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Casey Anthony – Trial By Bench Conference


August 2005 ~ June 2008

Do you wonder what the jurors think about all the trips to bench?  Are they impressed with Mr. Baez’s lawyering or are the just as annoyed as we are?

Baez did some weird stuff yesterday, like when he tried to goad Jamie into saying she was jealous or ticked-off at Casey for living in the apartment while Clint was living there.  What the heck was the purpose?  Was he hoping for an opening to accuse Jamie of drowning Caylee in the pool on June 16th?  Was a head-scratcher to me.

His bizarre questioning of Tony regarding shopping at J C Penney was probably his attempt at sarcasm, but made him look like a complete fool!  Did Casey buy a gun?  Did Casey buy duct tape?  Did Casey say she was going to kill someone?  Just plain stupid, Mr. Baez!

Looks like they forgot to tell Casey to button up today!

Poor Tony Lazzaro is back on the hot seat.  He doesn’t even glance in Casey’s direction.

Baez asks if Tony see Caylee laughing with Casey?  Yes.

Did you ever see Casey hug Caylee?  Yes.

9;03 am already an objection from Mr. George, sustained.

Tony describes Caylee as a sweet, bright child who loved Dora the Explorer.

Tony doesn’t remember any duct tape on the gas can.

Next Baez asks about the photos taken at Fusian.

Man, Baez is all over the place!

Young men like yourself want to go to a club where pretty girls are dancing?  Yes.

The photos are put on the internet to draw business?  Yes.

You told us about you and Casey sharing secrets.  Was it told to you before Casey got arrested?  Yes.

Mr. George asks to approach. 

I believe this is beyond scope.  This is obviously touchy because this is a very lengthy sidebar!

Your relationship with Casey got pretty intense in June and July?  Intense how?

You spent more time together?  Yes.

Casey told you she loved you?   Yes.

Did you tell her you loved her?  Yes.

You would talk on the phone all the time and text?  Yes.

The two of you would talk at all hours of the night and text?  Yes.

When the news broke about this you were completely shocked?  Yes.

Casey’s behavior prior to and post June 16th bothers you?  Yes.

And still bothers you that she never told you anything?  Yes.


George asks about the gas cans and what the looked like.  Red, small.

Tony now says he doesn’t remember duct tape on the cans, it could have been there.

Yesterday Mr. Baez asked about an interview on October 8th?   Yes.

Back to the day they took the gas cans.

Casey put the gas in the car, the trunk was closed and Tony was toward the front of the car.  He could smell the gas.  Then Tony gave Casey the second can and started walking toward his car and the trunk was still closed.  When she got done putting the gas in the car, she opened her trunk and he started to walk back.  He could see the rubber lining of the trunk lid.  He could not see into the trunk.


When the police questioned you, you knew the trunk was significant?  Yes.

You told them there was no smell?  Correct.

Excused, subject to recall.

George Anthony is recalled by Jeff Ashton.

The State has been smart to only delve into one area with the witnesses and then recall them to probe another area.  Very strategic and methodical!

Were you home on June 24th?  Yes.  I had errands to do and a job interview.  He was going to do yard work and as he walked to the shed he found the lock had been broken.

Jeff puts up a diagram of the house and yard.  Baez objects saying no prior disclosure.  He’s never seen this before.  Ashton asks to approach.

It’s gonna be one of those days again!

Received into evidence.

It shows the playhouse, pool, 3 sheds.

The lock was broken and when George opened the shed he found the lock inside and noted both gas cans were gone and none of the power tools were missing.  He found it strange and decided to call the police and make a report around 10:30 am and an officer arrived shortly after.

George went out and bought 2 plastic gas cans, but didn’t get the lawn mowed.

George hadn’t seen Casey since the 16th, but she came home around 2pm on the 24th. 

Casey didn’t realize George took the day off!

George heard the garage door open and Casey walked in.  George’s car was in the garage.

George was surprised and happy to see her.  Casey seemed surprised to see George.  He asked about her and how Caylee was.

George told Casey he went to mow the lawn and there was no gas.  Casey said, I don’t know what to tell you.

You thought she may have taken the gas?  Yes.

To see how Casey would react, George said he wanted the metal block from her trunk to work on Cindy’s car.  Casey said she would get it.  George said I have a key and he went to the garage.  Casey rushed past door and said I’ll get it!  Casey ran to her car, opened the trunk and slammed the gas cans down and said, here’s your ‘effin cans.

