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Casey Anthony – We Got Jury And A Show Stopper!


It was another wild and wooly day in court, but it did move at a faster pace for the most part.  The most ridiculous thing heard all day took place at the end of the session.

Mason tried to get Judge Perry to make the State give them the order of their witnesses to be called – which of course the Judge can’t do!  His reasoning behind the request is the State has listed 300 witnesses and unless they know who is being called when, they will have to delay the trail while somebody hunts through boxes for the corresponding files!

I challenge anyone to explain Mr. Mason’s logic that they are hampered in finding files because, ‘the State has unlimited resources and we’re pro bono workers!’  When that fell flat, the reason became the defense doesn’t have enough room, lol!  It is a truly absurd exchange! See 8:55 to 11:30 on the video.

Casey has on a blue and white pin stripped blouse, she appears smiley and chipper as she chats with Ms. Fryer.  Ya have to wonder what she has to be chipper about?

Dot Sims is among the missing today.

8:31   Jury Perry takes the bench.

3050 is called and we have no sound!  When first called he had child care issues (child care for his girlfriend’s grandson).  He has issues with the State putting people to death and he is offended that they do it in his name!  He has religious and moral issues with the death penalty.

No questions from the State.  The defense renews their motion on death penalty.

He is a goner.

3060 is up next.  He had a possible hardship with pay.  The school board will reimburse 100%.

Pretrial publicity.  He has little knowledge of the case.  He saw a picture of Caylee that he remembers.  He has no opinion on guilt.

State has no questions.  Defense has no questions.

On to DP vs LWOP.

He has no problem with presuming Anthony is innocent.  He is against the death penalty.  He can’t vote for the DP regardless of the evidence presented.  He can’t set aside that opinion.

Judge Perry tried mightily to rehabilitate this jury, but was unable to.

No questions.

He’s gone.

3170 is next.  Pretrial publicity.

He has little to no knowledge of the case.  No opinion as to guilt.

State has no questions.

Baez wants to know what he remembers from the news.  Only that the girl was missing and was later found by a utility worker, nothing else that he recalls.

DP vs LWOP next.  He can presume Anthony is innocent and is neutral on the death penalty.  He understands weighing the factors.

State has no questions.

Finnell goes through her usual script.

This guy is a bit too free in giving up information.  He is an educator and the reservation I have is imagining him putting on his ‘teacher’ hat and trying to instruct the jury.

Frank George does general voir dire.  This guy is on his 3rd wife and has a 23-year-old son from his first marriage and two step-children from his current marriage.  He teaches a U.S. government class.

Mason wastes a ton of time questioning which mystery and spy books he reads.

State has no challenge, nor the defense.

Baez asks to approach…geez Louise!

3268 is called.  No real previous knowledge of the case, she was out of the country.  Her mother told her a bit about the case. She has no opinion about guilt or innocent.

Linda Burdick questions on pretrial publicity.  Turns out she did research the case at Bay New 9 for about 20-30 minutes after she was called for jury duty.  She saw pictures of Caylee and pictures of Casey out partying, a timeline of the case.  She recognizes the parents name and George tried to take his life.

She knows a crap load more than she let on.

She did the search on Monday and arrived in court on Wednesday.

Baez is up.  He asks if she can block what she found out of her mind.  How certain are you that you can do that?  She says she is an unbiased person and thinks you need facts.

He just keeps going on and on about how she could block it out of her mind!

I don’t think either side is going to vote to keep her!

DP vs LWOP.  She can presume Anthony to be innocent.  She needs to hear Casey testify and if she didn’t, she would hold it against her.

She’s a goner.

4046 will be next.

She heard about the case.  Caylee was missing and a babysitter was involved.  She remembers they found the child and the mother had been arrested.

No opinion as to guilt or innocence.  She can set aside what she knows.  She says she hasn’t heard the mother’s side of the story.

She presumes Casey is innocent till evidence is proven, she wouldn’t have a problem if Casey didn’t testify.

This isn’t the sharpest person!


She is neutral on the death penalty.

There was just an outburst in the courtroom and a guard hustled a woman out.

She apparently yelled out, “She killed someone anyway!”  She apologized to the bailiff as she was led away…strangely, carrying her shoes!

