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Casey Anthony – A Contentious Week Draws To A Close


August 2005 ~ June 2008

Yesterday was a tough day of testimony to sit through, mainly because of Jose Baez!  His cross of Simon Birch and George Anthony was shameful to put it mildly.  I have to wonder what the jury thinks of Baez and his snotty, sarcastic, bullying!

Now, I realize the defense’s intention is to sow seeds of doubt, but it seems in the Baez/Mason rule book, planting doubt equate to license to lie in court!

I also wonder what they think of his meandering questions, apparent lack of organization and his continual attempts to cross on areas out of the scope of direct testimony.  He’s gotten caught at that so many times, surely the jury must be thinking this is his first trial!

He had better tread softly this morning because the jury will be a bit cranky after the Tampa Bay Lightning lost their bid to entry to the Stanley Cup.  The Bruins pulled off a 1-0 win last night!

Advice to Mr. Baez.  Do quit your day job, please!

Well, at least Casey is dressed more appropriately today!  She spends a lot of time chattering away to Dot.

Judge Perry welcomes the jury.

Tony Lazzaro is recalled again.

Frank George shows Tony a photo of a registration form from FullSail which he identifies.

While Tony was in NY, he kept in contact with Casey daily.  He returned July 5 and Casey picked him up.  Her demeanor was the same as usual.  They went to Buffalo Wings that night.  From the 5th to the 15th, Casey stayed at Tony’s apartment, her behavior and demeanor never changed.

George gives Tony a receipt from Blockbuster with his name on it, dated 6-18-08.  He rented Jumper and…

Baez objects to relevancy.  Judge asks for the receipt and calls them to a sidebar…here we go again!

Tony is given the receipt again and Tony apologizes and says the date was actually 6-16, the 18th was the return date.  The movies were rented at 7:18pm.

Back to sidebar again!

July 15  Tony was home with Nate.  Casey was also there. Amy knocked on the door and she and Casey walked outside.  The door flung open, Casey came running in and Cindy was standing at the door.  He invited Cindy in.  Casey and Cindy were arguing.  Tony said they were pretty shocked.  Cindy and Casey left and Tony figured Casey was in trouble.

Tony waited and called her phone and realized Casey’s phone was in the apartment.  Tony called Amy then.  The next visitor was a Deputy and Tony turned over Casey’s cell phone.

The same Deputy returned within an hour and Tony allowed him to search the apartment for 1/2 hour.  He didn’t take anything.

Lee showed up between 9pm and 12.  Tony said Lee was very concerned. Lee had called Tony earlier, so he already knew what was going on.Tony gave Lee a bag of Casey’s clothes and laptop.

Tony said when Lee had left he remembers being surprised at what had happened in a few hours.

On the 16th Casey sent Tony a text.  Tony identifies the text message between Casey and Tony.

George moves to evidence and publishes to the jury.

Casey’s message is, “I’m so sorry for not telling you what happened.  We obviously need to talk.  I love you.”

Tony asked where is Caylee?

Casey replies, I don’t know.

Tony says, you don’t know are you serious?

Casey says I’ve been filling reports and driving around with police.  I’m the worst ‘effin person in the world.

Tony asked why she lied.

Casey says she lied to everyone.

Tony says he will do whatever he can to help her family and the cops.

Casey says the most important thing is to get my daughter back.

Tony asks who this, Zanny the nanny is?

Casey says she met her 4 years ago through her friend Jeff.

You can tell this is upsetting to Tony!

Casey told him she dropped Caylee at Zany’s Sawgrass apartment at the bottom of the stairs.

If they don’t find her, guess who spends an eternity in jail?

Why didn’t you tell anyway?  Casey didn’t respond.

He spoke to Casey on the phone shortly after that.  His first question was where is Caylee?  Casey replied she didn’t know.

Tony says he felt lied to, betrayed.

He asked how can you not know where your daughter?  I don’t know.  He says the conversation went nowhere and he got aggravated and hung up the phone and went to class.


This conversation is pretty bizarre?  Yes.

A slap in the face of reality?  Yes.

In the messages she acts like Caylee is still alive?  Yes.

She shows concern for her family…

Objection, sustained.

Baez asks again!  Perry says the objection was sustained!

Tony is finally released.