George says he was mortified when he caught her.  He was annoyed she broke into the shed and took the cans and told her they would talk later.

Casey’s car was in the driveway and when she opened the trunk she slammed it closed too fast for George to see in.  He only smelled gas from the cans, nothing else.

George is shown a photo of the gas can.  It has duct tape on the vent cap area.  The cap was missing when Casey gave him back the cans.

He identifies the Pontiac as Casey’s car.


Baez asks for morning recess instead.  It was only 9:55, so I wonder if Jeff threw Baez for a loop?

Baez asks if George knew that Casey would take gas from the gas cans previously?  Yes, we talked about it.

You told her not to take the cans, you would give her the money for gas?  Yes.

You were annoyed with Casey taking gas prior to the 24th?  Yes.

Caylee lived with you all her life?  Yes.

There is a sound problem so they go off the record to figure out what is going on.

The last time you saw your granddaughter was June 16?  Correct.

On June 24th you called the police to report gas cans missing?  Yes.

Not to report your granddaughter was missing?  She wasn’t missing then.

Did you tell the police your granddaughter is missing?  No.

Did you tell the deputy your daughter was missing?  No.

The argument you had with her.  She came in a hurry and told you she had to go to work?  Yes.

She didn’t want you near the trunk?  Yes.

You didn’t smell anything?  No.

When she gave you the gas cans, they had no duct tape?  No.

You could see in her trunk?  No, I could not.

Do you recall speaking to the FBI on July 30th?  I spoke to them several times, I don’t remember the day.

You told the FBI you were in back of the car and could see clothes in the trunk?  I don’t remember that, but if it’s in there, I guess.

So on direct examination you were wrong when you said you didn’t see into trunk?

Objection, argumentative.

When Casey gave you the gas cans there was no duct tape?  Which one?

Baez shows the picture of the gas can.  George said there was no tape when Casey gave him the can.

You cut your grass every week?  Every other week, 10 days, it depends.

Do you recall…

Ashton objects because it doesn’t qualify as an inconsistent statement.  Judge Perry calls them to the bench.

You try to mow your lawn every week or 10 days?  Yes.

On June 24th your lawn needed mowing?  Yes.

Between June 24th and August 1st did you mow your lawn?  I’m sure I must have.

Baez wants George to stand down in front of a large June calendar.  He marks the last time he saw Caylee and the day he went to cut the grass.

Now a July calendar and George marks the date Caylee was reported missing.

Ha!  George just told Baez he is not being argumentative, but he is throwing stuff all over the place!  Couldn’t agree more!  Baez can’t do cross to save his life.

George is getting testy because of Baez’s nonsense.

We saw Baez do this crap with calling a witness off the stand to write on his overblown charts during the Frye hearings!

Baez is getting snarky with George and George asks him to treat him with some respect and he will give Baez respect back!

Baez goes to an August 5th deposition in the State Attorney’s office.

George told the State he didn’t put the tape on the can.  The second occasion the cans were taken, a larger piece of tape was on the can that he did not place there!

Ashton objects, Baez asks to approach and Judge Perry says no.

Baez starts reading from the deposition which Judge Perry just said not to do.

Ashton objects again.  A not so happy Judge calls them to the bench!

Baez asks if the can…objection!

Perry asks if they all heard anything he said at sidebar.  He sends the jury out.

Perry says the picture of the gas can is not in evidence and you can’t ask questions.

Baez asks that George be sent out of the room.  Perry says no.

Baez says he wants to proffer how he will get to that, but out of the witness presence.  Perry says no.

Judge Perry wants Tony brought in regarding proffer of his testimony.  Tony isn’t there because Mr. George let him go to lunch because he didn’t think he would be needed again until the court returned from lunch.  Judge Perry says, I told him to wait outside.  Mr. George says he asked for an early lunch.  Judge Perry said ‘don’t do that again’!

What a freakin circus!

Jury back in and a weary George Anthony retakes the stand.

Baez asks do you remember Det. Wells coming to the house after your daughter was arrested?  It could be.

Do your remember giving Det. Wells a tour of your backyard?  Possibly.

Did you open the shed?  I may have.

How many shovels are in the shed? 3 or 4.

When you showed the shed to detectives did you tell them about the argument you had with Casey?  I don’t recall.

