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Casey Anthony – May It Please The Court


August 2005 - June 2008

Thousands of folks woke today filled with anticipation or apprehension, depending which side of the aisle you sit on.  I also imagine everyone is feeling some anxiety and relief we have finally reached the point of no return.

Caylee Marie Anthony was just shy of three-years-old when her youthful exuberance was snuffed out with her tragic death.  Now, just shy of three years after her death her mother, Casey Marie Anthony, stands trial for her murder.  Regardless of the outcome, this has been a long and difficult journey for those who desire justice for a pretty baby who never has a chance!

George and Cindy have been relegated to the last row on the prosecution’s aisle!.  The court is loaded with security.  The defense looks like they’ve brought a ton more interns/helpers – maybe to help them find their files?

Nobody looks to smug today!  Ann Finnell isn’t here, but then again, she doesn’t have to be here for the guilt phase.

We begin with Judge Perry calling a sidebar!

Judge Perry welcomes the jury and reads the charges and their responsibilities as jurors.

Opening statement by Linda Burdick.  Linda tells the story not of Casey, but Caylee Marie Anthony!  She talks of her toys and stuffed animals that filled her room.  Her toy house complete with its own mailbox with her name and address.

She says that Casey, a good, working, responsible mom, was just an illusion!

Casey is taking gulps of breath and is wiping her eyes.  Casey is shaking her head no as Linda describes how George kissed Caylee goodbye for the last time.

Casey has lost it and I’m sure the jury is getting quite the eyeful.  Reality is not pretty!  Dot is trying to calm her.

Linda says Casey told Cindy she was taking Caylee to Zanny, but there is no Zanny.  She is a figment of Casey Anthony’s imagination.  The cell phone records are sinking Casey big time!

Casey is still shaking her head ‘no’ at Linda’s presentation.  Casey can shake her head no as much as she wants, but the truth speaks for itself.  Casey’s fairytale is methodically being dismantled.

Linda tells the jury about the stolen gas cans and George confronting Casey about them.  Casey threw the gas cans at George and say, ‘here’s your ‘effin cans!’

Linda has made her way to the squirrel being plastered on the car and the car being parked at Amscot.

In one day, June 27, Casey told Cindy she was staying with Jeff Hopkins, told Jesse Grund Caylee is with Zany and tolds Amy Huizenga Caylee is at the beach!

Linda tells of the Target and J C Penney videos with no Caylee present.

Linda has every detail nailed down and is taking the jury day-by-day while Caylee was missing!

Linda has reached George and Cindy retrieving the Pontiac and the overwhelming smell coming from the trunk.

We’ve made it to the 911 calls and Lee attempting to get information from his sister and her admission the baby had been gone 31 days.

Judge Perry calls a brief recess.

Casey is shooting daggers at Linda.

Linda describes the fantasy trip Casey took Deputies on to Sawgrass Apartments.

Next the fantasy trip of Yuri Melich looking for Zanny’s house and the Universal jaunt.

I guess Casey believes the more she shakes her head no, the more the jury will believe Ms. Burdick is lying!

Linda takes the jury through the cadaver dog alerts on the trunk and backyard for the odor of decomposition.

Linda lays out the computer searches on chloroform, household weapons, shovel, neck breaking, etc and records show both Cindy and George were at work.

December 11, 2008, the remains of Caylee are found along with a Winnie the Pooh blanket, stuffed into garbage bags and thrown in a wooded swamp.

I know we’ve all lived and breathed this for almost three years, but to hear it so concisely laid out is overwhelming.  Linda Drane Burdick was brilliant and powerful in the CIC!

Casey looks rather shell-shocked.

A news source reported that Linda Burdick showed the photo of Caylee and her great-grandfather to the jury and when she said, ‘the last photo taken of Caylee’, a picture of her little skull was shown!

Word has it from InSession, Cindy is holding the teddy bear while George is paging through a bible!

I can’t even fathom what they’ll have to say on the stand.  They are either stuck with their original (albeit, somewhat modified over time) statements or committing  perjury.  I doubt they will be given even the slightest wiggle room!

Judge Perry recesses for lunch until 1:10, he is being very attentive to the needs and comfort of the jury!