Cindy Anthony is called.

Cindy glances at Casey and then closes her eyes.

Linda Burdick takes Cindy through the early years when they moved to Florida.

Both her kids attended Hidden Oaks School at the end of their street.  It’s approximately a five-minute walk.

8-9-05, Caylee was born.  Cindy found out on 6-30-05 that Casey was pregnant.

Linda brings up the wedding of Cindy’s brother on June 8, 2005.  This is where brother Rick confronted Cindy.  Cindy didn’t suspect that Casey was pregnant.  Casey always had female problems, bloating being one.  Casey put on a little weight, 5-10 pounds, but Cindy still didn’t suspect.

When they found out Casey was pregnant, they were excited.  They called all the family and planned a shower.  They created a nursery for Caylee and it was done in a Winnie the Pooh theme.

Cindy identifies a photo of Caylee’s bed and breaks into tears.

Cindy’s biggest problem is she can’t give a concise answer…she rambles on-and-on.

The photo is entered into evidence and gets published.

Did you have Winnie the Pooh curtains, sheet, baby blankets?  Yes.

There are 3 sets of sliding glass doors in the house that allow access to the yard and patio.

They don’t use the front door, they go through the garage.

An overhead photo of the house is shown which Cindy identifies.  The entire yard is fenced.

Entered and published.

Photos of the front and of the side of the house are published.  The pool is visible and Cindy says the pool is about 4-5 foot high.

Caylee’s playhouse is shown and Cindy cries while describing it.

Judge Perry calls a recess

Casey appears to be crying and very angry, ok furious, about Cindy’s testimony!  Dot is trying to calm her down.  Mason even has Lisbeth speak to her.  This outburst didn’t take place while the jury was present!

Cindy retakes the stand.

Casey is glaring at her with great disdain!

They are discussing the sliding glass doors and they have flip locks.  Each also has a screen door.  The screen doors were usually closed.

The patio has 2 screen doors to get out to the yard.  The doors have locks.

Because Caylee was a toddler, they child-proofed the door handles, cabinets and outlets.

Casey always lived in the Anthony home.  Up until June 2008 Caylee was never away for more than 24 hours.  Cindy saw her most everyday.

Cindy’s birthday was in June and she took vacation that week.  She wanted to spend it with Caylee and for the most part she did.  Father’s day 2008, Cindy took Caylee to see her great-grandfather.  Cindy believed Casey was working that day.  Lee had moved out already so she assumed he and Mallory had plans.  George had to work that day.

Cindy identifies the photographs she took of Caylee that day.  They had lunch at her mom’s home.  They returned home between 4 and 5pm.  Caylee wanted to go swimming so they went and played in the pool.

There is a ladder that attached to the pool to climb in.  They were religious about removing the ladder when Caylee became a toddler.  The lip of the pool where the ladder attached is about 4 foot high.  The ladder was something Caylee could not have managed the ladder by herself.

They stayed in the pool for an hour or so.  Caylee wore a life jacket over her suit.  Casey came home so they got out of the pool and went into the house.

That evening was very emotional because Cindy’s dad was not doing well and hospice had been called.  She and Casey watched the videos and the pictures.  Casey and Cindy cried.

Cindy believes Casey probably transferred the video and pictures to the computer.

After June 15, 2008, Cindy never saw Caylee again.  When she left for work at 7am, she believed Caylee was in the house.  She believed Casey had a job as an event coordinator at Universal.  Sometimes she worked in the days but mostly often in the evening.

You believed this because that’s was Casey told you?  Yes.

She also wore her lanyard and I saw emails from her boss.

Cindy visited Casey at Universal and saw pictures of her at work.  This was before Caylee was born!

Cindy believed on June 16th, Zanny the nanny was the babysitter.  She didn’t know Zanny’s full name.  Casey started talking about Zanny in June 2006.  Jeff Hopkins who worked with Casey said his girlfriend, Zanny, watched his kid and offered to have her watch Caylee when she needed her.

Lauren, who also watched Caylee, was somebody Cindy knew and had met.  Cindy never met or saw Zanny.  She knew Zanny had several different addresses based on what Casey told her.

Casey didn’t have to contribute financially to the home other than cooking, cleaning, yard work.

Did you ever look for Zanny?  Yes.

