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Casey Anthony – ‘Nothing Is Certain But Death And Taxes’


August 2005 ~ June 2008

As the title says, the Casey Anthony case has both! Casey’s life is hanging in the balance and the IRS now wants a piece of Casey.  Funny how karma works!

I still can’t, for the life of me, understand what the heck the defense is doing by asking every one of Casey’s last group of ‘friends’ if they knew how Caylee died, when she died, etc.  Seriously, what does that prove except what the State has already laid-out?  Casey was a cold-hearted bitch living the ‘Bella Vita’!

Oh, and in case you missed it, Judge Perry informed the jury they would not be working Memorial Day!

Some housekeeping early this morning:

Baez asks for a mistrial – Perry says no!  Big surprise, huh?

Motions for investigative hours, 100 more hours for Jeanine Barrett for the penalty phase, more transcription services.

Judge Perry puts the court in recess until 9am.

I totally wanted to gag while Casey was fidgeting with her blouse, adjusting her bra and the ‘girls’ in an effort to expose as much chest as she could.  Not sure the sexy look is a good thing to go for when you are on trial for murdering a little child!  Ah well, once a pig, always a pig!

Lee is in court today, he arrived with Mallory.

Judge Perry informs the jury they will indeed, get to see the Tampa Bay Lightning – Boston Bruins hockey game tonight!  The outcome of the game will determine if the Lightning moves to the Stanley Cup finals

Mallory Parker is called!

Interestingly, Mark Lippman has moved through the gate and up behind the prosecution.  Appears he gave up his gallery seat to Lee.

Mallory said she and Casey weren’t close but they did check in with each other.  She has a good relationship with Cindy and George.

Were you made aware that Casey was not in the house?  Not in June, early July.  She was told by Lee, Casey was not around.  Mallory tried texting Casey asking if she was in downtown Orlando.  She, Lee and Danny Alvarez went looking for Casey on Church Street – the bar and club area.

Mallory believes she sent 5-6 text messages.  Casey never stated she was downtown, but asked if she was with Lee and she didn’t want the family to worry about her and just wanted her space.

Mallory asked if Casey was coming over on the weekend and if she was going to bring the baby.  Casey said she would try.

They never located Casey on July 3rd.  She had no contact with Casey up until July 16th.

What was George and Cindy’s demeanor during July?

Objection, sustained.

Baez on cross.

You went looking for Casey because Cindy Anthony requested it?

Objection, sustained.

You went with Lee downtown and you were aware that Cindy wanted him to?  Yes.

Mallory says Casey and Caylee had a special bond – she breaks down crying at this point.

Did Caylee ever go without food?   No.

Did you ever see Casey hit or torture Caylee?  No.

She is excused.

Judge Perry calls the attorneys to the bench.

William Waters is next.

32, unemployed engineer.  He met Casey on July 4, 2008 at a party he threw.  He worked with Amy at Houlihans.  Amy and Casey decorated his house.

He said Casey was polite and they had a normal conversation.  Casey told him she had a daughter.

Did she tell you her daughter was missing?  No.

She was kidnapped?  No.

She was looking for her?  No.

He identifies a photo he took of Casey and Amy on July 4.

Frank George moves to enter into evidence.

Baez objects – no prior disclosure and it’s cumulative.

Back to the bench!

Photo admitted over objections and it is published.

During the party did she talk about her child?  Just that she had a daughter.

During the fireworks, Casey was on the phone with her boyfriend.  He heard her tell Tony she didn’t want him to move to NY.  She was angry after she hung up.

Casey was drinking.  Her demeanor was carefree, no longer angry.

The party ended 1:30 2am.

He got Casey’s phone number because they planned to go to Ikea.

July 5th Casey showed up around 8am in Amy’s car.  He was not expecting her that early.  Casey told him her own car was in the shop.

Casey appeared spunky, good attitude.

Did she tell you her daughter was missing?  No.

Her daughter was kidnapped?  No.

They went to Target and Ikea. Casey window-shopped furniture because she and another friend with a child were going to move to a house and have a live-in nanny.

Casey to him she was an event coordinator at Universal and did a lot of work from home.

They had lunch and then went back to his house.

