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Casey Anthony – ‘Fasten Your Seatbelts, We’re In For A Bumpy Ride’


August 2005 ~ June 2008

The long weekend provided a much-needed break from the Casey Anthony trial, not that you could escape it completely!

I thought of Casey this morning and wondered how she spent the weekend after her meltdown when she began to realize she no longer had her mother wrapped around her little finger.

I also thought of George and Cindy and how they fared.  I have never been a fan, but do agree they have suffered enormously.  I have to wonder if they felt a bit of relief and lightness after this new, apparent resignation and acceptance of the darkness that shrouds Casey.

My thoughts also wandered to the defense.  My opinion is Baez has botched this trial from the get-go.  He is totally inept at cross and his arrogance and sarcasm have to be leaving a bad impression with the jury. I realize Mason is the required, ‘death penalty qualified’ attorney, but just what the heck is Cheney Mason doing?  Is he so beguiled by Casey or has he tried to mentor Baez to no avail?

Mark Lippman’s motion, allowing Lee to be present in court, will be heard because the defense is objecting.  Does Lee want to show support for his mom and dad and also now sees Casey for what she really is?

We will also hear Judge Perry’s decision as to whether Baez can get his mitts on George’s Grand Jury testimony.

Dot immediately engages Casey to keep her occupied.

Judge Perry tells Lippman to begin,  but Mason interrupted with some nonsense.

Lippman says it’s the same motion filed on behalf of Cindy and George.

Mason snottily denies having deposed Lee.  The State says they have Lee’s deposition and Baez and Andrea Lyon were present.  The defense opted not to take Lee’s deposition.

State has no objection to Le”s presence.

Mason, of course, argues the legislation may not know what they are writing.  They didn’t describe what next of kin covered – an uncle should not be included.

Where does it stop?  What if Mr. Anthony had already married the woman that testified?   He continues on to say it should be apparent that George’s testimony was colored after Mr. Birch testified!

Lee’s depo was taken July 30 2009.  Judge Perry finds Baez did, indeed, conduct cross at the deposition!

Judge Perry says too bad and allows Lee to be in court!  Strike 1 !

The Grand Jury testimony by George is withheld from the defense!  Judge Perry found no conflicting testimony!  Strike 2!

And so begins another banner day for Team Baez!

Cindy is  recalled.  Holy cow, Casey actually tried force a wee, phony grin at Cindy!

Linda Burdick asks about July 3rd.  The evening Cindy posted on MySpace.  Cindy spoke to Casey about the posting the next day.  Did you discuss that Caylee was missing?  That was a figure of speech.

Did you say you felt betrayed?  Yes and Casey said she just needed time away, that she loved me and wasn’t trying to get her upset.  Someday Casey would be moving out and I realized I was being selfish so I quit questioning.

You thought she was with a ‘wealthy’ man and that’s why you stopped questioning her?  Yes.

Did you discuss your feelings that she was jealous of you?

Objection, overruled.

Casey denied being jealous of Cindy.

You discussed her leaving without warning?  Yes.

Did you discuss you were the one who, raised, fed and clothed?

Objection, beyond scope.  Overruled.

Yes, I wrote all that so it would have an impact on Casey.

Casey told Cindy, she does need her space.

After that, she would text or call just to make sure everything was ok.

Casey always told Cindy that Caylee was napping or with Jeff’s mother, on a boat…just various places.

Cindy thought Casey was coming home after the 4th of July.  Casey said her car had problems and Jeff was going to take it to his mechanic while they were in Jacksonville.

Did you share with George that you were in touch with Casey on a daily basis?  Oh for sure, George inquired everyday.  Cindy told George to let it go and give Casey some space.

Cindy thought Casey would be home July 15.  That was the day George picked up the certified letter.  George called Cindy and she called Casey and told her she had lot of explaining to do.  Casey didn’t explain and Cindy said she needed to come home so they could talk things out.

