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Casey Anthony – Return To Fantasy Island


August 2005 ~ June 2008

If you are like me, you were probably more than stunned at the defense offered by Jose Baez yesterday.  It wasn’t a bus that George Anthony and Roy Kronk were thrown under – it was a steamroller!  A totally out of control steamroller!

Jose Baez proved with his opening statement that he can lie with the best of them!  He’s a street fighter and truth and fair are nor part of his vocabulary.

He is gravely lacking in the skills of cross-examination as evidenced by the rash of objections by Jeff Ashton and all the sustains by Judge Belvin Perry.  I lost count of the number of times Baez was told his questions were beyond the scope of the testimony!

Love him or hate him, George Anthony did not deserve the reprehensible treatment by Baez and I sure hope Mr. Krnk’s attorney was tuned in yesterday!

I also have a prediction.  The outrageous lies Baez told in his opening can’t possibly be supported or proven.  I’m guessing the defense will NOT present a case.  It’s an old ploy used by Cheney Mason!

Casey enters wearing the pin striped blouse will all the ruffles.  Someone apparently to her to button up!  Her hair is pulled back in the ponytail, but she has left the front sides down which means we can expect a whole lot of grooming.

I’m surprised how chipper she appears today. She smiled as she came in and is chit chatting with Baez.  Guess the trauma of yesterday abated pretty quickly!

Baez asks for time to find the file!  Judge Perry says if they are going to play that game, he will play a game.  Lunch will be 35 minutes and they will work late.  He’s royally pissed and says you keep it up, we’ll work half days on Sundays!

Judge Perry says he can’t force the State to give up the order of their witnesses.  The State actually could give a list, just not say which order they are in, lol.  Baez says he needs 10 minutes to hunt for the file.

10 minute recess called!

Dot was over with Linda Burdick obviously complaining how hard this is for them to pull files…break out the violins!

9:13 Baez asks for a sidebar and the jury is called in.

The State called Cameron Campana.

23-years-old.  He lives in Cleveland but went to FullSail University in Florida.  He is a club promoter.  He was Anthony Lazzaro’s roomie.  2 others also lived there for a while, house and Lezniewicz.

Cameron talks about his school schedule.  Baez objects and we go to sidebar.

That’s 2 already and it’s only 9:20!

Frank George resumes questioning.

He met Casey through Tony after a birthday party around May 24, 2008.  He says Casey was a regular, happy, normal girl.  He says in the middle or end of June, Casey began staying at the apartment.  He knew Caylee, met her 3-4 times.

Casey claimed to be stressed over work.  Casey promised to get Red Carpet tickets to the Batman premier.  It never happened.

Baez is being a dink and objecting every few questions!

He says the whole time she lived in the apartment, he never saw her get ready for work.  They didn’t see Caylee around and when they asked Casey, she also had some excuse.  He never heard her talk to Caylee or Zanny on the phone.

Casey always took her calls outside.  She said she was talking to her mother – it was her time to vent!

Casey was cooking dinner and buying groceries.  She also was doing laundry and cleaning the apartment.

Baez is playing pop tart, jumping up and objecting.

He recalls Casey had a PC with her.  Casey seemed happy during the time she lived there.

He knows about Fusian.  He never drank with Casey, but recalls Casey came home drunk once.

None of Caylee’s clothes were at Tony’s, no stuffed animals.  Casey never told them Caylee was missing or kidnapped.  She never said she was out looking for Caylee.

He was not home when Cindy showed up.  He met Lee when he came to collect Casey’s stuff.  Lee seemed calm, but worried.  He saw Lee take a bag of clothes.

Cross by Baez.

Were you in Casey’s home on June 16th?  No.

No further questions.

Next up Nate Lezniewicz.

Nate describes going to school.  He plays in a band, keyboard and percussion.

He began living at Tony’s in May 2008.

Frank George basically asks the same questions he asked Cameron.  He met Casey at a friend’s birthday party.  She was normal, outgoing, talkative.  He became aware Casey had a daughter a few days later.  He saw Caylee, 2-3 times.

He remembers Casey spending the night. but not Caylee.

She told him she was an event planner at Universal.  He never saw an id.  She didn’t really talk about work much.