He and Casey were to go to dinner and take a helicopter ride a few days later. It never happened because she messaged that she was tied up with a “nanaw”.  Nobody knows what a nanaw is!

He never saw her again after July 5th.

Were you interested in Casey?  Not really.


You had just met Casey and you were aware she was an event planner and she loved her job?  Yes.

You know that’s not true?  Yes.

In Casey’s world, she was happy with her life?  Yes.

She went shopping for furniture?  Yes.

Did she ever say she was faking shopping? No.

Do you have information about June 16th when Caylee drown?  No.

Any information about where she died?  No.


Frank George informs the court the defense and State have entered into several stipulations regarding several videos from the June to July time-frame.  Baez says they agree to the authenticity of the videos, but they still require foundation.  Judge Perry looks a bit puzzled and call them to sidebar.

Sidebar ends and Judge Perry sends the jury on recess.

Baez objects to the videos for showing lack of remorse and relevance.

Linda Burdick says the videos don’t demonstrate Casey’s mood but her actions.  They show she was not looking for her daughter.

Baez also now claims cumulative because all week the State has brought witnesses how have said she was not looking for her child.

Judge Perry overrules.

Baez again objects to a video that shows Casey buying beer – improper character evidence, relevance, lack of remorse, proper state of mind.

George says Casey was over 21 and there is nothing inherently bad in purchasing beer!

When Casey returned from recess, she was sorta crying!  Why?  Anybody’s guess!

Stipulation read and George shows the jury a video of Casey at Target on June 30, 2008.

Well almost, the tech has been called in to see why the video isn’t playing, lol.   They have a multitude of problems so they switch to reading all the stipulations.  Ah, maybe the one disc was bad because the others play!

Next video would be June 30 at J C Penney and it is published to the jury.  Casey seen checking out with several items.

Next, July 1, J C Penney video.  Casey again seen at the cashier with someone who appears might be Amy.

Ikea on July 5.  Casey seen entering and leaving Ikea.

Target on July 7, 2008.  Casey seen at cashier with Amy(?).

Target on July 8.  Casey seen buying groceries and beer and writing a check.

Target, July 10.  Casey buying underwear, sunglasses, the infamous blue hoodie, clothing articles and writing another check.

Target again on July 10.  More groceries, more beer, more check writing.

WinnDixie, July 12.  Groceries, check writing.

WinnDixie, July 15.  Another bad dvd.

Bank of America, July 15.  Another bad dvd.

Blockbuster, July 15.  Another bad dvd.

The State will be able to publish the bad dvd’s when they resolve the technical issues.

Amy’s money went pretty far!

Kathrine Sanchez is called.

Linda Burdick on direct.  District manager for Amscot.  She worked at Golden Rod and Colonial where Casey abandoned the Pontiac.

A photo of Amscot is entered into evidence and published.  Pappa Johns and Quiznos is next door.  A photo of the dumpster is shown.

She saw the Pontiac parked next to the dumpster on June 27.  The car was backed in.  June 28th, Saturday, the car was still there.  She walked around the vehicle and wrote down the tag number.  She didn’t see a note saying the car was broken down.  She recalls a blanket in the back seat, but can’t remember anything else.  She reported the car as abandoned in the lot.  She called her compliance officer and he said to wait one more day.  She called Johnson’s Towing on June 30.  She did not smell the car but could smell the garbage dumpster.


The surveillance cameras are where?  I really don’t know.

The cameras are visual to the public?  Yes.

There are there for employee safety?  Yes.

You smelled no distinct difference from the dumpster?  No.


Simon Birch is called.

He now lives in Wisconsin.  He was Johnson Wrecking Ops manager in 2008.  The property was fenced and inside that was another fenced area and a garage.  He confirms Johnson’s received the Pontiac from Amscot.

Stipulation from the State and defense confirms the car being kept at Johnson’s.

Birch id’s the tow receipts, the impound record, a copy of the title and George Anthony’s id, needed to retrieve the car.

He did a visual inspection of the car and when he put his hand against the window to block the sun and peer in, he detected a strong odor coming from the car.  In the past, he has had 7-8 times where he had to deal with fatalities in vehicles.  He knows decomposition odor.  It doesn’t smell anything like rotting garbage!  Decomposition is a very unique, distinctive smell.