Until when?  Until about 6 weeks ago!

June 16th, Casey said she and Caylee were going to stay at Zanny’s that night.

On June 17th she didn’t see Casey or Caylee because they were staying with Zanny again.  June 18, Casey told her they were going to Tampa with Zanny, Juliette Lewis and her daughter Annabelle.

Casey just kept coming up for reason they were staying in Tampa.  On June 23rd Casey wove her infamous Zanny’s car accident.

June 24th, Cindy remembers the she break in and the George had called the Orange County Sheriffs Office before noon.  On a call with Casey, Cindy told Casey about the break in and the gas cans were stolen.  Later George told her he ran into Casey at the house that day.  Casey explained that away by saying she drove to Zanny’s apartment to get her insurance info and take it back to the hospital because Zanny was being admitted.

10 minute recess called.

Jury returns and Linda asks to approach the bench.

Cindy began sleeping with “Teddy”, the teddy bear.  4-5 nights later, Teddy was missing!   She told Casey it was missing, but can’t remember when.

Cindy didn’t see Casey and Caylee on the 25th, 26th, or 27th.  They were supposed to come home on the 27th.  Casey never showed.  Casey called and said she was called into work and she would come home that evening.  Casey called that evening and said Jeff Hopkins was in town and she was going to have dinner with he and his son, Zachary.  Casey and Caylee spent the night with Jeff.   Cindy says she never met Jeff and Zachary.  They made plans several times, but none panned-out.

Cindy was off work from June 30 through the 4th of July.  Casey and Caylee didn’t come home during that time.  Cindy says she did have communication every day with Casey.  Cindy had expected to have Caylee at home the week she was off.  Casey told her that she was working a pool event for kids at Universal.  Casey told her she couldn’t come because it was reservation only.  Cindy bought the story.

Cindy drove to Universal, July 3rd because she had money issues and wanted to talk to Casey and see Caylee.  She went to Universal guest services and called Casey on her cell and told her she was there.  Casey admitted she wasn’t at Universal, she was in Jacksonville at Jeff’s condo.  Cindy was completely shocked.  Casey said she was rekindling her romance with Jeff!  Cindy had no real idea if Casey was in Jacksonville because Casey had lied to her so many times over the past few days.

July 3rd Cindy spoke to a friend of Casey’s who said he was meeting up with Casey in Jacksonville.  Cindy asked Lee if he knew where Casey was.  He didn’t know.

July 3rd, Cindy created the MySpace account.  She says she was angry and felt betrayed so she was venting on the posting.  It was a way of her writing to Casey about how she felt.

Linda shows her the MySpace posting which Cindy identifies.  It contains a photo that Cindy said she didn’t put there.

Linda moves to enter, Baez objects.  Judge Perry has them approach.

Objection sustained.

Cindy spoke to Casey about the MySpace a few days later and Casey never responded.  Casey said Cindy was being hard on her and anybody could see it, the post wasn’t private.

I told her briefly that I felt…

Objection, approach!

Judge Perry decides to recess for the day.  They will be entertained for the holiday and return on Tuesday at 9am.

Mark Lippman has a motion that needs to be heard because the defense will be objecting.  It will be heard on Tuesday at 8:30 am!

Judge also says he has ‘that Grand Jury thing’ to read and he will have an answer for them Tuesday!

Casey and her lawyers all exit to the back room!

Have a great weekend!

On Memorial Day, take a moment to stop and remember those who have served and those who presently serve.

Freedom Isn’t Free!

  1. tess
    05/28/2011 at 1:32 pm

    Thanks for the recap. I watched some of it. I could never lie like she did. Mainly because my memory would never remember who was who. Gee Whiz between Zanny, her mother, her brother, her sister, her room=mate and the girlfriend and her daughter, I was amazed at the cast of characters just for that one accident event. When you look through all the time and lies with everyone she came into contact with, its jaw dropping. I do feel that the Anthony’s excused a lot of Casey’s behavior just because she was spoiled. She is definitely a sociopathic personality.
    Anyway, thank you for all the info and have a great weekend. We’ll convene at the court room Tuesday. 🙂

  2. FRG
    05/28/2011 at 1:43 pm


    Thank you for your summary!