Baez is stepping out of the scope of testimony.

Did you tell detectives about the smell in the car on the 17th?  I don’t recall.

Baez asks an improper question about George being in the courtroom for all the testimony.  Judge Perry says do not go there.

You were excused from sequestration?

Mr. Baez approach the sidebar.  Perry is pissed!

Baez is done and Ashton on redirect.

The gas can you gave to law enforcement, did they give that back the next day?  It came back pretty quick.

In December did the importance of the gas can become clear?  Yes.

The can was  taken the second time in December but from July until December it was kept in the shed.

When you spoke to the FBI, did they cover a broad range of subjects?  Yes.


You knew on June 24th these gas cans were going to become an important issue in this case?

Objection.  Sustained.

You sit here and claim when your reported the gas cans missing on the 24th of June…

Objection.  Sustained!

George is released.

Ricardo Morales is next.

27, lives in Illinois, is married and has a child.

He met Casey June 2007 at a party.  He started dating Casey in February 2008.  Casey told him she worked at Universal as an event coordinator.  Her job required her to give tours at Universal and Island of Adventures.  She talked about Juliette and her boss, Tom.  He knew about Caylee.  He and Casey broke up in April.  Casey used to stay over 4-5 nights a week.  Caylee stayed there also.

Caylee slept in the bed between Ricardo and Casey.  Casey brought clothes and toiletries every time she came over and took them home each day.

Ricardo identifies a picture of Casey and Caylee in his bedroom in late January because Caylee had a bruise under her eye.

Baez objects.  Overruled, foundation.

George moves the photo to evidence.  Baez objects.  Perry calls them to the bench.

Baez didn’t want the picture shown unless the bruise was airbrushed and he wanted it cropped so nobody would know it was Ricardo’s bedroom!

Picture does not come in.

You and Casey broke up in 2008, but remained friends?  Yes.

He never met Cindy or George, but he had been to the house because Casey invited him for breakfast.  George and Cindy were not home.

On June 7th Casey and Caylee spent the night.  June 9th and 10th they also spent the night.  June 10th was the last time he saw Caylee.  The next time he saw Casey was July 1st.  During that time period he had 1 or 2 text messages from Casey.

During that time, did Casey say her daughter was missing?  No.

Was kidnapped?  No.

That anything bad happened to her?  No.

Amy Huizenga wrecked her car and was sleeping on his couch.  He said Amy and Casey were going to move into Casey’s house.

On July 1st he woke up and found Casey was at his house, he didn’t know when she arrived.  He was surprised to see her.

Casey’s demeanor was the same as it was in early June.

He talks about the trip to Puerto Rico and believes Casey was invited, but he never believed Casey would go.

He next saw Casey July 15th when she picked them up at the airport.  Her demeanor was the same, happy, smiling, normal Casey.

The jury sent Judge Perry several notes:

At the end of the presentations are the jury the numbers the same as the are now?

Can the alternates go home after the presentations?

Perry will not answer these so as not to let them know who the alternates are!  He understands they’d like to go home, but they trial may not (hint) last as long as predicted.  He’ll know better at the end of next week!

Jurors who keep diaries, can they still do that?

They can as long as it has nothing to do with the trial.

Can they have pretzels in the jury room?

Can they watch the Tampa Lightning game Friday?

It is not shown in Orlando, but the Judge is trying to make arrangements to have it taped for them.

They break for lunch until 1:30.

Ricardo takes the witness stand again.

Baez says the State is limiting Ricardo’s testimony and the defense wants to take Morales out of turn so Morales doesn’t have to come back.  He doesn’t know if Morales was paid to travel by the State and considering Ms. Anthony’s indigency, he wants to go into areas out-of-order.  The State agrees.

The photo in Ricardo’s room is stipulated to by both sides that the bruise on Caylee’s face was not from neglect or abuse.  It will be read to the jury prior to being published.  Now Baez says it should be read after it’s published to the jury.

Ricardo sold the pictures he took of Caylee to The Globe.  He received about $4k.

The photo is moved to evidence.  Judge Perry reads the stipulation.

Another photo is shown to Morales of Casey and Caylee that he took.

Frank George moves it into evidence and it’s published to the jury.

Cross by Baez.

You started dating Casey in February 2008?  Yes.

Till when?  The middle of April 2008.