He recalls George and Cindy came to pick up the car and Cindy was very agitated and complained about how expensive it was and why they weren’t notified sooner.  Procedures were followed correctly and the mail was just a roll of the dice about the holiday and weekend.

Judge Perry breaks for lunch.

Casey still can’t stop the hair grooming and putting her hands in her shirt…geez!

Court resumes with an immediate sidebar!  I’m sure my neighbors just heard me scream a obscenity!

Say, novel idea!  Install stools at the side bench.  We seem to spend more time there than anywhere else!

Simon Birch retakes the stand.

Linda establishes car storage was $20 or $25 a day.

Birch took George to the lot where the Pontiac was parked.

George was chatting and apologized for his wife’s outburst.  He said he hadn’t seen his granddaughter and his daughter was missing and he was troubled.  Birch basically just let him vent.

George had the keys to the car and Birch instructed him how to exit the lot

George opened the car and the car wouldn’t start.  When the door opened, the potent, eye-opening smell came out.  Birch, in his mind, knew it was decomp, but he didn’t say that to George, he just said that’s pretty ripe.

Birch didn’t say anything to George because he saw no reason to upset him further.

The car cranked over, but wouldn’t start because it was out of gas.  Birch describes the infamous metal gas can.

George put gas in the car.  Birch saw nothing in the car that would have caused the stench.  Birch suggested they open the trunk.  The odor that came out of the trunk was overwhelming.  There was a garbage bag in the trunk and some flies flew out.  They opened the bag, a drawstring bag, it contained a pizza box and papers.  The bag was very light.  They found nothing that would have created the smell.  Birch offered to dispose of the bag in his dumpster.  He threw the bag over the fence intending to put it in the dumpster after George left.


Baez asks, by law, you have to send out a notice by the 4th day?  Yes.

The Anthony’s told you they had been out-of-town for a couple of days?  Yes.

Mr. Anthony told you his granddaughter was missing when you walked to the car?  Yes.

And, you immediately smelled decomposition.  Yes.

Baez brings out Birch’s deposition to determine if they opened the trunk or filled up the gas first. They opened the trunk before the gas.

You gave the deposition in October 2008.  That accounts for your confusion.

You have experience with the smell of decomposition as well as wast management so you are the perfect expert on the smells?  I wouldn’t say perfect, but I’ve had a lot of experience.

You would never obstruct justice?   No.

You would never allow a person to drive away with evidence in it?  No.

You tow for the police?  Yes, sir.

You never called the police?  No sir.

You picked up the car from the Anthony home?  Yes.

He had no idea why the car was towed to forensics.

You didn’t see the car being processed by CSI broadcast on TV?  Not that day.

Police didn’t interview until July 24?  Correct.

Baez keeps trying to get Birch to admit he knew Caylee was missing and there was an odor coming from the car because it was all over the news.  Birch said he did.

Baez is back to Birch’s interaction with George.

I hate when he does this jumping all over the place!

Linda on redirect.

You did call the police before your statement?  Yes, the next morning when I saw the Anthony’s on the television.  He went to the dumpster to look for the bag because it might have been evidence.

Once the bag was out of the car for several minutes, did the smell follow the bag?  No.

Objection, leading.  Overruled!

OFGS!  Baez drags out the poster board calendar.  He keeps going over the form letter sent to the Anthony’s.  I don’t know how many times Birch has said he doesn’t do the letters, the main office does!

When you talked with the detective about the garbage you told him about the pizza box?  You told him you saw the story of the pizza box on TV.  It was either or, he may have remembered seeing it in the bag or from the TV.


George Anthony is recalled.

Jeff on direct.

Georges tells of receiving the notice that was at the front door.  Cindy found it on Sunday.  They Anthony’s don’t use the front door to enter the house.

George was concerned that the car was towed on the 30 because he thought Casey had the car in Jacksonville.  Cindy told him that was where Casey was.

Did you make any assumptions as to why the cars was left some place?  Yes I was concerned.

George says he always brings gas along when he has to pick up someone’s car.

George tells his version of picking up the car.

He said there was a strong odor coming from the car and he was concerned because he recognized the smell of decomp.  He hadn’t seen Casey or Caylee in a while and he didn’t want to believe they might be in the trunk.