Baez must have pulled in every marker he has, there are gazzillions of suits milling around the defense!

Baez begins and immediately goes to Roy Kronk and his role.

Holy cow, here comes the bus at top speed!

Baez claims the LE investigation was desperate!

Funny, where Casey spent so much time shaking her head no during Ms. Burdick’s presentation, she now shakes her head yes to Baez’s presentation!

OMG!  Caylee drown in the family swimming pool!

Family is dysfunctional, secret things Casey never spoke about. 

The bus is speeding up!

Casey was sexually abused by her father.  Casey the victim did what all victims do, retreat to that dark corner.

Casey, with or without her family’s agreement, has now conveniently blamed everyone but herself for the death of Caylee.

Oh, Lee molested Casey, but didn’t get as far as George…its getting very crowded under the bus.

At thirteen, ‘Casey had her father’s penis in her mouth and then had to go to school.’

Now, in searching for Caylee, Casey sees George holding Caylee in his arms, screaming your mother will never forgive you!  George helped dispose of the body.

I am about to be ill!  This is so bogus!

The day after, on the 17th, Cindy went to work and told co-workers someone is swimming in her pool, the gate was open, the ladder was in the pool!

The investigators had that information, but they had, ‘murder on their minds!’  This was a tragedy that snowballed out of control.

George makes sure he is as far from the area to protect himself and put the blame on Casey!

George reports the gas cans missing day after Caylee died!

It’s quite sensational, but highly unbelievable because none of the evidence will bear this fantasy out!  It smacks of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

As sordid as all this is, I’ve little doubt that George and Cindy agreed to this pitiful defense.  They would rather save their worthless piece of shite daughter and obviously feel nothing for the loss of Caylee!

This is just so wrong and offensive!

Baez brings up River Cruz/Crystal Holloway and  ‘their affair, or whatever you want to call it!

The guilt gets so bad, George tries to commit suicide.

Baez pronounces the entire family as troubled people.

OMG, he calls Roy Kronk as morally bankrupt and he was the one who hid Caylee’s body!  There was a reward of $125k and Caylee was his lottery ticket.

The defense and Casey are the only morally bankrupt people here!

Baez uses a tape measure to show how close Caylee’s body was to the road, failing to mention it was under high waters for months!

I’ve never liked or respected Baez, but this is an all new low for this scum-sucking, bottom-feeder.

Oh, Baez claims Kronk had control of Caylee’s remain

Linda Burdick and Jeff Ashton are actually laughing!

I feel dirty watching and listening to this denigration of young Caylee’e life!

Kronk was paid $15k for the photo of the snake, he got his fame and fortune, he made his money!

Hey, didn’t Baez and the Anthony’s do the same thing?

There is not one single tread of evidence to link Casey to the body.

OK, the Orange County Sheriff Department, State Police, FBI and Secret Service were all bumbling idiots!

Now he’s going to try to explain away the car!  The car didn’t smell, supposedly when Tony helped Casey after she ran out of gas.

Well, Mr. Baez, not totally the truth, is it now?

Ah, Casey was going to throw out the trash and put it in her trunk and forgot about and the pesky cops dried it which makes the smell go away and they destroyed evidence.

So was it garbage or a dead body, can’t have it both ways!  Baez even said George was worried about the smell from the car in the tow yard!

This is really becoming a laughable, guided tour of the twilight zone!!

Back to George knows exactly how it happened, what happened, but doesn’t say a word!

Say, isn’t it a court officer lying in court just as serious as lying under oath?

Dr. Arpad Vass work is flawed and he can’t anybody in the world to back-up his work, he stands to make millions on his sniffer invention!

Baez has so disgustingly lied about Dr. Vass, its shameful.

George didn’t get arrested for lying to law enforcement, but Casey did.

As important as some people think this case is, it’s nowhere near as important as it is to Casey!

Mason and Baez both pat Casey’s back as she wipes away tears caused by Baez’s Academy award performance. 

Well, Mr.Baez, you dug one hell of a hole…the proof will be in the pudding!  He just gave the State so much to work with!

Recess till 3:10.

Casey waved to someone in the audience, surely not her parents!

1st witness for the State.  None other than George Anthony!