Cindy and George went to the tow yard together.  Cindy didn’t go near the car till George said they had to get going because the car smelled.

George parked in the garage.  As Cindy walked to the car, Cindy asked what died in the car?  George told her there had been garbage in the trunk.  Cindy says they opened the trunk, hood and windows.  She saw Caylee’s babydoll and backpack, Casey’s purse, shoes and a pair of Casey’s pants.  Cindy took the pants, doll and Casey’s pants.  She wiped the doll’s face and hands with a Clorox wipe.  She sprayed almost a full can of Febreze in the car.

The smell in the car was pretty strong, but she never put anybody in trunk, in her mind.

Cindy has been exposed with decomposing flesh as a nurse.

You used the expression, what died to your husband,  at that point did you consider anything had died in the car?  No.

Linda shows Cindy a photo of the back of the Pontiac which she identifies.

Recess called because of technical difficulties with the photos appearing to the jury prior to be entered into evidence.

Cindy identifies photos of the front and the driver side and interior of the vehicle.

Baez says no objections and says a sidebar is required.  This is due to Cindy having slipped and mentioned a steak knife that was in the car which Linda cut her off on.

Jury to disregard the testimony regarding the steak knife!

You removed the slacks?  Yes.  They smelled like the car, so I put them in the laundry.

There is a photo of the back seat with shoes, the boots and a dryer sheet.

Did you put the dryer sheet there?  Yes.

Cindy admits during her deposition she couldn’t remember about putting the dryer sheet there, but her memories started to come back.

Linda approaches with the depo and has Cindy read.

Baez objects, overruled.

On the day of the depo I explained I was under stress and changing medications.

Did you say you had no reason to put the dryer sheet there?  I was under stress.

Objection, impeachment!  Overruled.

Have a feeling there will be a ton of impeachment going on here!

Cindy identifies Caylee’s doll, Casey’s purse, the backpack and the blue bin in a photo which was turned over to LE.

Cindy is really starting to breakdown now.

Cindy admits going through Casey’s purse  and emptying an envelope containing Amy’s resumes.

She also looked through the backpack.  Photo shown and Cindy identifies.

Cindy removed Caylee’s toothbrush, comb, but placed them back later.

Cindy admits brushing her hand in the trunk and throwing out some pieces of debris in the trunk.

Cindy went to work and left the opened car in the garage.  She tried reaching Casey, but couldn’t get an answer.  She explained to co-workers a little bit about the car.  Her Director finally told her to go home.

The co-workers knew she hadn’t seen Caylee in a while.

Did you tell your co-workers it smelled like something had died in the car?  Yes. It was a figure of speech.

She went home and again tried to reach Casey.  She also sent a text to Casey saying there was a major problem.

She then got in touch with Amy and picked her up at the Florida Mall. Cindy told Amy she hadn’t seen Caylee and Casey was lying.  Amy brought Cindy to Tony’s.

Cindy asked Casey what she was doing there and said they needed to talk.  Casey said Caylee was with the nanny.  Cindy said, well we’re going to go get her.

Casey left with Cindy, but made reference to returning to Tony’s.  Cindy said fine, but not until we get things resolved.

Cindy continued to ask where Caylee was, but stopped because she didn’t want to embarrass Casey or Amy.

After they dropped Amy off Cindy told Casey she needed to start answering her questions.  Casey stated to make excuses why it wasn’t a good idea to see Caylee now.

Casey asked Cindy to take her back to Tony’s.  Cindy said she wasn’t going anywhere.  Cindy drove to the police station, but it was closed.  They continued to argue and Cindy called 911. 

Linda prepares to play the tape of the call.

Oops bench conference!  These have already been ruled admissible, so I don’t know what the heck Baez has an issue with!

Judge calls for a ‘special’ recess.

Sure as heck, Baez wants them held as hearsay.  Linda argues they were excited utterances.  OFGS, we did this at hearing!