When he opened the driver side door, the odor was much stronger.  He didn’t see any blood in the car and that relieved him a bit.  George rolled own the windows and tried to start the car but it was out of gas.

He unlocked the trunk, George said, please God don’t let this be Casey or Caylee.  He saw the garbage bag, Armand Hammer bottle, maggots, pizza box.  George was relieved there was no body in the trunk.

Birch removed the bag from the trunk.  George never touched the bag, but it was yellow transparent material so he could see items on the bag.

He put gas in the car and the drove home.  The garbage bag was gone but the smell was still overwhelming.

When they got home he put the car in the garage.  He opened the windows, the trunk and hood to air it out.  It was raining so he could leave the car out.

George maintained the car.  Vacuum, wash, oil change.  George did notice a subtle stain in the trunk about the size of a basketball.  Did it look like a liquid was spilled or a pattern?

Objection, leading.  Overruled.

George noticed the car was messy inside.

Ashton shows George several pictures of the car interior which he identifies.  Moved into evidence.

George had to go to work.  Cindy said she would get a hold of Casey.

Judge Perry calls a ‘special’ recess!

Baez on cross…

He makes George come down and write on his damn calendar board.

The letter was sent around the 4th and should have arrived on the 7th?  I guess.

You live a mile and a half from the tow yard?  Yes.

Well how long does it take for mail to get to you from a mile and a half?  No idea.

Cindy got the notice from the front door?  Yes.

Where on the door?  I assume between the screen and the glass.

You pick up the mail?  Yes.

Have you ever gotten one of these notices before?  Over the years, yes.

Ever have a problem with the post office not delivering things to you?  I don’t think so.

That entire week, you only got one notice?

Objection!  Sustained.

You never received a second notice at your home?  No.

You ever receive a final notice at your home?


So you are only aware of one notice to your home?  Yes.

You can see the front door if you’re standing in your driveway?  Basically, yes.

Did you call Amscot that day?  After I got to work in the early evening.

Did you call Mr. Birch and let him know you called Amscot?  No.

So there is no way Mr. Birch could have known the car was at Amscot for 3 days?  No.

What tow yard have you ever gone to with gas cans?  I’ve done it many times.

Was it a lucky guess the car was out of gas?

Objection!  Sustained.

Baez is a snarky bastard.

Did the gas can have duct tape on it?  I don’t know which can I took.

Do you know if the round cylinder can tank have duct tape on it July 15?

Objection!  Sustained.

Judge Perry says Mr. Anthony said he didn’t know!

The last time you spoke to Casey was June 24th?  Yes.

You told people at the tow yard your granddaughter was missing?  I didn’t know she was missing.

You told people your granddaughter was missing.  I told one person.

Baez is twisting and lying about George’s direct testimony.  He is trying his damnedest to push George’s buttons.

You asked Mr. Birch to open the trunk with you?  No.

Baez starts reading George’s testimony from 2 years ago.

Ashton is totally annoyed by Baez’s despicable behavior and asks to approach!

Have I told you today, how much I loath Baez?

You asked Mr. Birch to come to the trunk with you because you wanted a witness?  You wanted to distance yourself from any evidence?

Objection, argumentative.


I would be a stand-up guy and taken care of anything.

“Cause you are a stand-up guy?”  I think I’m a pretty good guy.

You smelled an even stronger smell of decomp when you opened the trunk?

I found a plastic bag.

I’m not asking you what you found.  You found a stronger smell in the trunk?  I answered you several times.

George says Baez is badgering him!

The car smelled like a dead body and you didn’t call the police?  No.

You didn’t call your daughter to see if she and Caylee was ok?  No.

If you smell decomp in a car and you have people missing you call the police, don’t you?  I didn’t know anyone was missing.

Moving that car you may have destroyed evidence?  It wasn’t evidence at that time.

You drive the car home and aired it out, but didn’t call the police?  No.

You didn’t tell anyone at work about the car?  No.

Baez just went off scope of direct for the 4th time again.  He either doesn’t know courtroom procedure, pay attention during direct testimony or he’s just plain dumb as dirt!

This is the poorest excuse for a lawyer I’ve ever seen!


George is visibly upset with Baez.