He hadn’t seen Caylee and when he asked Casey she said Caylee was with the nanny.

he never heard he speak to her daughter or nanny on the phone.

He recalls Casey broke down at Amscot and Tony went to get her.

He socialized with Casey on Fridays at Fusian when Tony was working there.

The party pics are coming in!

Nate identifies a picture of Casey and himself at Fusian.  Casey participated in a hot body contest.  Nate doesn’t recall the date.  He believes it was taken in June 2008.

Baez objects and wants a sidebar.  Judge Perry says not at this time.

Now Baez objects to relevance and this time gets the sidebar.  He really doesn’t want the party pics in.

Objection overruled! You may publish to the jury.

Baez voices a standing objection to the photographs!

Casey always looked like she was having a good time at Fusion.

He never saw her distraught, worried, scared.

She never told him Caylee was missing or that she was out trying to find her.

He was there when Cindy arrived and she and Casey argued.  He never saw Casey again after she left with her mother.  Tony and he were confused as to what was going on.

Lee showed up late evening.  He felt bad for them that they had to witness Casey and her mother.  Lee took some of Casey’s belongings.

A Deputy showed up before Lee did and Tony gave them Casey’s cell phone.

Cross by Baez.

You saw Caylee how many times? 2-3.

Did she look hungry?  No.  Was Casey an attentive mother?  Yes.

You found out at some point that Caylee was gone?  Yes.

Casey never gave you any indication that something was wrong?  No sir.

We you present at Casey Anthony’s home when Caylee drown in the pool?  No sir.  OMG!

15 minute recess.

State calls Roy ‘Clint’ House.

This will be a rehash of Cameron and Nate’s testimony.  Casey was a promo girl for him and Tony.  She participated in contests, a hot body contest.  She was a Shot Girl.  She would make suggestions to the other girls about what to wear.

Maria Kissh was his girlfriend at the time and attended Fusian some of the nights.

It looks like George wants to introduce another photo and Baez calls for yet another sidebar!

When at Fusian, Casey was partying and happy.  She and Tony seemed happy with each other.

He never saw Casey and Tony fight.  Casey was never sad or depressed.

He had already moved out before Cindy showed up.  He and Tony had a falling out and Casey tried to patch that up by sending him text messages.  He had no other contact.

Cross by Baez.

The extent that you knew Casey is a month and a half?  Yes.

How many times did you see Caylee?  4-5 times.

Casey and Caylee played with flash cards.  Caylee played with Cam’s drum set.

Did you see Caylee malnourished?  No.

Did Casey ever strike Caylee?  No.

Cross by Baez is covering the same exact material Frank George covered.

Casey was friendly?  Yes.

Nice?  Yes.

She cared about people?  Yes.

You have now found out that Caylee was dead at this time?  Yes.

You saw no change in her behavior.  Never saw a change.

Excused, subject to recall.

Maria Kissh up.  She is wearing a suit and heels…impressed!

She’s a manager at a retail company.  Political Science major.

In 2008 she worked on a county campaign.  She and Clint were dating in May, June and July of 2008.

She met Casey at a party.  She met Caylee at Tony’s apartment.  She said spent 15-20 minutes with Caylee, but Casey spent the time in Tony’s room.  When she and Clint were leaving, she felt strange leaving Caylee alone on the porch, unattended!

Baez objects.  Another sidebar!

Casey, Tony and Caylee were leaving also.  Casey told Caylee to get her shoes.  Maria saw Caylee struggling with her socks and shoes so she helped her and tied her shoes.

Maria never saw Caylee again.

She knew Casey was at the apartment all the time.  She saw Casey there numerous times.

She didn’t consider it a friendship, they just saw each other at the apartment.

Casey told her she was an event planner at Universal.

The would go to clubs and bars as a group.

She remembers meeting all of them on June 20th at Fusion and the Hot Body contest.  She remembers the blue knit dress  Casey wore during the contest.

She identifies the photo of Casey and Nate.  Casey is wearing the blue dress.

Casey told Maria she paid the nanny $400 a week!

Did you ever ask about Caylee’s dad?

Sidebar!  Objection!

