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Casey Anthony – Jury Selection Continues


As we enter week two of jury selection, many have expressed concern as to whether or not a jury can be seated.  I’ve no doubt that we will get a jury this week and Casey’s chips will fall where they may.

We have all surmised opening statements will not begin tomorrow as Judge Belvin Perry hoped, but if the defense gets serious about picking a jury instead of delaying the process, we can be assured Caylee’s story will finally be told.

Casey has entered wearing a white top and sweater, possibly from Cindy’s closet, and is quite chatty with Ann Finnell and Dot Sims.  She begins scribbling on her pad early.

Interesting, no sighting of Rosalie since Friday!  Did another one bite the dust?

Judge Perry informs the court 1268, who has been out for a medical procedure needs more extensive work so the Judge excused her.

3119 will be brought in because she has vacations issues where she is supposed be leaving on Tuesday.  Perry opines he doesn’t know how they all could have missed that, but they bring her in for questioning.  She and her family are going to Sanibel Island until Saturday.  Perry says we shouldn’t be using these folks as widgets, so if they are going to get rid of her, just do it.

 Frank George wants to question her because they don’t have enough information.  Perry cautions he has a long memory and warns both sides about questioning only to have her struck when it comes down to final challenges.

She remembers some of the news from 3 years ago, but hasn’t followed the case.  She has no opinion formed as to guilt.  She struggles with the presumption of innocence, but ends up saying Anthony would be innocent.  She believes she can follow the law if selected.

She gets through pretrial publicity and they move to death penalty vs LWOP.  She is not against the death penalty when appropriate.

They move on to general voir dire.

Geez, everyone on the defense just can’t shut up – concise is not in their collective vocabulary. 

Baez wants the juror tossed because of her answers regarding mercy and age as a mitigator, as well as presumption of innocence.

State objects to challenge for cause by the defense.

Judge Perry disagrees with the defense and will not release for cause.

Defense wastes uses peremptory challenge.

1025 is brought in.

We begin with publicity as is the established pattern!  Death penalty vs LWOP next.  Ashton questioned, Finney did not!.  General voir dire in next.

I have to wonder why Baez gets away with endless questions about jury instructions.  In my opinion, that ain’t general voir dire.  Judge Perry should make him knock it off!

Ahhh, Baez combined his and Finney’s questions!

State nor defense have challenges.

1007 is up next…you know the drill…

Wow neither side had questions on the death penalty so we are on general voir dire.

At the sidebar earlier, I believe Judge Perry  lit a fire under both sides because they were quick.

State has no challenge, Baez wants her tossed for cause because he doesn’t think she could have formed a positive opinion about guilt or innocence because all the press about his client has been negative.  Linda Burdick says she believes the court cleared that up!

Perry denies challenge for cause.

Perry recesses until 1pm and tells them at 5pm he intends to ask if they are any serious challenges they will use so that the prospective jurors won’t be dragged in to hang around for another day!

1426 is first up after lunch and the defense has sped up their questioning a bit.  He’s 22 and in the process of becoming a nurse and he has seen deceased people.

Neither side challenges.

Judge Perry says there are 3 more to go the other 5 are waiting at home.  Court just informed that 1 actual showed up.  So now the count stands at 4 more can be questioned today!

1315 up next.  His sister is very ill and ‘still in the woods’.  The Judge asks if he thinks he can can continue.  He says it would be better to discontinue.  He also has neck and back problems, himself.

Judge Perry has the lawyers approach.  1315 is released for cause.

1159 is called next.  Ashton has a few short questions on pretrial publicity, Baez has none.

On to death or LWOP.  Perry seems to be covering most of everyone’s voir dire.  State has no questions, but Finney just has to do her shtick.  Finnell has a bad cold and it’s even more painful to hear her drone on.

General voir dire now.

He works for the VA as a manager in the disability compensation area.  He served in the army and attained Sargent rank.  Has a BA.  Ashton was quick, but Mason is being a total bore by babbling on and on.  Thankfully Mason finally shuts up and sits down!