Mason wants the potential juror released because of the ‘outrageous’ outburst.  Ashton wants her brought in and questioned!

Judge Perry calls for a recess to research some law.

They bring the woman in weeping.  Her name is Elizabeth Ann Rogers. Judge Perry asks why she shouldn’t be held in contempt?

She is bi-polar manic depressive, borderline personality disorder, PTS and ADHD.  She is on Thorazine as well as methadone which she last took at 6am.

Judge Perry says you interrupted jury selection and we may now have to lose that potential juror.

What a mess!

She was in court in another courtroom for domestic disputes, stopped in this court because she had never been there and has a 3-year-old and just wanted to know why!

Perry could have sentenced her to 179 in jail because of the gravity of the situation.  Judge Perry took her disability into account and sentences her to 2 days in the Pinellas County jail.

Just a bizarre, disturbing incident!

4046 is brought back. Somebody talked to her in the hall about the outburst.  A man in black!  Perry asks what man in black?  A detective, she thinks.

Judge Perry releases her. 

Judge Perry slammed something hard on the bench and huffed, big time. He is royally pissed!  He has never allowed himself to show real anger before even though he’s had countless opportunities to!

4013 is now brought in.  She will be paid, but says emotionally it would be hard to be gone for eight weeks.  She admits she really could do it.

She followed the case in the beginning, but didn’t keep up with it after the arrest.

She recalls people saying she is guilty.  She has not formed her own opinion as to guilt or innocence.  She can set aside what she has heard.

Frank George finds out she got her original information from the Nancy Grace Show, but after Casey was arrested she stopped following.

She tells Baez she is a mother and hopes that Casey didn’t do it.  She knows somebody did it.

DP vs LWOP.  She can presume Anthony is innocent.  She is neither for or against the DP.   She fully understands weighing the factors.

State has no questions.

Oh sure, Finnell just has to get up and do it!

Oy!  I’m sure glad each juror only hears this presentation once!

She passes Finnell.

General voir dire.  Her husband spent time in jail for drugs.  She has  12-year-old son and they live with her parents.  She admits to writing some bad checks and they go to sidebar to inquire.

The State and defense have no questions.

She’s on board!

There are 5 more to interview and Perry reminds them the magic time is 3pm.  Lunch called until 1:10.

On record at 1:15.

4191 is on deck.

He believes Anthony is probably guilty!  Well, he is candid!  He understands she is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.  He is basing his opinion on what he’s heard from others.  He says if asked to he could set that aside, but it would be difficult.  He feels he can be fair and impartial and says it is with 100% certainty!

Linda Burdick  gets him to say his friends and family have opinions.  While waiting in the jury room there was a lot of conversation going on and all the opinions were negative!

The bodes badly!  Ah, he must be talking about the day before the ’50’ were dismissed!

He didn’t follow the case, just the number of negatives he’s heard caused him to reach his conclusion.  He doesn’t take the death penalty lightly.  He does feel he can set aside the opinions he’s heard.

Well, which is it bud???

He tells Baez he would like to watch this on Cort TV, but being part of it would be difficult judging the punishment.

He is against the DP…knew it!  He says for religious reasons.  He could not vote DP.

No questions from either side.

Released for cause!

4156 brought in.  She feels Anthony is guilty.  She, as a mother of two can’t believe Casey waited 31 days.  She’s not sure she can set that aside.

Excused for cause.

4023 is up.  She says emotionally she has a problem to determine the outcome of someone’s life.  She cannot judge the case impartially.

Neither side has questions.

She’s a goner!

4192 is called.

Pretrial publicity.

He has no hardship issues.  He has no background in this case.  He has no opinion to guilt or innocence.  He can presume her innocence.

Move to DP vs LWOP.

He has no opinion on DP because it depends on the facts of the case.  He gets the concept of weighing factors.  He can vote for DP.

State has no questions.

And, here comes the Finster!  Snooze time…

General voir dire. 3 Siblings.  Been in Florida most of his life.  He is a carpenter.  He has been charged with possession, he was 16!

When asked by Mason if he wants to be on they jury.  He replies, it is what it is, he wants to do his duty if picked.

Casey is totally amused with Mason’s good  ‘ol boy jokes!  How nice she can laugh so carefreely!

4192 is aboard the train!

Recess and then the final two!