Casey told her that Caylee’s dad was deceased.Cross.

When you went out in Casey’s car and you sat in the back seat, did you smell any bad odor.  No.

You didn’t it like her being over at the house?  It didn’t bother me.

It struck you odd that Casey was always there?  It didn’t bother me at all.


Judge Perry breaks for lunch until 1:15.

Baez want to renew a motion regarding the next witness.  Lisbeth Fryer argues.  They don’t want the testimony regarding the shovel.  Defense no longer denying Casey wasn’t searching for Caylee and the original order contained the word ‘searching’.  They claim the shovel is not material and misleading.


Frank George points out the sound system has changed and there is a huge echo making it difficult for them to hear.  They play with some buttons to adjust the sound level.  Perry offers them wireless mics, lol.

Jury brought in at 1:20pm.

Brian Burner takes the stand.  He only knows the Anthony’s to say hi to.  They never socialized.

June 2008 he was on vacation until June 16 and had the next week off.  He saw Casey’s vehicle backing into the garage on the 17th.  He thought nothing of it, but he had never seen her do that before.  He never saw the car leave.  On the 18th he was doing yard work and Casey came over in the afternoon around 1:20-1:30 to borrow a shovel to dig up a bamboo root.

He identifies a photo of his garage and the shovel that Casey borrowed.  The photo is entered into evidence.

Baez objects and Judge Perry denies.

He says Casey never asked to borrow anything before.   Casey got the shovel and walked into the garage.  He saw the car was backed in to the garage.

He went to take a shower and told his son that Casey had the shovel.  Casey returned the shovel to him.

He saw the car again early afternoon , between noon and 3pm, on the 19th or 20th.  The car was again backed in.

He did eventually see police at the house, but he never spoke with Cindy or George.

When he saw Casey on the 18th, she was normal, not sad or depressed.

Baez on cross.

Your first statement to police was on July 17th?  Correct.

He gave a statement to Cpl. Edwards.  He remembered the dates after thinking about it.

Did you see a second car in the driveway?  No.

You didn’t make a habit of watching Casey coming and going?  No.

You don’t consider yourself a noisy neighbor?  No.

So you don’t know how she normally parked her car?  No.

You don’t know whether Casey used the shovel to break into the shed?  No

You don’t know whether the Anthony’s had shovels?  No.

The week after the 16th Casey and a male were in the driveway, around the time of the stolen gas cans.  The car wasn’t the Pontiac, but he doesn’t remember what it was.

There is a privacy fence between the two houses so you can’t see into the backyard.

The incidents that happened were a month before you gave your statement?  Correct.

You didn’t know you would have to give a statement a month later?  No.

Well, this is all very stupie!

There were media trucks outside your home for about six months?

George objects as to scope.

Witness excused.

Jamie Realander will be up next.

Baez wants to approach yet again!  I swear, we have spent more time on sidebars than on testimony.

Judge calls a 10 minute recess…geez Louise, Baez is being a total pain in the ass!  Or, is it they need to go find her file?

Oh, Casey is going for the Ruth Buzzi look again! 

Jamie met Casey at Fusian through another friend.  She says in May 2008, Casey was happy and a fun person to be friends with.

She was employed by Fusian as a shot girl.  It wasn’t a money-maker job, lol!  June 27 was she was working and saw Casey Anthony.  The girls would go to Casey if you had questions as to where to go, etc.

On June 20th she wasn’t working but was at Fusian.  This was the night of the hot body contest.  She identifies a picture of  herself dancing dirty with Casey!  State moves to enter. into evidence .  Baez objects, Judge Perry overrules.

She never saw Casey upset or sad.

One time a large group was partying and a shot girl was grabbed and her stomach was scratched.  Casey had the shot girls leave for the night.

She didn’t know Casey had a daughter until July 15th.  Casey had to run errands at Universal and then pick up her daughter.  This was the first time she knew Casey had a job.  She didn’t know Caylee’s name, but was invited to her birthday party the next month!


Casey was a nice person to you?  Yes.

She treated you with respect?  Yes.

She was like a big sister?  Yes, Casey looked out for us and kept us out of harms way.

You don’t know anything about what happened to Caylee on June 16th?  No.