Ashton takes him through his time in LE, his marriage and kids.  He talks about going to work with his father at the car dealership.  He left there and started his own car dealership. The move to Florida.

He said Cindy fully supported his decision to leave LE and enter security.

He describes being told that Casey was pregnant.  He wasn’t sure who the father was.  How he and Cindy prepared to make life as comfortable as possible for Casey and the baby.

He did believe she was working for Colorvision at Universal.

Casey and the baby would stay with them until Casey felt she could be on her own.

George identifies a photo of the home and it is moved to evidence.

George says Casey worked up until 2-3 weeks before giving birth.

George was in the delivery room and said it was amazing!

There was discussion at some point as to who the father was because he had an obligation.  He only remembers the last name of Baker.  There was someone who worked at Universal, named Jesse.  George met Jesse the day Caylee was born.  George was not at all impressed with Jesse.  Jesse then was welcomed to the family and George wanted to see the interaction.  Jesse took a paternity test.

George says he was around Caylee almost everyday and it was awesome.  Cindy was a great grandmother and took Caylee when she could.

He was JoJo, Cindy was CeCe.  In 2008, Caylee was vocal, she could use the remote, VCR, put DVD’s in.  She was a bright little girl.

In the spring and summer of 2008, George did and didn’t believe Casey was working.  George wanted to believe she was providing for Caylee.  She was still at Universal and working at Sports Authority.  George bought it, hook, line and sinker!

George tells of the name Zanny he heard at the beginning of the year.

George identifies a photo of Caylee that was taken early 2008.

The last day he saw Casey, he played with Caylee, brushed her teeth, took her to potty and breakfast.  Her favorite videos were 101 Dalmations and Lady and the Tramp.

He saw Casey around 9am that morning.  The morning was typical.

Casey looks uber-sullen!

Casey and Caylee left the house with Caylee in a pink shirt, sunglasses, sandals and said she was going to see Zanny and Casey said they would probably stay at Zanny’s.

George says he never met Zanny and had no reason to!

He watched the two of them leave in the car, blew a kiss to Caylee and hugged Casey.

He admits he never saw Caylee again.

Jeff asks if he ever molested Casey!  He says no sir and Casey shakes her head no.

Jeff asks if he was in the home when Caylee died.  He says no and it really hurt when he heard that today.

Did you dispose of the body of grand-daughter?  No I did not!

Did you place duct tape over her nose and mouth?  No I did not!

Baez on cross.

Baez asks when he found out Casey was pregnant.  He said he and Rick, Cindy’s brother did discuss it.  Baez asks if he was hiding Casey’s pregnancy from Rick.

Baez brings out the picture of a 7-month pregnant Casey…which is not in evidence.

Judge Perry calls a sidebar…strike one Mr. Baez, you can’t pull weasel crap like that!

Did you know Casey was pregnant that day?  I thought she might have been.

But as a father of two, you thought your daughter had a beer belly?

Baez is way over the line!

You have no problems with your vision, sir?  No I do not.

You saw her everyday and you didn’t see your daughter retaining water?  No, sir.

You were in the delivery room?  Yes.

You assisted in the delivery?  No.

You never asked who the father was?  Shortly before the delivery.

Judge Perry chastises Baez for speaking over George.

You thought your daughter was working?  Yes.

Did you tell the FBI on July 30th, for the last 2 years you didn’t think Casey was working?  Yes.

Baez is getting objected to left and right.  Perry calls a sidebar – he is not happy with Baez’s pit bull behavior.

Baez is beating a dead fish and by belaboring the point, he is shooting himself in the foot!

George believed Casey was working, but never saw a paycheck because that was her business!

When did you ask to meet the nanny?  I never did.

Did you hear the nanny speaking to Casey on the phone?  No.

Ever see a photo of the nanny?  No.

Casey is a loony tune, but her parents really wanted to believe and trust their daughter!

Did you go to Sports Authority to find out if Casey worked there?  Yes, to surprise her for lunch?

For lunch or to spy on her?

Objection, argumentative!


June 16th you had breakfast with Caylee? Yes.

Caylee loved to swim?  Yes.

Caylee could get out of the house relatively easy?  Yes.

Baez says, after Caylee was born you moved out because of significant problems with Cindy!

Objection!  Sidebar.