4060 is up next.

She has no hardship issues.  No opinion on guilt or innocence.  She sails through pretrial publicity.


She can presume innocence during proceedings.  She is against the DP.  She doesn’t think it solves anything.  She cannot vote for death penalty.

She is given her walking papers!

2:53 Perry calls a sidebar.

All kinds of paper passing.  This may be the juror that Linda spoke about yesterday with a possible charge she may not have answered truthfully about?

Last, 4123 is up.

Pretrial publicity.

She has a little knowledge of the case from the past.  Her circle gave her advise how to get out of jury duty, but didn’t give impressions of guilt or innocence.

She has no opinion as to guilt.

On to DP vs LWOP.

She believes she could follow the law as to death penalty and LWOP.

She can consider DP.  She can weigh factors.

Jeff is trying to figure out how sure she is about the DP.  He does a fine job of rehabilitating her – she understands with the legal explanations.

Finster’s legal 101 is happening!  Whoa, that ended real fast!

General voir dire.

She has a brother who is a Major in Metro Louisville Metro.  She worked at a convenience store years ago and was robbed.  She has been accused of a crime – no discussion.  She takes back pain and depression meds.

She would like to be on the jury because she was given her civil rights back and she would like to give back to society!  Brava 4123!

Baez is once again lecturing on legal concepts…sigh.

She passes the sniff test and is in!

Perry asks about juror 3016 and the letter he shared with both sides, they go in camera.  He was the phys ed guy from yesterday.  Have no clue as to what this is about!  This is going on a long time and is nerve-racking!  The silence is deafening.  The intensity in the court is palpable.

WTH?  Casey and Baez go to the back.  Casey had papers in hand.

4:30 back on record.  OMG!  Elizabeth Rogers is brought back in – the lady who screamed – Mr. Wolf is counsel appointed to her!  Law review indicates to hold another hearing because counsel is now present!

Her fiance was jailed for domestic today.  She didn’t take her meds today.  She didn’t eat or have fluids.  Counsel asks why she told the Judge she took her meds, when she didn’t?  She had too much on her mind.

Judge Perry says she had prior thought to say what she shouted, took all she said into consideration.  He sees no reason to reverse his decision!

4:49 Casey brought back in.

This has been the merry-go-round from hell today!

All jurors have been exhausted.

State perempts 3308.

Defense back strikes 1340. Their last challenge!

Baez now asks the Court asks for more preempts, surprise!


Alternates – State wants 3308 out.

State and defense agreed to use challenge on jurors 3281 (defense) and 4123 (state).  The remaining jurors would be the alternates

Anthony says she agrees with her attorneys and their objections.

Madame Clerk is calling the number for jury, but she has no mic!

Think we have moved 5 alternates, but I could be lying.

OMG!  We are going to swear the jury!

With deepest thanks to my dear friend ritanita for providing the following!

Seat   Number 
1        1398
2        1019
3        1055
4        1319
5        1429
6        1025
7        1007
8        3015
9         3185
10       3310
11        3016
12        3140

1           3093
2           3170
3           4013
4           4192
5           3308

Judge Perry begins swearing-in as the defense looks on.

Casey looking pretty subdued.  I am sure Caylee is grinning broadly!

Celebrate friends, the odds have shifted to Caylee’s favor!

See ya in Orlando, Tuesday at 9am for opening statements!

  1. ritanita
    05/20/2011 at 7:20 pm

    Thank you for the thank you! LOL! I am a touch typist who learned in 10th grade with a manual typewriter without any symbols on them, only little bumps on the guide keys! I am actually more comfortable typing number from the top row!

    Typing number is no problem for me and, you’ve got to know, I’m a giver!

    As for the crazy day which included the lady with lots of disorders and lots of meds, at least we now have a jury and a three day “weekend” to recuperate before the trial starts!

  2. 05/21/2011 at 8:50 am

    My thoughts on this whole process. I am grateful that George and Cindy were not there at all. They would of been such a distraction with the nodding of the heads and the gum smacking plus the evil eye at every turn. It would of been nuttier than the nut that was jailed for two days. God is wonderful! Sad she didn’t toss those shoes Casey’s way. But in my view Casey didn’t flinch one bit when that woman was screaming out those “truthful” words.

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