    It was very emotional for me! I cried with Cindy! I can’t believe we are watching the Cindy we had hoped three years ago. Poor Cindy, she seemed genuine in her answers. She is suffering and maybe she came into realization KC is an evil liar and killed Caylee. That’s hard for a parent to admit and hopefully Cindy will go all the way down and tell the truth. Caylee is proud of her today!

    Did you see how spoiled brat had a fit when they had a recess? I could read KC’s lips and I am almost sure KC told DS “she never protected me”! It was right after Mrs. Burdick was showing slides of the Anthonys backyard and how beautiful was Caylee’s house with the mailbox!

    It is becoming more clear to me KC was jealous of Caylee’s attention and also she wanted to have her freedom to party and live a “Bella vita”!

    Donchais, do you believe the Anthonys realized what happened to Caylee now? I am almost sure!

  3. donchais
    05/28/2011 at 2:01 pm

    Hi Tess, yup, we all have known about the lies for years, but to see Linda methodically lay them out on a solid timeline it is beyond jaw dropping in it’s scope!

    FRG, I did feel badly for Cindy today. George and Cindy, over the past 3 years, have heard and denied so much, but it was pretty much doled out in tiny servings. Now at trial, it is all staring them in their faces and they no longer have the luxury of time buffers. It’s hammer time and as difficult as it is, I hope they do right by Caylee!

    Casey’s outburst is only because she and the defense have convinced her she is right and not responsible for her actions! I also saw Casey manipulate Mason, Baez and Dot to shield her from Cindy’s view every time she left the stand!!!

  4. 05/28/2011 at 4:16 pm

    Thank you so much for the recap on today donchais. The timeline LDB is laying out is very devastating to the defense theory (imho).

  5. donchais
    05/28/2011 at 4:27 pm

    It is and hopefully, Cindy and George are finally realizing that they have to do right by Caylee…the only innocent in this whole, sad tragedy!

  6. offthecuff
    05/28/2011 at 5:14 pm

    I thought Casey’s outbursts were because George had said in pre-trial hearings that he would do ANYTHING to help her, but now George and Cindy aren’t mouthing “I love you” or looking her way. In fact, Cindy answered the questions with no hesitation or combativeness. What good are parents if they won’t take a thrashing for you or do your jail time?

    Is Cindy not allowed to mention the theft issues?

  7. kas
    05/28/2011 at 6:06 pm

    They pretty much laid out the Premeditation aspect too: Casey called Cindy at work, wanted to drop Caylee off. Cindy said no, she had a late meeting. Casey said she’d leave her with Zanny.

    And Cindy never saw her again.

    Tess: I know!! Fictional people with entire case histories. Exhausting.

  8. donchais
    05/28/2011 at 7:20 pm

    offthecuff, wasn’t in court and the camera didn’t pick it up, but supposedly as pissed as Casey was at Cindy, what really set her off was George apparently hugged and comforted Cindy after she left the stand – without even a glance in Casey’s direction! The one person Casey truly believed she had wrapped around her finger and would always defend her has defected, it appears! The theft will come into play soon enough. Very smartly, the State is only dealing with one issue at at time. It limits what the clowns can get into, lol!

    kas, great point!

    ‘Fictional people with entire case histories. Exhausting.’

    Now that says it all!!!

  9. ritanita
    05/29/2011 at 5:52 am

    Great re-cap, Donchais!

    Casey’s meltdown tells me all. She really believed her father would fall on the sword for her and her mother would back her up.

    Instead, her actions have had the opposite effect. She has apparently reunited George and Cindy. They perhaps see the monster their behaviour has helped to create.

    Now, I’m waiting on the edge of my seat for the defense to use the “repressed memory” mitigation from Weitz and the state to put on a rebuttal with a witness to debunk that theory!

  10. donchais
    05/29/2011 at 6:14 am

    Casey was pure evil incarnate yesterday!

  11. Golfing Granny
    05/29/2011 at 9:30 am

    Has Lee Anthony testified yet? I don’t remember seeing him. Hope to not miss that.

  12. 05/29/2011 at 9:36 am

    What do you think about Casey testifying. Baez has to know all this stuff about her dad is baloney. He can’t let her get up there and lie. I keep hearing these talking heads on Trutv saying she has to testify. In fact one of the women acts like she believes this theory.

