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Casey Anthony – Slowly Inching Toward Justice


Without a doubt, today will be another arduous day in the jury selection process.

Hopefully Ms. Finnell is feeling better because she was really struggling yesterday.

The exhaustion is apparent, and everyone’s nerves are beginning to fray.  A small price to pay for justice for Caylee!

As yesterday drew to a close, 10 men and 7 women have survived the second round of voir dire.  Both sides have used two peremptory challenges and are left with eight a piece.  Both sides will be allowed one challenge for alternates.

Again, no sign of the infamous Rosalie Bolin!

Casey has her hair pulled back and is wearing a pastel pink blouse and sweater set.  She is very chipper, smiling and chatting away – not a care in the world!

Judge Perry asks the two sides if they have discussed using any strikes.

The State wishes to strike Juror? – holy cow, Ashton said her name – have no idea what her number is!

Juror 1407 is also a strike for the State.

The defense strikes 1129, as well as 1232.

The State says 1232 is the only Hispanic and wants to know why the defense is striking.  Baez says he doesn’t recognize the last name as a Hispanic name.

State strikes 1426.  Baez claims Batson.  Burdick says Batson doesn’t apply to age.  Perry lets it go.

Damn, they keep using seat numbers instead of juror numbers and it feels like complete chaos!

Defense now strikes 1119.

That takes us down to 11.

Perry doesn’t want folks brought in to be sworn if the two sides are going to back strike after they make the dtrip to court.

3054 brought in for secondary voir dire.

She starts by handing Judge Perry a letter from her employer saying it would be difficult for the company if she was gone for 6-8 weeks.  Sounds like holistic medicine.  She admits the treatment wouldn’t jeopardize a patient as traditional nursing could be utilized.

Ashton asks if the one patient she has, would have to go to a nurse?  Baez has none.

She is excused for cause.

3038 is called.  They have not arrived so we move to 3206.

Perry questions her on pretrial publicity.  She has knowledge about the case from past TV.  She does have a lot of knowledge about the case.  She has not watched any of the hearings.  She believes she watched Nancy Grace.  She watched 48 Hours, but doesn’t remember what she saw.

She believes Casey is guilty and cannot put that aside.

Released for cause.

Seems jurors are late due to heavy traffic so Judge Perry calls a recess.

All we have left at the moment are 3038 and 3069.  If, as Baez hinted at, the defense uses more challenges, jury selection will be put behind the eight ball again!

Perry has the next group being called to come in now!  He also had the original 11 called to come in now.  He is bound and determined to swear in a jury today!

9:20 a.m., Court is recessed until 10:15, pending the arrival of the 2 groups of prospective jurors.

3038 went to work even though she was told to appear.  She will have a hardship because she won’t get paid.  Judge Perry is not happy she disregarded the Court’s instructions!  She is on her way, but it will take a while to get to court.

3069 is called.  She says he job will only pay for a week and it will cost her an enormous sum of money.

Neither the State nor defense have any questions.

She is excused for cause.

Linda Burdick is arguing about 1139 who, when asked about financial hardship got into an explanation about not being able to judge people.

It’s very difficult to hear, but it appears the woman has given conflicting answers on the two days she was questioned.  It appears there may well be reason to strike for cause. without the State having to use another peremptory – State claims it is race neutral.

Burdick says she could cause a hung jury.  Judge Perry said she never indicated that when she originally challenged.

Now we have to see if Baez calls a Batson (race) charge.

Baez objects saying he tried to renew arguments this morning and wasn’t allowed.  Baez calls for transcripts on at least 4 jurors to prove his point.  Baez is doing some major sniping at the State.  Somebody surely coached Baez big time on this argument!

Judge Perry rules against the State and he stands by his decision.

352 is called.

He had a co-worker who talked non-stop about the case.  He did not watch the media, but believes the facts say Casey is guilty.  He cannot set aside his opinion.

He’s gone.

Back on break till another juror arrives.

Oh this is slow, drawn-out torture today.

3308 is up.  He’s the one who had the Brewer tickets and a trip planned.  Judge Perry said he could help him out and the juror said he would hold him to it and wanted his number! LOL!  Judge Perry graciously handed over his phone number!

He knows a bit about the case, not a ton.  It’s not big news in his circle.  He has no impression as to Casey’s guilt or innocence.

Frank George asks if he watches TV.  NO!  He’s a water reclamation plant operator. Served 12 years in the Coast Guard.

This guy is a pretty clean slate!

On to death vs LWOP.

He is against the death penalty!  He does believe he could vote for the death penalty if the evidence bore it out, he wouldn’t automatically vote against DP.

On to general voir dire.

He has an issue about LE that he doesn’t want to discuss on record.  They take a sidebar.

There may be some vague connection to Kronk via Bradley Wright, a fisherman!?!

Neither side has challenge for cause, but the Judge wants to know about peremptory because he is changing his flight.  State asks for a minute.  They want to know if he is really changing flights.  Judge warns not to drag this poor guy out.

He is on hold.

Perry is really annoyed by the tone and look on his face.  He will swear as soon as he has 12 on board.

3038 is called.  She was told to show up but didn’t because her employer won’t pay.  She got a call last night and never said anything.  Perry is chastising her.  I myself, would find her in contempt!

She is released for cause.

We have 12 jurors and Perry wants to swear them in.

Baez wants to back strike 1251.  State objects the strike is gender based.  Baez says females are no longer a protected class.

Baez wants her gone for age and the fact she said she couldn’t go to mercy!

Perry looks like he is going to blow a gasket, but allows the challenge.

Good lord, we are back to 11 again!  We only have 6 more to come in today and one probably could be excused for cause.

Ashton says there are 23 by their count,  Perry says you have not done secondary questioning so beware…you have no idea what may come out of their mouths.