Jamie released.

Erica Gonzalez called.

Full time mom, 22,  since January.  Another shot girl from Fusian.

Baez objects again.  Overruled.

She thought Casey worked at Island of Adventure and had no idea where Casey lived.  She did know Casey had a daughter.

Casey likened taking care of the shot girls to taking care of her daughter.

Casey never said her daughter was missing or she was looking for her.  Casey acted normal and nothing seemed to be wrong.

She eventually learned Caylee was missing and Casey told her Caylee was with the nanny.

Baez on cross.

Casey was kind to you?  Yes.  She looked after all of you?  Yes.

Did you ever see Casey drinking or get drunk?

Do you have any knowledge of how Casey died?  No.

Judge Perry calls a special recess til 3pm.  The jury is jonesing for a smoke, lol!

Note from the jury:

We have no issue working on memorial day, in fact we would prefer to!

Pretty telling, methinks!

Tony Lazzaro up!

He lives on Long Island.  Has a degree in music business.  He works at Best Buy and is interning at a record label.

Casey looking very uncomfortable.

He lived at Sutton Place during May, June and July 2008.

Long discussion about his schooling at FullSail.

He began club promotion and DJing with Clint.  They worked at Fusian together beginning in June.

He had a ’97 Jeep.  Met Casey on Facebook.  They met in person at a birthday party at the end of May.

He knew Casey had a child, a toddler.

They went to several parties.  At the beginning of June she was not staying at the apartment.

On June 4, they went to another birthday party and Casey drove her car.

He met Caylee on a few occasions.  The went to the Mall and then the Cheesecake Factory for a late lunch.

Caylee never spent the night at his apartment.

Clint and he and 2 promoters hired the shot girls.  Several people basically told them what to do.  Casey wanted to help so he told her she could help keep them in line.

He believed she did event planning at Universal.  She would talk about Jeff and a couple of girls she worked with.  She would walk into the apartment wearing a Universal badge with her picture on it.

Casey told him that her babysitter or her mother was watching Caylee.  He knew the name Zanny!  He knows absolutely nothing about Zanny.

Seems like Casey was far more head-over-heels than Tony ever was!

George asks to approach.

OMG! another 10 minute recess!

June 13, 2008 was the first times Casey went to Fusian with Tony.  Tony identifies a picture of he and Casey at Fusian which George wants moved into evidence.

Baez objects and we have another freakin sidebar!

Mr. Baez, sit your whiney hinny down and shut up!

Photo moved to evidence and published to the jury.

Casey and Tony went back to the apartment and it was the first time Casey stayed over.  Mid to late June Casey would live at the apartment.

June 16th he saw Casey late evening and they went to Blockbuster together.  A stipulation is read about the stills and video from Blockbuster are true representations.  The DVD is received in evidence.

George plays the video for the jury.  Tony identifies himself and Casey in the video!  Casey was happy to see him and was happy-go-lucky.

She wasn’t scared, crying or worried and never said Caylee was missing!  Casey began living there full-time.  None of Caylee’s things were there.

Tony says he cared for Casey and things were going well.

June 17th he and Casey stayed in bed.  Her demeanor was the same and she was happy to be there.  She never said anything was wrong.   She never mentioned her daughter.

June 18th he went to class, he had no idea what she did that day…to work, to see her daughter…whatever.

June 20 he was ta Fusian again with Casey.  The Hot Body contest was held that night.  Casey was asked to participate.  Casey told him.

Tony identifies a photo of the Hot Body contest going on with Casey in the blue dress.

State moves to enter into evidence.

Baez objects.  Overruled!

Jury gets the photo.  On that night Casey showed no sadness, never indicated her child was missing or kidnapped.

The next day Casey called mid-afternoon and said she ran out of gas and needed to be picked up.  He picked her up and they went to her house to get gas.  They went into the garage and went to the backyard to a shed.  They broke the lock with a tire iron from his truck.  He was concerned about breaking the lock.  She said not to worry, it was her shed.  They took 2 gas cans and drove to where her car was.

Casey put the gas in the car and put the cans in her trunk.  He could not see inside the trunk.  They returned to his apartment.

