is for the death penalty under the right circumstances.

Finnell is treating a very bright juror like she is a child.  Finally Ashton objects and asks for a sidebar!  Finnell keeps attempting to try the case during voir dire with mitigating factors.

We have finally reached general voir dire, yeah!

No challenges from either side!

This will continue until very late in the evening.  The tedium and boredom have set in, so I’m outta here!

Catch ya tomorrow!

  1. ritanita
    05/13/2011 at 5:33 pm

    I just had to quit! I was taking mini-naps on the sofa and jumped up only to type something. I already posted my article. I don’t need to do this!

    They are going to be going for at least a couple more hours. Tomorrow is a full day and I’m guessing it probably will start at 8:30… maybe 9? Yawn! It gets boring fast!

  2. donchais
    05/13/2011 at 6:25 pm

    Thanks for popping in!

    Its been an excruciating week! Likely to see some of it tomorrow, but again with all the repetition, I doubt I’ll put in a full day.


  3. ritanita
    05/14/2011 at 6:47 am

    I’m going a bit “casual” again today. It’s amazing how much one can do when the same questions keep getting asked! While I feel “iffy” about some of the 8 potential jurors still in the pool, I think that once they are sequestered and have an opportunity to hear opening statements and all the testimony, they will get so involved in the case that they will change their focus.

  4. donchais
    05/14/2011 at 8:21 am

    “Casual” sounds good to me, lol!

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