You drove the car home and went to work and didn’t call the police because you knew Caylee was dead?  No.

You knew as a former police officer the best was way to distance yourself…

Objection!  Sustained.

Jeff on redirect…

Baez asked about distancing himself from evidence?  Yes.

Hypothetical.  If Caylee drowned and you took the little girl’s body and dumped it in the swamp there would be no evidence in the car?  No.

Objection, leading.

Jeff is done.

George is released, subject to recall.

George and Ashton both walked out of court.

Anthony Lazzaro is recalled.

Frank George asks what L7 tone means.  It is Tony instant messaging handle.  Casey’s was Casey O’Marie.

Tony is shown several conversations between he and Casey.  Tony says they are true and accurate.

Move to evidence, but Baez objects and wants to argue at the bench because the message are for an extensive period of time, April to June, 2008.

At this rate, it may be Christmas before the jury gets this case…sigh.

Judge Perry has some concerns about the whole thing.  What is the purpose of this because as the defense says it begins April 28.

George says the April and May 5th can be removed.  George says he would begin June 10th.

That message refers to a sexual act and Judge Perry asks what that has to do with this.

George says he is on page 3, not 2.

Judge Perry says the messages are not relevant and prejudicial.

George says it shows Casey couldn’t do what she wanted prior to June 16 because she was held back by her parents and Caylee…leads to motive for murder.

Judge Perry says than the next question would be why didn’t she murder her parents?

Because this is going to take quite a while to go through the pages of instant messages, Judge Perry has Tony stand down and he releases the jury for the day at 4:43 pm.

He jokes with the jury about the Lightning game tonight and a gentleman on the jury thanks the Judge for arranging the telecast of the game!  Judge Perry tells them not to stay up too late because they have to be back at 9am!

George says they won’t be introducing the messages at this time.

Linda informs the court the just received a supplemental witness list and says the defense has been trying to get them information and they will determine whether they will object at a later time.

Jeff asks for a discussion on another matter at the bench!

So, I’m ending here and will catch you for the half day session tomorrow!

  1. nums24
    05/27/2011 at 5:03 pm

    Thank you for your incredibly detailed summary and editorial, you are a life saver!

  2. donchais
    05/27/2011 at 5:05 pm

    Thank you! Glad you enjoy!

  3. kas
    05/27/2011 at 5:32 pm

    Baez, being the horrible excuse for an Attorney that he is, revels in the, “I don’t have to PROVE anything, the State does.” That’s why he keeps asking the “Do you know how she died” question, I think.

    You see it with the hacks on HLN and InSession and such too, Defense Attorneys that seemed to think Baez scored a major hit with his opening remarks. Then, when reminded what tends to happen when juries realize they’ve been lied to, they went silent.

  4. donchais
    05/27/2011 at 5:51 pm

    Hey kas,

    Baez’s opening remarks were dramatic, but just so much foo foo dust. His performance over the past four days has to have the jurors shaking their heads.

    He just keeps digging the hole deeper for his client and alienating the jury!

  5. offthecuff
    05/27/2011 at 6:33 pm

    Baez keeps asking the varying witnesses, “You don’t know when Caylee drowned?” As if she had. Hoping that the more he says it as having happened, that a juror will think it did happen.

    Doesn’t Baez know that George has more than one old gas can? Casey took two. George took only one to the tow yard and he didn’t know if that was the one that had tape on it, like Baez was pushing him to say (for what reason??)

  6. donchais
    05/27/2011 at 7:15 pm

    Well, guess that may fall apart after the State presents all the forensic evidence!

    Baez seems really stuck on the gas can as the big bombshell, but I’m not getting it!

  7. FRG
    05/27/2011 at 7:56 pm


    Thank you so much for the summary, you are good!

    Have I told you I also loathe JB? He is a slimy ball! He and KC are evil! I will leave it like that!

    I have a question for you, we know for a fact, C&G were trying to over up for KC and omitted and lied to LE so now they are into deep doo-doo because they thought they were protecting KC, how will this damage the State when GA is called by the defense to testify? Is there a way that if Lee and CA make a better impression on the jury maybe people will see that the Anthonys might be dysfunctional but they loved KC and Caylee and spoiled KC? Besides KC being spoiled she has some type of personality disorder. Is this confusing? The Anthonys were in denial and still are, they are still grieving and shocked with the defense’s theory, I think! They are in a very difficult position.