Caylee was an infant when you moved out?  Yes.

Lee also moved out?  Yes.

You moved out because Casey didn’t want you around?  No.

For Baez being so snarky, George is holding his own!

You described what Caylee wore that day?  Yes.

What did Cindy wear that day?  I don’t know.

What did Cindy wear the next day?  I don’t know, slacks, a dress.

Your weren’t asked what Caylee wore till a month later?  Yes, that was the last time I saw her?

But you didn’t know that was the last time you’d see her.

This is like a tennis match…objection, sustained, objection, sustained, objection…another sidebar.  Baez is asking stuff not within the scope.  Baez is getting schooled at the bench.  Cross-examination is not Baez’s strength, at all!

You said Caylee did not drown in the pool? Yes.

You heard this from several areas?  No sir from one place.

You heard that from the prosecution, did you not? 

Objection!  Sidebar.


You spoke to Mr. Ashton about your testimony?  Briefly.

So you were prepped?  No, not prepped.

Mr. Ashton told you the questions he would ask?  No, he said I would be asked about Caylee and I have been already.


You obtained the services of a defense attorney within 24 hours of Caylee being missing?  I will answer yes for now.

Objection, another sidebar!


You stated you never had any duct tape?  I never said anything about duct tape.  I’m not sure of the timeline about when I found out about the duct tape.  Could have been the media or internet.

Baez keeps going way beyond the scope of George’s testimony.

Objection, scope!


Baez: may we approach?  No!

Pretty much, I have to say Jose Baez made a horse’s patootie out of himself today.

Judge Perry has to warn Baez again.

Redirect by Jeff Ashton.

Tell us about Sports Authority incident.  George asked to see his daughter and was told she didn’t work there.  George was concerned and asked to see the manager.  They discussed Casey and George then left.  He addressed the issue with Cindy.  Cindy said he was invading Casey’s privacy.  It caused strife between he and Cindy.  At some point he did speak to Casey and then he just let it go.

They discuss Mr. Kelly, the worker’s comp attorney and family friend.  Baez was the one who went there first.

Baez now keeps trying to object, but Judge Perry keep calling overruled!  George is released, subject to recall.

4:54pm Judge Perry recesses for the evening.

Everyone will be back at 9am.

My take?  State 1, defense 0!

  1. offthecuff
    05/24/2011 at 5:31 pm

    Thanks for the play by play!

  2. donchais
    05/24/2011 at 5:51 pm

    More than welcome!

    It was fascinating to say the least and spoke volumes as to what the defense has…a whole lot of nothing, IMHO!

  3. kas
    05/24/2011 at 5:52 pm

    So, just to clear, Casey Anthony has been sitting in jail for 3 yrs. in order to help cover up for the accidental drowning of her child–and to cover for her evil Father and the also evil Roy Kronk. Cause she’s selfless like that.

    Except, Casey WAS offered a plea deal before Caylee’s body was found. She could be 3 years into a 10yr. sentence by now. She had to tell them where the body was.

    But someone convinced her she could skate. That’s where the ludicrous …”and along came Kronk” comes in. Kronk moved the body (no he didn’t;remember the vegetation) so she (and by extension, Baez) didn’t know where the body was. So see, they haven’t wasted millions of the States money.

    What’s Kronk’s reputation?

    Baez is every bit as vile as his client.

  4. donchais
    05/24/2011 at 5:59 pm

    Absolutely kas! Now think of every four letter word you can fathom and know that I screamed them all afternoon at Baez and Casey!

    The defense and their client are despicable for the lying farce they presented today and will continue to present throughout!

    Not a fan, but I actually felt sorry for George today and admired the fact he held it together.

    His spawn is evil incarnate!

  5. Duchess
    05/24/2011 at 6:44 pm

    I think the body was so close to the street because there was already water in the area & Casey got out of the car & tossed the body as best she could. Which wasn’t very far since she was probably in a hurry, the water kept her f/walking too far into the woods & she (Casey) was pretty small @ the time.

  6. kas
    05/24/2011 at 6:47 pm

    Oh, and I forgot. Casey was so IN FEAR of her Father (and Kronk) that she didn’t tell a soul. She did her best to keep up appearances. She continued not going to her non-existent job and in a truly brave and inspired move, SHE ENTERED THE MISS HOT BODY CONTEST.