Casey sometimes said she had to call the babysitter and would go outside to use the phone.

June 26th they hung out together.  June 27 Casey called and said she ran out of gas again and she was at Amscot.  He picked her up, Casey was outside the car with grocery bags.  She told him the car broke down and her dad was going to take care of it.

They went to the mall and George enters the video from J C Penney which Baez objects to.  Overruled!

The video is published and shows Casey buying shoes.

They went to Fusian that night.  Another photo is shown of he and Casey. George moves to enter into evidence.  Baez has same objection.  Overruled and published.

Casey still happy-go-lucky.

Casey drove him and Clint to the airport on June 30.  They were going home on vacation.  Casey was to drop the Jeep at home.  He never told her she could use his car.

George is done, witness subject to recall.

Baez on cross.

You realize you are here to testify in a murder case?  Yes.

A possible death penalty case?  Yes.

Did Casey tell you she was going to murder anyone?  No.

Did she gather weapons?  No.

Did she borrow duct tape from anyone?  No.

Did she say she was going to murder Caylee?  No.

Baez is being the biggest horse’s ass!

Tony, Casey and Caylee went to a pool in early June.  Caylee got to close to the pool and Casey stopped her like any mother would do.

Casey told you about her father abusing her.  Objection, beyond scope and hearsay!  Sustained.  Baez complains.  Judge Perry says sustained again and move on!

You cooperated with the prosecution in every way?  Yes.

But you wouldn’t talk to the defense?  I didn’t know I had to.

You never gave any interviews or sold photographs?  No.

Back to the gas cans.  Did she block you from her car or stay away?  No.

When you poured the gas can…She poured the gas.

Tony said he never smelled any stench in the car?  No, but I wasn’t in the car.

We’ll get to that in a moment.

Baez wants to show Tony a photo now so he wouldn’t have to come back from NY again to testify.


Bench conference!

Objection sustained.

When you picked Casey up, she was pulled into a parking spot?  No, it was kinda cockeyed.

There was a gas station next door?  I don’t know.

There was a Sam’s Club?  No.

Baez shows him the photo and Tony says it doesn’t refresh his memory, but he sees the gas station in the photo.

Baez has 20 more minutes and wants to recall Tony tomorrow!

Court recessed at 5:10

Perry says there are numerous issues about working Memorial Day and he will let them know by Friday.  Perry says that won’t be bored as activities are planned if they want to participate!

Have a good evening!

  1. FRG
    05/25/2011 at 6:28 pm


    Thank you for the summary!

    My hubby just loves to hear JB to be overruled in his objections which is 90% of the time! He thinks he is an incompetent!

    Well, let’s see what JB has accomplished today, his client is a happy go lucky party liar girl which cares way more about her friends well being than her own daughter! Also KC borrowed her neighbor’s shovel and JB wants to imply KC was going to use to break into the shed! *insert rolling eyes here*

    Did you see JB’s incident this morning with the media? He is way over his head! Let’s not forget the senior citizen CM! LOL

  2. donchais
    05/25/2011 at 6:42 pm


    For some strange reason, I thought a lot about Forrest Gump in terms of the defense today and the following kept repeating in my head…

    “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

    “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    Forrest wasn’t so dumb, eh? LOL

  3. offthecuff
    05/25/2011 at 7:26 pm

    Yes, thanks for the summary for those of us who are so busy, but want to know!

  4. donchais
    05/25/2011 at 8:03 pm

    Thanks offthecuff!

    A lot of work, but nobody has the right to destroy a child…mentally, emotionally or physically.

    These babes deserve a shot at life, not abuse!

  5. Teresa
    05/25/2011 at 8:21 pm

    Really appreciate you taking the time to do this for us and to such detail. I feel like I am there in the court room. Thank you for the descriptive details. I am so looking forward to reading future entries even though this entire thing never should have happened. I pray that Caylee gets her justice. GOD will deal Casey and anyone that is not telling the truth. GOD will also deal with Jose Baez. I know people say he’s a defense atty doing his job but to me, I just look at the fate OJ’s atty’s were dealt.

  6. donchais
    05/26/2011 at 4:31 am

    Thanks Teresa, your comment is much appreciated!

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