Judge Perry is trying to craft an instruction that the tapes have limited scope of statements of crimes, ie theft and stolen car.

Mason doesn’t want portions of the tapes played at all.  Someone tell this old fool we already held hearings on this evidence!  Mason demands to see the final version…Perry hasn’t even finished writing it!

Now Mason says he’d prefer none of it got played!

Linda enters the 911 call.  Perry reads the stipulation that the tape is verified as a true copy of the 911 call.

Call 1 is published to the jury.   Cindy begins to weep.

Cindy drove home and Lee was waiting for them.  Cindy explained a bit of what was going on to Lee.

Casey refused to take Cindy to see Caylee saying it wasn’t a good time to disturb Caylee.

2nd 911 call is published to the jury.

Did police respond to that second call?   Not fast enough.

Cindy says she was getting angrier and angrier.  Lee and Casey were in Casey’s room and Cindy heard Casey tell Lee that Caylee had been missing for 31 days.

Cindy is in full breakdown mode.   It is brutal watching Cindy’s anguish.  If only she had reacted like this 2 years ago!

She’s says she then made the third call then.

Cindy begs Judge Perry for a break.  She has to be assisted from the stand and out to the hall.  George puts his arm around her as they exit the courtroom.

Word has it that Casey never even flinched during the playing of the calls.

Cindy is back on the stand.

Mrs. Anthony on that call you can be heard addressing someone else, was that your husband?  Yes.

What was his reaction?  Shock.  I collapsed in his arms and he was just trying to hold me up.

The first deputies arrived.  Cindy gave them a written statement.

She remembers Casey speaking to a deputy.

The Pontiac was turned over to LE the next day as well as the knapsack, doll.

She turned over the home computer as well as the laptop.

She gave LE some items that the ‘nanny’ had some contact with.

She gave DNA and hair samples to Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Lee worked to set up a tip line.

The family set up a command center to get the word out about Caylee.

After her arrest, Casey called home from jail on July 14.

Call is published.

Jury must be feeling real warm and fuzzy about Casey at this point!  The lies getting piled higher and deeper and Casey has her usual nasty, pouty face on.

Linda Burdick is done and Judge Perry calls lunch!

Cross ought to set off some fireworks!

Baez on cross.

Mrs.  Anthony is it true you and Casey are alike?  Yes.

You raised Casey to be caring and loving?  Yes.

You raised her to tell the truth?  I thought I did.

How was Casey as a mother?  She was great and it came naturally to her.

Caylee adored Casey.

You never saw Casey abuse or torture Caylee?  No.

Caylee never went without food or anything?  No.

Cindy identifies a photo of she and Casey at Rick’s wedding.  She didn’t believe Casey was pregnant at that time, but Rick asked if she might be pregnant.  Cindy told him no.

Baez’s snark just leaked out!

The large, protruding belly wasn’t from sports? She wasn’t participating in sports.

You’re aware Casey has been on jail for 3 years.  Yes, I’m aware every day.

She’s been sedentary for 3 years?  I haven’t been close enough to see her.  I don’t know what she is and isn’t allowed to do.

Your honor, may I have Ms. Anthony stand for Mrs. Anthony to identify her?

OK, Baez, here’s the deal…Cindy didn’t know or want to assume her daughter was pregnant then.  Having Cindy compare her belly to today is just stupid and obnoxious.  Get over your damned self, you mo mo!

Objection!  Sidebar.

Casey asked to stand.  Cindy told to stand down and look at her.

Casey doesn’t have a protruding belly like she had at the wedding.

When Casey went to the doctor a few days before the wedding because she might possibly have an ovarian cyst due to bloating, not feeling well.

She went to a gyno for the first time when she was 19.

That must make Cindy a bad mom!

Do you know when she had her 1st sexual partner?

Objection!  Sustained.

Who is Caylee’s father?

Objection.  Overruled, to the extent the answer comes from Casey.