    Would you please, smack JB right in the face? LOL

  8. donchais
    05/27/2011 at 8:50 pm

    Thanks FRG!

    I think the defense, with their bizarre accusations, have so pissed-off George at this point, he will do them no good!

    The State, at this point want to complete their case against Casey and I think they are treating the Anthonys’ with kid gloves for now. They can always impeach them with the numerous conflicting statements.

    I think the jury will see Lee, and particularly Cindy, for what they are!

    Yup, totally dysfunctional family, totally in denial, however it doesn’t excuse what Casey did. A lot of people from dysfunctional families don’t commit murder!

  9. grace drees
    05/28/2011 at 9:14 am

    Jose favorite question. “Was Casey Anthony a good mother”? Let’s look at who he is asking? Most of the witnesses knew Casey/Caylee for very brief periods of time, with the exception of Lee’s fiance. Casey had over lapping and short flings (about 10-12 weeks) with guys in their 20’s. They really didn’t know her and are far from parenting experts. How does Jose sleep at night? Perhaps he hangs from the rafters in is basement?

  10. protectkidz
    05/28/2011 at 9:56 am

    thank you!

  11. Ned
    05/28/2011 at 10:14 am

    I don’t think JB is as competent as a cross-examiner as he might be. But he is very far from being hostile or badgering. If you think that you may not have seen many trials. For example, he asked all of the young-people witnesses, “did you ever see Caylee go without food?” He should have asked, “Did KC ever say, or did you ever see any act or deed of KC which indicated that she felt Caylee was a burden? that she wished she didn’t have a child? That she would feel better or have have more independence in her social life? This would be important because, while the prosecution is not required to prove a “motive”, it should be a constant and thorough theme for JB to establish that she had no motive at all. You can bet the jury will be asking herself, “WHY would a mother who has an “amazing” relationship with her daughter, kill her? Let her body rot in the trunk of her car? Tossing her body in a flied like trash?

    Keep in mind all the pics/video of Casey out dancing, shopping etc June 9th to July 15th only tend to show she was not upset over Caylee being missing — you draw that “inference” from this evidence; next you are forced to draw another inference — if she didn’t miss Caylee, I will infer that Casey killed her. So, to decide Casey is guilty, you are drawing and inference from another inference, right? BUT, a jury is not allowed to draw and inference from another inference. All inferences have to be drawn from FACT. That is why odor of death in Casey’s car is so important to prosecution case. From the FACT of odor we can “infer” that a dead body was recently in the car.

    But the odor issue has problems too. George did not smell it on June 24th; the lady at the store from which car was towed, looked into windows and did not smell it, George says he smelled it, and as trained detective, drove car home, and went to work without ever calling police. Hmmm.

  12. donchais
    05/28/2011 at 1:24 pm

    Ned, thanks for posting your opinions to which you are entitled!

    I had a lengthy response that I have shortened to this:

    It is my observation and opinion that Baez is indeed hostile, badgering, rude and a bully. Go back and look at videos from the numerous hearings and read the witness depositions taken over the past two years. He is rude and arrogant to the media, prosecution and State witnesses! ‘Nuff said!

    Do not assume I haven’t watched many trials! I have watched and reported on numerous trials and have liked and disliked both prosecuting attorneys as well as defense attorneys, but there is a proper, dignified, effective manner in which to conduct examination – Baez hasn’t learned it! ‘Nuff said!

    And, those are my opinions to which I am entitled!

  13. 05/29/2011 at 7:37 am

    I appreciate having someone out there to confirm my own observations. I too have whatched many trials and I can’t understand why the prosecution doesn’t object when Baez keeps repeating that drowning story as fact. It assumes facts not in evidence.

    Also, I think she kept the body in the trunk until she realized the gases had built up to the point that the bag started leaking and that’s when she came up with the “I think I must have hit an animal” story. She probably ditched the body and the car at about the same time. What do you think?

  14. donchais
    05/29/2011 at 7:58 am

    Maybe the State is letting the drowning fantasy go because of the embarrassment to the defense when all the forensics come in.

    And yes, as for dumping Caylee’s body and the car!

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