Baez shows him the photo “Win her over with Chloroform” from his MySpace account.

Entered into evidence and published to the jury.

Dopey didn’t print the photo out and that needs to get done for the clerk!

This photo was posted on your MySpace in March 2008?  Yes.

You were dating Casey at the time?  Yes.

Why did you post it?  I found it humorous at the time.

Did you discuss chloroform with Casey?  No.

The Globe sought you out because you had photographs of Casey?  Yes.

Casey and Caylee stayed with you 3-4 nights a week?

Caylee slept between you?  No, Casey slept in the middle.

beside selling photographs and posting the chloroform picture on MySapce is there anything you can testify to about what happened to Caylee?   In terms of Casey, no.

You weren’t intimate with Casey with Caylee in the bed?  No.


Do you have any idea when you uploaded that picture Mr. Baez showed you?  Sometime in 2008.

Morales only recalls one night that he woke up that Caylee was not in the bed.  Casey said she got a phone call in the night and took Caylee home.


Did you see Casey and Caylee interact?  Yes.

Did Caylee ever go hungry?  No.

Was Casey a good mother to her?  From what I saw.

Did you ever see Casey angry with Caylee?  Only when she was trying to put her to sleep. like any mother.

Witness excused.

Melissa England is called.

Baez complains they have to go find her file…good grief!  Baez never had the files moved into the area of the courtroom that Judge Perry set aside for them, they are back in a conference room!

Lives in Boston and markets software.

She went to high school with Troy Brown and she dated him for a while.

She knew Casey’s name from Troy.  She came to Orlando to visit Troy in July 2008.  She met Casey at the club Voyage on July 2nd.  Casey was very friendly and outgoing.

Troy had to work July 3rd.  Casey offered to take her shopping while Troy was at work.

Casey never told her she had a daughter, but she knew that from Troy.

Casey never said, her daughter was missing, kidnapped, she was looking for her.

Casey told her she was getting a tattoo and offered to take her.  Melissa didn’t go.

They went to their friend JP’s and Casey was already there.

Casey and Melissa left and Casey drove.  It was Tony’s jeep and Casey said her car was in the shop.

Melissa met Amy that night as well.

Casey told her that Amy lost some money the night before while sleep walking…

Baez objects and asks to approach…sigh…

I was just thinking how many poor souls got caught in Casey’s wake!

Objection sustained.

Where did you go?  Target and the Florida Mall.

Casey got a call and Melissa could tell she was having an argument on the phone because she sound irritated.  The call had something to do with money issues and she heard the word nanny.  Melissa asked if she was ok and Casey said she just had an argument with her mother.

She talked about Tony a lot, but didn’t talk about Caylee.

Casey spent a bunch of time texting while at the mall.  Casey told her it was work and they needed something.  Casey told her she was an event coordinator.  Funny thing, Melissa was an event coordinator at the time!

The topic of Caylee never came up, nor did the nanny.

They went to the restaurant where Amy worked, Houlihans.  It was just Casey and her.  Casey said she was thinking of leaving Orlando because the school system wasn’t great and she wanted Caylee to get a good education.

After dinner they picked up Troy at work and went back to JP’s house.  Casey called friends and said she could come get them because she had car trouble or a flat tire.  She threw the phone down on the console and said, ‘ oh my God, I’m such a good liar!’

They went out drinking at Chargers and Casey was happy-go-lucky.  Casey never mentioned Caylee.

Casey received several calls and Casey seemed distraught and was upset and crying.  The calls were from Lee!  Casey said she wanted to leave.

They all parted ways for the night, but talked about going bowling with her, Caylee and Tony the next day.  Casey thought it was a good idea.

Melissa never saw Casey after July 3rd.


You live in North Carolina?  No, Boston.

The State paid for your flight?  Yes.

Your hotel?  Yes.

Can you tell the jury how Caylee died?


Casey didn’t tell you about her missing daughter?  No.

She tell you anything about when she was 10…

Objection, sustained.

She didn’t tell you anything about the horrors in her…

Objection!  Sidebar.

Baez is so off track and scope, he needs to be smacked upside his fat head!  His ploy is the State paid to bring witnesses in and Casey has no money so he should be able to go wherever he wants, whenever he wants, and couches it in he doesn’t want to have to drag these poor folks back another day!  He is the consummate, smarmy bastard!

You barely knew Casey?  Correct.