Now, about Casey’s imaginary friends.  Well, let me ask this..

Casey told Cindy the father was Jesse Grund!  You found out it wasn’t Jesse?  Yes.

She then gave the name of Eric Baker and he was 2 years younger than Casey and it was a one-night-stand.  He was from Kentucky.

Did you want to meet Eric Baker?  No.

After Caylee’s 2nd birthday Casey called Cindy to say Eric Baker died in a car crash and Caylee. had a half-brother.

Do you think Eric Baker exists?


Baez asks again and Judge Perry tells Baez to move on!

Cindy tells how she knew about Jeff.  He worked IT at Universal and had a little boy.  Casey was confiding in him about her problems with Jesse.

Have you come to find out Jeff doesn’t exist?  If you’re telling me that now, I guess so.

Did you meet Jeff’s mother?  We were supposed to, but never did.

Did you have a phone number for her?  Yes.

Did you ever call her?  No, had no reason to.

Casey told Cindy Jeff’s mom had cancer.

Now, Zach’s mother was deceased?  Yes.

So Caylee’s father was deceased?  Yes.  And Zach’s mother was deceased/  Yes.

And Casey wanted to move in with Jeff and Zach and become a family?  Yes.

Did you plan a bbque?  Yes?  We also had plans to go to SeaWorld.  All the events got cancelled the day of.

Did it ever occur to you these people weren’t real?  No.

Did it ever occur to you all these people were imaginary?  I never thought they were imaginary.

Same deal about Juliette and Annabelle Lewis.

It’s sad how trusting Cindy was of her sneaking, lying daughter.

Same with Raquel Farrell.

Now we move to Zanny.

Saw no photo, never spoke to her, but knew the name since 2006 – same time she heard about Jeff.

You had no idea that Zanny was not a real person?  No I did not.

Zanny told Cindy about Zanny moving.  Zanny’s mother, Gloria, was ill with heart issues.  After Zach left, Zanny took up bartending to make ends meet.

Zanny’s sister was Samantha and had kids.

Cindy didn’t know, meet or speak with Samantha or Gloria.

Do you have any information they are anything but imaginary people?  I just found out they are imaginary, six weeks ago.

You hired Dominick Casey?  He worked for you.  After you had the falling out with him, he volunteered to help look for Casey.

Did you order Dominick to follow someone in Puerto Rico?

Objection, hearsay!  Sustained.

Do you believe Caylee was flown by private jet to Puerto Rico?

Objection!  Sustained.

When did you find out Casey wasn’t going to graduate?

Objection! Sustained.

I swear to God, Baez pays absolutely no attention to testimony as it happens!

Did you tell LE that Zanny might be Amy or Jesse?  Yes.

Did you testify to giving LE Zanny’s number?  Yes I did.

The number Cindy thought was Zanny’s turned out to be another f Casey’s friends.

Do you believe Caylee is alive?

Objection, relevance!  Sustained.

Did you testify Caylee could get out of your house easily?  I may have.

Did you tell LE that Caylee may have drowned?

Objection!  Sustained!

Did you tell Det. Melich about the ladder incident.  At some point I may have told them about the ladder was on the pool and the side gate was open.

It alarmed you?  Yes, the dogs were in the yard and I didn’t want them run out to the street.

You told co-workers somebody was swimming in your pool?  I may have mentioned it because it wasn’t George or me.

June 15, you and Caylee went swimming?  Yes.

You took the ladder down after you were done?  Yes.

Are you 100% sure?   As certain as I can be.

Did you recall speaking with Steph Watts?  Yes, he was with media outside my home.

Did you meet Mark Fuhrman?   Yes.

Did you invite them into your home?  Yes, Fuhrman offered his help.

Did you give them a tour of the backyard?  Yes.

Did you tell them you forgot to talk the ladder down?  No I did not.

Now Baez is back to the certified letter that was stuck in the front door.

