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Casey Anthony – The Ever Changing Numbers


At least twice, the magical number 12 was achieved only to have back strikes interfere with the seating of a jury.

We ended yesterday with 11 potential jurors.  The State has 4 peremptories left, while the defense has only 1 left.

The defense stated yesterday they wanted to interview all remaining jurors to give Casey Anthony the best possible chance.  With only one remaining challenge, that may not be a reality.  The real issue will be how long the State is willing to delay seating a jury.

We do know 5 more potentials are coming in the morning and another small group in the afternoon – a total of 16 for today.  As Judge Perry has advised, we have reached the bottom of the well.

Casey wears a black shirt today and she seems pretty serious today, none of the toothy grins or chatter.

It looks like 2 new folks have shown up with the defense – Have no idea who they are, but they may be associates of the missing Rosalie.

OMG!  Baez and Cheney have filed a motion today.  The State knows nothing about it and Baez says it is NOT in writing!  Judge says jury selection was to be done and don’t be surprised if I keep you late today!

Ms. Fryer(sp) is arguing.  The defense is objecting to the way jury selection is being handled.  The Judge says you’ve known for months how jury selection was to be handled, why hasn’t this come up before?

We thought a magic number would be reached and then challenges would begin.  Judge Perry says, what was the number.  She replies 18!

She babbles on the alternates.  The Judge asks if you can use peremptory on alternates?  She says it’s not clear.

Heck, even I know you can’t and each side is only allowed one challenge for alternates!

The objection is based on more that the defense wants to see what is happening down the road.  It is clear to me the defense is unhappy they only have 1 challenge left!

She’s getting nowhere fast.  Judge Perry knows the laws off the top of his head, lol!  The defense is trying re-write law.

Perry wants to know one instance where he cut any side off in limiting questioning for either side.  She admits he hasn’t.  Judge Perry keeps throwing more and more cases at her.

State says in reviewing law they found no violations in the jury selection.

Motion denied!

Do yourself a favor and watch Part 1 of today’s hearing, Judge Perry was amazing in his ruling!

3283 was in the courtroom before anybody recognized him.  He heard about 20-30 seconds of counsel’s argument!

Baez wants him brought in to question him!

They begin voir dire with 3238.  He said he was in the courtroom very shortly before the bailiffs removed him.  He says he didn’t hear any of the defense argument.

He heard a bit about the story, but doesn’t remember anything.  He has no opinion as to her innocence or guilt.

It seems he has very little exposure and hasn’t discussed the case with anybody.  He knows Casey’s and Caylee’s names, knows Caylee is deceased, but doesn’t know how she died.

We move to death vs LWOP.

He has no opinion on the death penalty.  He has thought about it since last week, the seriousness of it.  He does think there are situations where the DP is acceptable.  He can follow the law in reaching a decision.

He made through Finnell.

General voir dire next.  He is 42 ans single.  A family member or friend had trouble with LE and he wishes to discuss it privately at sidebar.

Oh dear, Baez is back to explaining legal concepts again!

3283 is asked to step outside

Judge Perry advises they have spoken to over 200 jurors and there are 15 more remaining.  They have averaged 1 hour and 15 minutes per.  Yesterday Baez wanted to hear from ALL jurors.  That mean there is a minimum of 15 hours to go!

Tell me, Mr. Baez, how do you propose to talk to 15 more when we won’t have a facility after tomorrow?  We can come early and leave late.  We could give up and start in another week and start all over.

Baez still wants to question everybody!  He stands by the motion the presented previously.

Perry says theoretically, by Baez’s concept, they could talk to 1000 jurors before anybody used a peremptory challenge!  There could never be an end.

Judge Perry refers to the ‘dirty little secret’ nobody talks about in regard to jury selection.  ‘They aren’t looking for an impartial jury, but a jury that is on one side or the other.’

If we go through these remaining 15 what schedule are you willing to work, knowing we won’t have a facility after tomorrow?  I can’t operate out of a parking lot!

Baez says he want to hear them all and let’s get to work.

Judge Perry says there are no courtrooms available yet they could possibly move to a county community center after tomorrow, but the court is paying overtime and may be paying for hotel rooms in Orlando having planned on being back there already.

Perry has bent over backwards for the defense and has followed the laws to a “T”.

Well, Baez wanted the change of venue and now he has a total FUBAR on his hands – not that I think he even gives a damn!

5 minute recess is called before they vote on 3283.

Casey is upset she has been left alone at the table for so long and nobody is paying attention to her.  She just waved her arm at all the empty seats around her!

This is a heck of a long 5 minute break!

11:05  The Judge returns and calls a sidebar.  Something tells me there may be an issue with 3283.  They all keep going back to their tables and bringing more paperwork to the sidebar.

11:19 Back on record.  3283 is excused by peremptory challenge by the State.

Judge McGrady has given them a courtroom for Friday and Saturday.  Judge Perry said, regardless of what it takes, opening statements will begin Monday at 9am in the Orange County Courthouse!

Now they recess until 1pm…geez!  Guess they are waiting for more jurors to arrive!

1:09 back on record.  Judge Perry asks Mason if he had the opportunity to discuss the matter with Ms. Anthony.  Mason says he has.  Judge Perry asks if he has anything to add?  No sir.

Ok, this court is adjourned till 8:30 tomorrow morning.

What the hell?  Good lord, is she coping a plea?  Is the defense going to an Appellate Court about jury selection?

We’ll find out tomorrow at 8:30 am!

Guess we can catch a nap today!

  1. Jo
    05/18/2011 at 2:53 pm

    Yes, another crazy day for KC, et al. Listening to the talking heads on tv, may as well give my take. Earlier in the morning, Baez said he wanted to go back to Orlando this afternoon. He did not appear to be himself. I’m thinking…some urgent family matter and that is why he was not back in court this afternoon. He probably had informed the court earlier when he first arrived. Wanted the extra 15 minutes at lunch, hoping to resolve matter by phone. Could not and so headed back to Orlando. As simple as that. Of course, whatever it is may delay the trial for longer than that and that is why everyone looked stunned.

  2. donchais
    05/18/2011 at 3:44 pm

    Thanks Jo!

    The speculation has certainly been rampant! You have a good point.

  3. ritanita
    05/18/2011 at 10:35 pm

    As unfortunate as it is for the jury selection process, it was nice to get in a good nap!

    I’m not even going to speculate at this point. Let tomorrow morning be a surprise!

  4. tezi
    05/19/2011 at 4:24 am

    I really hope that a plea is in the works.

    JMO, MOO, and all other disclaimers….

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