You just met her that weekend?  Yes.

You don’t know anything about what kind of mother she was?  No.


Judge Perry calls ‘special’ recess til 3:10.  The smokers are running to get outside, lol!

Troy Brown is called.

He lives in Virgina and is in advertising sales.

He met Casey in 2007 at a birthday party.  He had little contact till she began dating Ricardo.  He met Tony in May 2008 at a house party.

He knows who Caylee was.  He saw Caylee in June 2008 with Casey at Ricardo’s house.

The next time he saw Casey after June 10 was in late June.  While he was away on vacation, Casey sent him a Facebook message.

George gives him a print out of a June 24 Facebook conversation between Casey and him.  He verifies it as a true representation.  George wants it moved into evidence.

Big surprise!!!! Baez objects and asks for a sidebar!

Objection is overruled and the item is entered.

The message is about Amy moving onto the Anthony house.  Hell, I haven’t even lived here for the last 9 days…drama…will tell you later.

He knew Amy and Casey were looking for a place to live from conversations with Amy.

He talks about Melissa come to Florida to visit him.

He talks about the night at Voyage.  Casey, was happy and didn’t talk about Caylee.  They the went to Makos.  Melissa and Casey seemed to hit it off.  He knew Melissa and Casey were going to spend July 3rd together because he had to work.

Casey dropped Troy at work and she was driving Tony’s cars.  Casey told him her car had problems.

Casey and Melissa picked him up after work and they went bar hopping, downtown.

Casey was upset that night after receiving phone calls from her brother and was crying.  There were multiple phone calls over an hour or two.

Casey asked to leave and they went back to Ricardo’s, but Casey didn’t come with them.

Casey picked up all of them on the return from the Puerto Rico trip in Amy’s car on July 15th.  Casey seemed normal.


Do you have any information on how Caylee died?  I do not.

Where Caylee died? I do not.

When Caylee died?  I do not.


Iassen Donov is called.

27, pharmaceutical recruiter.  Poly Sci degree.

He met Casey December 2007.  She was dating his friend Brandon Snow.

At the end of June the met at the Ale House and Casey was happy, talkative.Didn’t talk about Caylee, didn’t say Caylee was kidnapped, anything had happened to her?  No, sir.  They all had a good time.

He thought she was an event planner at Universal.

He asked what she did with Caylee when she was at work.  Casey told him Caylee had a nanny she’s known for 6 years.

AOL message between Casey and the witness are asked to be moved into evidence.

Baez objects as to relevance.   Judge Perry says tough!

It is published.

Text about Casey looking at apartments and moving within a week, discussion about the nanny and Casey loves her.

He knew Casey had a boyfriend.  He thought he might like to have a relationship with Casey and that’s what a lot of the messages were about.

Casey invited him to Fusian by AOL messenger.   He never went.


You knew Casey a year and a half before she was arrested.

You know she worked at Universal?  2008, before that at Sports Authority.

Shocking to know that wasn’t true then?  Yes.

Shocking now?  Yes.

Did you tell LE Casey was a heavy drinker, she would leave early, but drink late?  Yes.

Can you tell the jury how the Caylee died?  No.


Dante Salati called.

Mechanic, has known Casey for 11 years.  He knew she had a daughter.  He met Caylee numerous times.  He used to live at 218 Sawgrass Apartments from 2005 til late 2008, early 2009.

Casey was at his Sawgrass apartment in 2006-2007.

He saw Casey at Miller’s Ale House on July 1st 2008.  They talked and Casey was happy, free of worry, normal.

She never said Caylee was missing. kidnapped, she was looking for her?  No.

That was the last he saw Casey.


You’ve known Casey 11 years?  Yes.

She’s a nice person?  Yes.

Caring? Yes.

You saw Casey love Caylee, kiss her, hug her?  Yes.

Was Caylee’s affection toward Casey genuine?  Yes.

Ever see Caylee, hungry, dressed poorly?  No.

Knowing Casey and Caylee are you shocked there was no change in Casey’s behavior?  Yes.


Christopher Stutz on direct.

23, aquatic coordinator at the YMCAWorking on his MBA.

He’s known Casey from 2005.

He saw Casey mid May 2008 when she came to his parent’s house.   His parents weren’t home.  Casey spent the night.

The next time he saw her was mother’s day….

Baez objects, George says establishing relationship.  Judge Perry says approach, twice!