God, he’s all over the friggin place.  Just wandering around the case and not getting anywhere!  They only point to all this is the point that can be found on top of Baez’s head!

What Baez has proven is that Casey powered tripped by lying.  If she didn’t know the difference between right and wrong, then she wouldn’t have had to lie, now would she?

Have you ever testified the car smelled like a dead body to get the police there quicker?  Yes.

Judge Perry calls a ‘special’ recess.

I think that means everyone should get medicated…pop ’em if ya got ’em!

Perry takes the bench and Mason immediately pops up and wants to approach!  Give me a damn break!

The calls from Casey at 4pm on the 16th…there were 6 in 4 minutes?  I’ don’t know.

Objection!  Sustained.

You worked for Gentiva?  Yes.

You have health insurance?  I did have insurance.

Baez wasnt to play a portion of the 3rd 911 call.

This is where he’ll say George didn’t say a word when Cindy said Caylee was missing!

Yup, that was exactly where he went! Baez will allude George already knew Caylee was dead and therefore said nothing.

You and Lee did all the questioning of Casey?  Yes.

George never questioned her?  By then, the Sheriff’s Office arrived.

Indians had a form of torture/death where they staked a person out in the desert, under the burning sun, tied a leather band around the forehead and dripped water on it.  As the water dried, the leather would shrink until it blew apart the person’s head.  Baez has perfected the method minus the stakes and leather strip!

Baez is now heading down a road about Cindy and George making money off the case and is making a fool of himself.

Book deals, movie deals, etc?  No.

What a sleaze! Baez got more money than they did!

Re-direct and a bench conference is called.

Caylee always had food, clothing and shelter?  Yes.

Cindy admits she provided food, clothing and the home where Caylee lived.

Has Casey’s weight fluctuated over the time she has been incarcerated?  Yes.

Caylee could not have put the ladder to the pool up by herself.

Baez keeps objecting and getting overruled!

Linda skillfully debunks all the crap Baez put out there.

Baez on re-cross. (Sigh)

The car smelled like nothing you had smelled before?  Correct.

You smelled dead bodies before?  Yes.

Did you call police with the small?  I did not believe it was a body.

You thought it was garbage?  Yes.

You told Ms. Burdick Casey’s lies began when Caylee was born?  Yes.

Do recall her graduation?  Yes.

Did you plan a party?  Yes.

But you found out that Casey wasn’t going to graduate?  The day before?

She was going to graduate, but couldn’t walk with the class.

So that was before Caylee was born?  Yes.

Cindy released, subject to recall.

State wants the 6 felony convictions against Casey presented.  Baez objects, but wants more time to investigate, hearsay?  I have no clue as to Baez’s argument!

Linda must have understood the argument because she says Baez elicited  answers from Cindy, hearsay statements.

Judge sends the jury out to resolve some matters out of their hearing.

Judge Perry says the burden is on the defense.  He will let Baez argue in the morning re:  Huggins rulings.  OMG!  Perry presided over that case!

You and the State, each have 10 minutes to argue in the morning.  The jury will only be told there are 6 prior convictions, but only to go to credibility of Casey.

Amy Huiznega is next.  Direct should take 30-40 minutes.

Baez says they need time.  He had no prior notice and he isn’t sure he has the file here.  He thought she was in Barcelona.

Linda say she is taking Amy out of turn, but informed Baez she would be here off the cruise ship over the weekend!

Judge asks, where is her file? In Kissimmee.  OMG! 

Perry says if they break now,  he will work them a full day on Saturday.

I gave you secured areas for your files and you haven’t put anything there.  I will not accept any further delays.

You’re not sequestered, but the jury is and they wanted to work Memorial Day and you did not!

We will hear direct testimony today, but don’t dare push my buttons again! (Paraphrase)

Amy is called.

She ‘was’ close friends with Casey.  Also with Ricardo Morales.