    The Stupid, it burns.

  7. donchais
    05/24/2011 at 6:55 pm

    Absolutely Duchess!

    kas, you made me chuckle and I needed that after today’s ‘Fractured Fairytales’. Thanks – if it wasn’t so pitiful!

  8. ritanita
    05/24/2011 at 7:18 pm

    All I can say now is OMG! Slime-sucking smarmy defense. I can’t wait for Casey to take the stand!

  9. Jo
    05/24/2011 at 7:24 pm

    You did a great job of cutting thru the bull. Thank you. So what happened to what George said in the hearing a few weeks back when Baez asked George if he would do ANYTHING to save his daughter’s life. And George said yes. When did George decide he would NOT do ANYTHING to save her life. Today when he was accused of “helping” his daughter cover up the “drowning” of his beloved granddaughter? I am not fond of George but I must say the one thing I always felt is that he truly adored his granddaughter. I also thought I remembered that Kronk’s family had less than stellar reputations which is why they backed off of their statements against Kronk. Wonder if Baez will call the son.

  10. donchais
    05/24/2011 at 7:37 pm

    ritanita, I was sickened by the defense today. If Casey actually takes the stand, the SS Slime-sucking smarmy defense is dead in the water!

    Jo, I’m not a fan of any of the Anthonys’, but the sabotage his daughter and defense mounted against him today was unforgivable, despicable and beyond contempt.

    Throwing George and Kronk under the bus – guess they gave up throwing Jesse Grund there – shows just how desperate the defense is to make a name for themselves and besmirch Caylee’s brief life! God help all of them!

  11. David In TN
    05/24/2011 at 9:50 pm

    While watching the trial today, I couldn’t help but think of the Menendez brothers. They based their defense for killing their parents by claiming sexual abuse. They were convicted in their second trial after hung juries in their first trial.

  12. FRG
    05/24/2011 at 9:55 pm

    OMG donchais!

    I can’t even start saying what I think about JB and the rest of KC’s lawyers! I would go to jail! LOL

    Well, when hubby said JB was going to pull the “Chewbacca defense” I was not really believing him but hey, if the gloves don’t fit you must acquit! It was a pitiful pathetic low defense!

    I just can’t believe JB talk about Mr. Kronk and Dr. Vass are looking for fame and fortune! Does he think all people are the same low life just like him? By the way, didn’t JB sold Caylee’s photos and videos to ABC for $200,000?

    Now, donchais, do you know if KC takes the stand, prosecutors can bring the ABc deal up? What about KC is a convicted felon?

    JB was not prepared to cross George! What a moron!

    Boy, I need some rest because it was too much to take in today! See you in court tomorrow!

  13. 05/24/2011 at 10:12 pm

    YUP today was a “JAW DROPPING” day. YOU did an excellent article. WOW just excellent. I felt bad for George. That family is “NUTS” but he sure loved that baby. I was PROUD of him today for standing up to the slime bucket. His daughter is one evil person. EVIL!!!!

  14. Tanya Bravo
    05/24/2011 at 10:14 pm

    Baez is a pompous ass and he has insulted me and my intelligence………he has disregarded and denigrated Caylee’s life and her tragic death how dare he minimize the fact that she was thrown away like trash, why is he smiling and laughing. He is snide and disrespectful of Caylee’s memory as if she is unimportant. A simple explanation my ass what’s simple about covering up an accidental drowning, what was the need why was this done? I have a clear picture of Baez with a penis in his mouth, please someone shut him up by any means possible. Casey as the ultimate victim is ludicrous, she is so picked on and misunderstood……..I am innocent and by the way what’s the fuss everyone lies and everyone dies so what if a party is how I deal with grief “It’s just my way” I am entitled. I don’t believe that Casey would have sat in jail for a minute longer then she had to if there was somebody to point the finger at somebody else to blame somebody else responsible. She went to the the final phase of grief……..acceptance immediately didn’t waste any time with the process what an amazing women I am astounded and flabbergasted and here I believed she was guilty of first degree murder. Some one give the baby a pacifier so she will quit crying every time she pokes her eye for tears I am angry and I wish I could poke her eyes out of her skull and I am afraid that someone will buy into her evil and conniving. Reasonable doubt, I reasonably doubt that anyone would need to cover up an accidental death and deny their child a proper burial. I wish she could die more than once for the death Of Caylee……Baez doesn’t believe this is about Caylee, he is the enabler personified Casey thinks it’s about her and apparently so does Baez. Speaking of touching ……Baez and Cheney freely touch her is that appropriate or am just hostile because I fantasize about someone putting their hands around her neck and choking her out and they are lolly-coddling her……did they all make a deal with the devil himself ?