Judge Perry tells the jury to disregard that Casey stayed the night at his house!

He was asked June 30 by the police when he last saw Casey and he doesn’t remember what he said.  He is shown the transcript and he now remembers he saw her mid June.  Caylee wasn’t with her.  She was driving a friend’s car because her car was broken down.

He saw her at Buffalo Wild Wings on July 7.  She approached his table and said hi.  She seemed upbeat and happy.

Baez keeps objecting.  Judge Perry overrules.  Baez asks to approach and Judge Perry says no.

In July he got a text from Casey that Caylee was missing.  He also heard from Lee asking if he had any information.

Objection.  Judge Perry says approach the bench!

George says he withdraws the last question and is done.


Did you tell LE Casey didn’t like to drink and go out because she didn’t want to leave Caylee with her parents?  Yes.

You saw Casey and Caylee interact quite a bit?  Yes.

The relationship between Casey and Caylee was loving.


Matthew Crisp called.

24, works in residential property management.  Helps people find apartments.

Knows Casey since 2002.  June 17, 2008 she called him regarding finding her boyfriend was looking for an apartment and could they come look.

Casey and Tony came to the leasing office at the apartment complex.

Casey said nothing about Caylee being missing, needed help in finding her.  Casey was joyful, exuberant, happy.

He saw her again on July 7 when they met for lunch at Subway.  Casey called him.  Caylee wasn’t there.  He asked about Caylee and Casey said she was on a play date.  Casey was her usual happy, typical behavior.

Did you give an interview on July 17 to LE?  Yes.

Did LE ask when you met Tony and Casey at the apartment?  I don’t remember exact dates, but it would be in the transcript.

George shows him the transcript.   Crisp acknowledges it was June 19 he saw them.


OMG…Mason is up mumbling.

Did you meet Caylee?  Yes.

When?  Several times.

You know how this child died? I do not.

Where she died?  I do not.

When she died?  I do not.

Mason stumbles off, the witness snickers and then is excused!

Linda Burdick asks to approach.  They all make the trek to the bench!

Couple quick observations:

This is so wearing, two court reporters are being utilized.

All these young adults who have been dragged into this nightmare are bright, well-spoken and have decent careers.  Contrast that to Casey!

I’ve watched my share of trials, but have never seen the copious amount of sidebars as I have with this trial and we are only 3 days into testimony!  What the heck must the jury be thinking?

4:47pm the good Judge calls it a day for the jury.

That’s it, the lights dim, the curtain drops and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

  1. kas
    05/26/2011 at 6:23 pm

    Well, I was wanting Baez to tag Mason in and then Mason asked two questions and I (almost) wanted Baez back.

  2. donchais
    05/26/2011 at 6:38 pm

    LOL kas!

    How many martini lunch do you thinks it was?

  3. smh
    05/26/2011 at 6:39 pm

    “All these young adults who have been dragged into this nightmare are bright, well-spoken and have decent careers. Contrast that to Casey!”

    Great observation! I’m sure Casey could clearly see this herself too. While they all had bright futures ahead of them, here she was, a single mother and high school dropout strapped with a toddler and basically leeching off others. It is said that people in their 20’s go through their “me” stage where everything is all about them and revolves around them. So how does Casey resolve this dilemma? She had to find a way, however heinous, to wipe her slate clean and start over her happy-go-lucky life — poor Caylee never had a fighting chance on this earth!

    Thanks for your great reporting on the case!

  4. donchais
    05/26/2011 at 6:48 pm

    smh, I see Casey squirm, but I’m not sure she’ll ever get beyond the ‘me’ stage. My only comfort is, no matter how brutal the facts are, Caylee was taken out of that caustic family and resides in a better place for a reason!

    Seems to me, Caylee’s short life was meant as a wake up call for all of us.

  5. NancyB
    05/26/2011 at 8:59 pm

    Your daily synopsis of the trial are truly excellent!! I really thank-you.

  6. donchais
    05/27/2011 at 12:59 am

    Thanks much, NancyB!

  7. ritanita
    05/27/2011 at 10:02 am

    Donchais, Thanks for the wonderful re-cap. At the rate the defense is wasting the Court’s time and annoying Judge Perry, the jury is going to pick up on the smoke and mirrors that comprise their version of events. So far, the only way they will get their story out will be to put her on the stand!

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