Perry calls them to the bench.

She believed Casey was an event coordinator at Universal, but never saw any Universal ID.

Between phone, text, MySpace, they had contact almost daily.

Amy saw Caylee on a few occasions at Ricardo’s.  Casey at times couldn’t go out with them because of Caylee.  Casey would put her to bed and the they would hang out.

January, February and March time frame, Casey couldn’t go out around once a week.

She was aware of the Casey, Ricardo breakup.

In May 2008, Casey and Amy made plans to move in together.

Did Casey and you go and look at an apartment or house?  There was, but it didn’t work out.

Casey told her she was taking over the mortgage payments on her parent’s house.

Amy wanted to meet Cindy, but that never happened either.

Casey told Amy that Cindy was going to watch Caylee and then couldn’t.  It happened quite often in the May 2008 time period and Casey’s frustration was mounting.

A message from Casey to Amy is identified by Amy.  Frank George moves to enter.

Baez objects to relevance and improper authentication.

Object, overruled.

The message says, my mom owes me, I’ll definitely will be there.    Casey was annoyed because her mother wouldn’t watch Casey.

Things were strained between Casey and Cindy.  Casey told Amy that Cindy said she was a bad mother, but didn’t understand why.

June 2008, she moved into Ricardo’s because she had wrecked her car and she could walk to work from there.

Casey was going to give Amy a ride to Jacksonville so she could pick up a car from her uncle.

June 13, Casey said there were family problems and she was going to the hospital with her dad and could give her a ride.

Casey wanted Amy to go to Fusian that night, but she didn’t go.

For 3 weeks in June, Amy never say Casey, but the called and texted.

Casey told Amy she had flat tires, ran out of gas twice and there was a really bad smell from the car.

Casey spoke about the smell in the car for a week and that maybe her dad ran over an animal when he borrowed the car.

Casey told her the smell was getting worse.

Casey told Amy the second time she ran out of gas she left her car was parked at Amscot and hoped she didn’t get towed.

June 30 Casey showed up at the apartment really early in the morning, she was not expected.

Casey was really frustrated with Cindy and said she was trying to keep Caylee out of the home because of problems at home.  George and Cindy were having problems and considering divorce because George had cheated on Cindy.

Amy believed she was moving into Casey’s in July.  At least twice Amy planned out moving, but both times it got cancelled.  Casey eventually told her Cindy backed-out of the deal of giving the house to Casey.

Baez objects.  Baez says the questioning is speculative and he moves to strike all.

When Casey showed up on the 30th, she ended up staying for a week!  Amy was uncomfortable because it wasn’t her place.

The Puerto Rico trip comes up.


Amy was picked up by Casey in Amy’s car.  Amy dropped Casey off at Tony’s.

JP and Amy went to the Florida Mall where Amy received a call from Cindy who was very frightened.

She describes taking Cindy to Tony’s.

Amy motioned to Casey to come outside.  Cindy was angry and confrontational.

“It was a massive explosion between mother and daughter.”

Casey agreed to take Cindy to Caylee, only after a lot of persuasion.

Objection!  Overruled.

They leave the apartment complex.  Amy sat in the back of the car and Casey sat in front.

Casey would only say Caylee was with the nanny.  She pretty much crossed her arms and glared.

Frank George is done.

Judge Perry will release the jury for the day.

Judge says for the hearing tomorrow, they will get copies of today’s transcripts sometime this evening.  He lays out the ground rules for the hearing.

Back at 8:30 am.

Drinks on the house!

  1. offthecuff
    05/31/2011 at 6:11 pm

    Thanks again for relaying this info. Other news gives highlights, but I like reading the full encounters.

  2. donchais
    05/31/2011 at 6:30 pm

    The full encounters are pretty amazing sometimes! Enjoy!

  3. FRG
    05/31/2011 at 6:45 pm


    Thank you so much fir your summary!