Got to say, I expected the cat-and-mouse game from the defense, but I am disappointed and surprised at the State.  I had much higher expectations from them!  I do however, understand that bully Baez tactic has taken things to a street fight level!  And, that is strictly my take!

3158 called.  Has little knowledge of the case, but from what he did see, he decided she was guilty.  He doesn’t believe he would have a problem putting aside that opinion.

He says he knows the body was discarded and there was no remorse.

I get the impression he saw more than he let on to and little by little facts come out.

He tells Baez he does not believe Casey is innocent.

Now we move to death vs LWOP.

He can presume she is not innocent?  OMG!  He clarifies he cannot presume her innocence.

Excused for cause!

3015 is up next.

She heard about the case from a couple of years ago, but doesn’t remember much.  She doesn’t recall having specific conversations about the case.  She has no opinion as to Anthony’s guilt or innocence.

She works 1 to 9 so doesn’t get the info-entertainment shows.

Death vs LWOP.  No problem believing presumption of innocence.

If the evidence backs up guilt, she could go to the death penalty.  LWOP would be fair if evidence called for it.

She passed muster with Finney but was confused by the ‘mercy’ question as most everybody has!

On to general voir dire.

Geez, Mason is hard of hearing, but he doesn’t pay attention at all to previous testimony.

No challenge from State or defense.

Perry calls to swear.  Baez objects to Perry’s procedure as he can’t see what lies ahead.  Perry says, give me a case.  Baez doesn’t have one.  Baez says there are 20 more jurors and Casey needs to know what they have to say.

Judge Perry says tough noogies by law!

Baez wants 3397 on a peremptory.

State has none.

We have to bring in another juror and I have about lost my mind at this point!  This is why so many people have a problem with the legal system!

3042 is called!

She has some knowledge, but not a ton.  She has no opinion about guilt or innocence, just feels bad.

She now backtracks and says she’s been praying for mercy for Casey and she wouldn’t want to be a part of it!

Casey actually looks a bit misty!

Baez has no motion.

The State challenges for cause because she could not listen to all evidence and the witness started to cry on the stand talking about praying for Casey.

Baez say in good conscience he could not ask her to come back for additional questioning.

She’s excused for cause.

Perry calls a 5 minute recess and reminds them 11 people are being held in back.

This is becoming the survival of the fittest, me thinks!

We can overhear the State and defense and they both realize the Judge is pissed off and they are trying to figure out how to assure Judge Perry they are not busting chops…that was all overheard before the mic got cut, lol!

Perry returns and a long sidebar immediately ensues.  Perry leaves the Court fo unknown reasons while everyone returns to their tables.

Looks like we are on some type of recess again!

OMG! Please don’t let Judge Perry be dismissing the jurors!

We come back on record….

3185 is called.

He has some knowledge, but his facts are totally incorrect.  He watches PBS mostly.  He recalls folks saying they thought she was guilty.  He, himself has no opinion.  He can presume innocence.  He has no opinion as to her guilt

Questioning is going pretty quickly.

Death vs LWOP.

He believes the death penalty is acceptable in proper circumstances.

On a DP scale of 1 to 10 he feels he’s a six.

Oh crap, he has plane tickets on Thursday for his nephew’s wedding. 

Perry asks if he doesn’t know until tomorrow is that a problem?  At this point he is not worried.

On to general voir dire.

State nor defense challenge!

4:43 comfort break before the final two are questioned!

3238 Called.

She has some knowledge, not a lot.

On to DP vs LWOP.

She feels in some cases she is for it, but not all.

General voir dire.

Mason seems to need a nap by his line of questioning!

Defense nor State has a challenge for cause.

Peremptory from the State, OMG!  I have no idea who????  Two of us watching missed it!

I am totally confused!  OK,  the State did peremptory strike this woman…holy cow!

3190 is called.

She knows a bit, not much.  Has no opinion about guilt or innocence.

Does believe in the death penalty.

On to DP vs LWOP.

The stress is beginning to show.  Jeff Ashton is speaking a mile a minute and I’m having trouble keeping up!

Well, Finnell is up and this will slow stuff down!

General voir dire.

Mason asks the most important decision she ever had to make….her child…whether to bring her home or let her go…they go to sidebar for privacy.

Mason can’t hear crap…grrrr and is asking some off the wall questions.

State no challenge.  Defense asks for a moment, but wants Casey taken out…

Perry sends the juror home til tomorrow so the defense can go to the interview room with Casey to confer!  WTH????  I can’t for the life of me figure out what was so wrong with this juror unless it was what was said at sidebar about her own child!

So, ultimately no jury swearing tonight!

Everybody has returned to the courtroom and they are packing up, but we have no idea what the hell happened.

Judge Perry came back, 6:51pm…

Defense exercise peremptory challenge on 3190.

5 extras will be brought in early morning.  The ‘safe’ will come in at 1pm.

This has to be the strangest, most confusing day ever!

Back at 8:30am.

Stick a fork in me, I’m so done!  This is being posted, warts and all, because I am totally spent and need a blankie and a pillow, big time!!

  1. NancyB
    05/17/2011 at 7:55 pm

    Your posts are just excellent! I can’t thank-you enough for all the time that you put into this.

  2. Zoe_Carlyle
    05/17/2011 at 8:06 pm

    I seldom comment, but I wanted to tell you how wonderful your recaps are…they are the best! Thank you for watching the whole thing and reporting..I don’t know how you do it! Excellent reporting….!

  3. donchais
    05/18/2011 at 2:37 am

    Nancy and Zoe,

    Thanks so much. It makes the effort worthwhile when you know it’s appreciated!

    Here’s hoping they get ‘er done today!

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