State has no challenge nor does the defense.

1237 is called and we go through the same old same old on publicity.  She knows a ton about the case…watched CNN and Nancy Grace, knows about the 911 calls.  She pretty much knows it all.  She does believes Anthony is guilty!  She can’t put that aside.

She’s gone with cause.

Last on call today is 3163…

The court just found out 3397 is 15 minutes away.  He originally had health hardship issues so the State wants to bring him in to have him answer some questions.  He may be cleared quickly.

3163 is on.  In regards to publicity she got most of her information from TV news.  She knows way too much about the case…911 calls, the babysitter.  She feels Casey is guilty, but doesn’t know of what, yet says she can presume Casey is innocent.

Say what?  Oh man, this woman is a piece of works!  This woman definitely needs to go!  She’s spouting legal concepts, but appears to have no clue as to what they mean.

Linda Burdick asks what TV news she got her information from…Court TV, Nancy Grace, CNN.  She thinks Casey used to drug the child to make her go to sleep and it went too far.

Baez has no questions, lol!

I have to admit everyone is laughing.  Even Casey has to cover her mouth with her hand!

Lordy, they are now going to death vs LWOP.  After Perry gets done with his part and the woman says that sounds like it could be a full course, but she believes in the death penalty.

Ashton asks her about the Innocence Project because she brought it up as to how innocent people get locked up for 25 years when they weren’t guilty.  She says she would not hold the State to a higher standard beyond a reasonable doubt.

Oh man, Finnell is going to attempt to question.  My head just hit the keyboard!

On to general voir dire.  She likes Oprah books like Lovely Bones.  Likes the early Grisham books.  Likes Ladies Home Journal and Southern Living.  Doesn’t has subscriptions, but likes to pick them up used.

This is just sad.

State uses a peremptory strike and shes gone.

So, both sides are now down to 8 peremptory challenges!

Lastly, 3397 is up!

He says he has no prior knowledge of the case.  He didn’t have any doubt Casey was involved.  Now, he has no opinion of guilt or innocence and he did hear the news in 2008.

Now he tells Ashton he does remember the child being missing and Casey not cooperating.  He remembers the searches and that they did find the body, but he can thinks he can set that aside.

He is an option trader.  Most of his media is following the financial market.

Baez is repeating the same questions Jeff Ashton asked!

Death vs LWOP.

He is for the death penalty.  He could however, also vote LWOP.

State has no questions, but of course Finnell does!  Says on a scale of 1 to 10…he is a 10 for the death penalty.

On to general voir dire.  His wife is a teacher.  Has 2 boys, 6 and 7 years old.

Ashton was done very quickly.

Baez brings up his health hardship with his back.  He can’t sit for long periods.  He had spinal fusion surgery.

Why the heck didn’t they do this first????

He feels he needs to move around every half hour.

He also now discusses his job is unique and it would be a hardship for his coworkers.

Perry asks when his surgery was.  Last September and he was out for 6 weeks.  They had an extra trader at the time because they had prepared.

Judge Perry lays out the things that can be done to accommodate him.  He says he would do his best.

Perry is not letting him wiggle much on this.

Baez challenges for cause foe health and he is too equivocal in his answers.

Perry says and Baez agrees last time the defense objected to letting him go for cause.

Now Baez says his statement about Casey being involved, but he would try to put that aside is also cause.  Baez is forced to admit the juror wasn’t questioned about that!

State says the back issue doesn’t rise to a challenge.  It is not pain, but a tightness.  He didn’t fidget in the chair and rose to his feet to exit with no problem.

Either Baez has to use another peremptory or this guy stays!

He stays!

We are approaching 6pm and we have 17 jurors.

Backstrikes will be held till tomorrow morning.

Perry will bring 3-4 more in tomorrow for questioning and when that is done, he will question both sides about peremptory challenges.  If they don’t he will bring in another 12 for secondary questioning.

Each side has one challenge per the alternates.

Baez calls a sidebar!

Court finally wraps-up at 5:58.

8:30 am will come early tomorrow!

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