    It was heart breaking Cindy’s testimony! How come KC can do all of this to her mother? She is evil!

    What? JB didn’t bring Amy’s file? That can be! LOL

    As far as the “blunder” another “surprise”! NOT!

    So now, JB a certified buffoon is talking like KC is a “looney” she had “imaginary friends” like she was insane! It doesn’t fit the profile of a woman being sexually molested as far as I have read. Hello? He has no mental health experts to testify to her alleged sexual abuse and well, KC is going to take the stand then. Aren’t you waiting for that moment? Is it going to be tomorrow? LOL

    GF questioning Amy was not so good, but what do I know right?

    Hey donchais, remember to telephone JB tomorrow morning to remind him to get Amy’s file! *wink wink*

    Gee, sorry for to be sarcastic comment… but JB comes across to me as an opportunist that is destroying many families because of his huge ego and I have to laugh a little, so much stress for more than one week!

  4. tess
    05/31/2011 at 6:55 pm

    What an emotional day! It really was a stark contrast between Cindy’s collapse and Casey’s pout. I realize that I have my opinion, and I favor the prosecution’s theory, but I have a fear that a couple of those jurors will be looking for any hook to hang their hat on. The pool ladder and the gate have me a little worried. All common sense, and evidence points to major issues with the car and the lies, but still, I keep thinking of Spector and that crazy juror that hung the jury because his mother-in-law would snoop in his drawers, so therefore its feasible that someone could find a gun and decide to commit suicide. Anyway, you know what I mean. My heart was broken for the Anthony’s today. Their whole family is fractured and their lose is incalcuable.

  5. donchais
    05/31/2011 at 7:05 pm

    FRG, you are such a crack-up!

    I actually wonder if forgetting Amy’s file wasn’t an intentional mistruth because the defense hadn’t figured out how to address the 6 felony convictions.

    Tess, the whole day was heartbreaking. I will never try to second guess a jury, they have stunned me more than once!

  6. Linda
    05/31/2011 at 8:06 pm

    Thank you very much for taking to the time to write these summaries. I appreciate it because I work full-time (although I would rather be home watching the trial!) I also prefer your write ups to the meager highlights from other news sites. My heart was breaking for Cindy Anthony (if only she showed some of that emotion in back in 2008!)

    I totally agree with your comments about JB and his ineptness! And, I agree that forgetting Amy’s file was intentional – they weren’t prepared.

    Casey is a complete sociopath! She is more worried about her hair and clothes! I don’t know if I have ever seen anyone so cold-hearted.

  7. donchais
    05/31/2011 at 8:31 pm

    Thanks Linda!

    Sometimes I think I work harder on this than I did on my job…just kidding, lol!

  8. Teresa
    05/31/2011 at 9:03 pm

    I just don’t get how Casey can sit there and be so unemotionally detached. HER CHILD IS DEAD. If she were innocent (like she thinks she is)she’d be distraught. If she did use chloroform (spelling??) and she accidentally over dosed Caylee on it, why didn’t she just call 911? It’s got me thinking she really set out to kill this baby. Putting duct tape on her mouth…….how can you look at your precious child’s face and do that? If she did drown (which I do not believe) why, why would she not just dial 911? She is a monster.

  9. donchais
    05/31/2011 at 9:29 pm

    Teresa, I guess we all can surmise something happened to little Caylee. The questions remains, what? Sad to say, I’m not sure we’ll ever know the total truth!

  10. 06/01/2011 at 7:27 am

    I would think they’d be allowed to mention where Casey was getting all the money she was spending. If all they can do is say she’s been convicted of 6 felonies I guess they’ll (the jury) just have to guess she robbed a bank or something. LOL

    The more I hear, the more I see why they went for the death penalty. This girl has given everybody such a runaround that people are just plain ANGRY.

  11. donchais
    06/01/2011 at 7:33 am

    Well, we should know in an hour or so just how far the State can go on the felony convictions!

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