    After watching the OJ trial and the Specter trial, I don’t have a lot of hope for the common sense of some jurors.

  13. donchais
    05/29/2011 at 9:56 am

    Nope, not yet Granny. You haven’t missed a thing! 🙂

    Maria, I think Casey is too nuts to put on the stand. My gut is when the State rests, the defense will say they rest…won’t put on a case at all!!!

  14. 05/29/2011 at 10:42 am

    I hope you’re right. The less I see of that smarmy Baez the better.

    Hopefully with all these elaborate stories she’s come up with, the jury will realize this is just another one. Surely any sensible jury would question why she didn’t tell all of this before they put the death penalty on the table. She could have gotten a plea deal. Maybe 2nd degree manslaughter or such. I guessed the baby died from over sedation of some kind. Now I wonder if she didn’t kill her on purpose. I never thought she deserved the death penalty until she came up with this story to blame her dad for covering up the death.

  15. FRG
    05/29/2011 at 11:22 am


    Defense is crazy to think they concocted all this crazy story and jurors will believe them? Is that possible? Please, tell me jurors are smarter that that? If KC doesn’t testify will jurors believe GA is a molester?

    Maria, inSession makes me sick a times… How can they say JB is doing a good job? JB is a heartless slimy ball! He used the Anthonys as well as he is using KC to make his own name! If JB really believe a word KC told him, so why didn’t he allow the State’s mental expert to evaluate KC? We know the answer to that! It’s because her diagnosis would be she has many “personality disorders”!

    Boy, I am sick of this dirty game! Sorry, I am just venting donchais!

  16. donchais
    05/29/2011 at 11:46 am

    Maria, we still have a whole lot of trial to get through and, from past experience, ya just never know what a jury will do! There are two on the jury I have concerns about and I hope to be able to chalk it up to my own paranoia!

    FRG, don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the THs! They go for ratings!
    Venting is allowed here when folks are as reasonable as you! 🙂

  17. 05/29/2011 at 4:40 pm

    Donchais, I had a little trip down memory lane, reading the comment by one of your readers (on a prior entry) that speculated you haven’t watched very many trials.

    Too bad this individual is not aware of the excellent coverage you provided on the Bobby Cutts and Mark Jensen trials for T&T, as well as the intuitive insights you provided on many others we watched together but didn’t report on.

  18. donchais
    05/29/2011 at 5:05 pm

    LMAO, thanks!

  19. FRG
    05/29/2011 at 10:42 pm


    My hubby told me he googled “slimy ball attorney” guess who came up? Yep, KC’s lawyer! LOL

  20. Golfing Granny
    05/30/2011 at 5:35 am

    That IS funny!! Has anyone noticed Casey has not worn the same clothes twice since jury selection/trial began?? She must have a VERY big closet in her cell. Wonder who buys her clothes.

  21. tess
    05/30/2011 at 9:10 am

    Granny, I was thinking the same thing about her clothes. At this point, I would have had to repeat some things a couple of times. Maybe one of her female attorney’s goes to a thrift store or something. She has to change into her jail duds before going back to jail. So they may have a “selection” in the holding area for her. I would think the jury would note that too. I don’t know if it would mean anything, but I did notice it too.

  22. Barb2
    05/30/2011 at 9:33 am

    Maybe, just maybe, Geo and Cindy have seen the light and are going to tell the truth from here on out; they may have “inside info” as to what Lee will be testifying to, I bellieve he knows quite a bit and will be truthful due to his limited immunity. To me, this really doesn’t excuse the previous lies and actions of the A’s, their fraudation, cover ups etc. I truly believe they knew Caylee was gone after they picked up the car from the tow yard. I also believe they did love their only grandchild.Does this make sense to anyone?

  23. Golfing Granny
    05/30/2011 at 1:59 pm

    Entirely makes sense. I’m sure they were/are in denial for a very long time. I suppose many of us would be. I do know that I wouldn’t cover for a child if I found out something that horrid. That doesn’t mean I would not love that child, but after adulthood we really have no control – haha like we wish sometimes. Probably the “straw that broke” was saying George had molested her…..and he came in the room holding Caylee after drowning. Absurd. Hard to image this could go on 8 weeks. We’ll see if we are in any for any surprises.

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