  15. donchais
    05/25/2011 at 5:11 am

    Thanks David, FRG, shyloh and Tanya for stopping by and commenting. I’m still horrified by what the court was subjected to today.

    I also was thinking about where the defense is sitting. Remember the continuous fussing that the camera was focusing in on their computer screens? So, with permission of the good Judge, they are seated directly across from the jury giving them a perfect view of Casey. Call me crazy, but her fake crying act and head shaking is now center stage for the jury to observe! Coincidence? I think not!

    With all we know, I am looking for a guilty verdict. When all this is over, can you imagine being a juror who goes home and then reads all the stuff we know? After the lies the false information the defense laid out, all I can say is yikes!

  16. Linda
    05/25/2011 at 6:47 am

    If you are going to report the news like a journalist then keep your opinions to a minimum. If you are reporting like an editorial, then who are you and why should I believe you? I am so fed up with people poisoning minds regarding the Anthony’s. For God’s sake, they are in a terrible position. They have lost everything that matters. You are a lousy journalist and a pitiful editorialist.

  17. donchais
    05/25/2011 at 7:11 am


    Guess you woke up on the wrong side of the bed! If you read correctly, I was actually supportive of George because what Baez did was totally unacceptable.

    Thanks for stopping by, but if you don’t like it here, don’t bother coming around!


  18. 05/25/2011 at 7:48 am

    donchais :
    Guess you woke up on the wrong side of the bed! If you read correctly, I was actually supportive of George because what Baez did was totally unacceptable.
    Thanks for stopping by, but if you don’t like it here, don’t bother coming around!

    Hello Linda, you are absolutely right, they are in a terrible situation. But the blame has to fall on their heads as well. We can’t keep excusing bad behavior. If we do, the cycle is never broken. If they would of heeded to the “Silence is Golden” rule, they would not of been in this situation. Low and behold what is they never found Casey? Then this baby would of never been known to have existed. George did a great job on the stand yesterday. He didn’t let Baez sway him on single bit. Now if anyone should complain about anyone it should of been Baez, and it was. He didn’t do his client justice. All the Anthony’s need to do now is tell the truth and I believe everyone will stand behind them. I’ll be the first to raise my hand.
    No one was mistreating the Anthony’s on this blog. Not the author.
    I do hope you have a better day.


  19. 05/25/2011 at 9:23 am

    Excellent blow by blow recap donchais! You haven’t lost your touch one iota.

    One has to wonder “who” will be testifying to all these events alleged to by Baez, when the defense puts on it’s case.

    It’s one thing to claim the events in the OS happened; it’s a whole different ball game getting the evidence in to prove it.

  20. donchais
    05/25/2011 at 12:39 pm

    Baez’s claims are way out there. The burden of proof lies with the State and the defense doesn’t have to prove anything.

    The defense can’t prove one thing they claimed. All they really need to do is to try and plant reasonable doubt.

    I’m not so sure the defense will even put on a case!

  21. Leeann
    05/27/2011 at 8:44 am

    Thanks for the excellant coverage. I feel sorry for Casey’s parents to be going through this horrible ordeal. They have obviously been dealing with this difficult daughter for most of her life and now when she has committed this unspeakable act they’re put under the microscope. As a Mom I understand the love they have for Casey. I Will continue to give the defense an opportunity to convince me of Casey’s innocence but it hasn’t happened yet.

  22. lin
    06/07/2011 at 12:17 pm

    what i cannot stand is how she can sit up there so smug and stonefaced they ar talking about your baby woman you birthed her cared for her and now she is just odors and decomposing tissue and you sit there with no emotion are you kidding me

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